Highest Paying Transcription Jobs Online for both Beginners and Experience: Ultimate List

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Looking for highest paying transcription jobs?

Since there are tons of home based transcription jobs, choosing the one that pays a decent wage is a huge task in itself.

Highest Paying Transcription Jobs Online for both Beginners and Experience

Apart from pay, you also need to look on some common parameters:

  • How supportive their management are in general?
  • How properly they pay? What is their Payment Mode?
  • How much work is available throughout the year?
  • How much they value their employees or independent contractors?
  • What are the old employees talking about the company?
  • Are there any career improvements or incentive programs within the company?
  • What are the eligibility criteria in order to apply with them?

Doing a thorough research will give you a better picture to pick and choose work at home transcription jobs that will not disappoint you later.

Note: Transcription is a kind of typing job where you will receive an audio file. All you need to do is to listen to that file carefully and type it into words.

Every transcription company has their own transcription guidelines to start with. So, initially you need to spend some time to get used with company’s formatting standards.

Also, the companies I have mentioned may hire general, medical and legal transcriptionists.

If you are looking only for general transcription, then you can read 14 Best General Transcription Jobs for Beginners that Pay Well.

Note: Don’t get lured in by the general transcription companies advertisement saying that you can make 25$ per audio hour or more. Understand that on an average it takes three times to four times (even longer) to type per audio hour file. So you won’t be earning the exact amount as mentioned by these transcription companies

Without wasting any time, let’s jump right in!

Also, I started with the least paying general transcription companies to give you a clear picture on the pay and not to become mislead with the popular recommendations that you find on the internet!

Transcription Jobs from home (least paying) – Beginner friendly


Rev is a popular name when it comes to newbies searching for transcription jobs online from home.

You can get to work with them either as a trancriptionist, captionist or translator.

There are no joining fees and rev accepts beginners from any part of the globe.

The work is flexible and you can pick and choose your project at your convenience.

The pay is only via PayPal and you are paid every week.

Being said that, Rev is not definitely the highest paying transcription jobs out there!

Their pay rates range between $.40 per audio minute to $.60 per audio minute. ($24 to $36 per audio hour)

If you ask any person who is in the transcription field, to type an audio or video file into words takes a lot of time (average 4:1 or 3:1).

So, you would hardly be earning an average of $5 per hour on such pay rates.

You can read my detailed review if you want to understand in detail what I am talking about!

Still want to take a take a chance to apply with them, you can do here.


TranscribeMe allows beginners to sign up with them free of cost to work on transcription jobs from home.

If you have a typing speed between 50 – 70 wpm, you can easily clear their transcription test.

The TranscribeMe pay rate is $20 per audio hour for general transcription profile.

Your actual earnings will be not more than $5 per hour which is very low considering the wage standards.

Though it is not the best paying online transcription job out there, you can sign up with multiple transcription companies that accepts beginners and has easy tests.

You may get higher pay rates if you work with them as medical or legal transcriptionists. But that require work experience!

Intrested? Apply here.

Also, read my detailed review on TranscribeMe before applying with them.


Scribie is popular name when you search for home based transcription jobs.

They hire beginners worldwide, facilitates internal promotions, bonus and flexible work schedules.

The pay starts at $5 per audio hour as a beginner and goes up to $20 per hour once you gain experience.

If you start as a beginner, $5 per audio hour will give you less than $1 per hour actual earnings.

Even though it’s popular for its work flexibility and bonus systems, it is not definitely the best paying transcription job out there.

Pay is only through PayPal with no minimum withdrawal limits.

You can read my review here if you want to know more about Scribie.


Just like Scribie, GoTranscript is a popular online transcription company that totally accepts beginners and hires globally.

GoTranscript support staffs are praise worthy, the pay is always on time and provides excellent TAT time even if you have a slow typing speed.

However, Gotranscript pays up to $.60 per audio minute which could give you around $.15 per minute if you took 4 times to type it. Tats a very low pay to begin with!

The pay is on every Friday via PayPal or Payoneer and there are no minimum withdrawal limits.

Read my review here for more details on GoTranscript.


At Crowdsurfwork, you will be mainly working with video files and captioning them for the dead and second language viewers who cannot understand online media.

Crowdsurfwork accept applications from beginners and you can remotely work from any part of the world.

But the pay is quite low and it ranges from $.03 per media minute for a 5 sec media file to $.20 per media minute for 30 seconds media file.

Your average earnings won’t be more than $6 per hour.

You can read my detailed review to know more on that!

In case interested, you can sign up on their work market.

Note: There are so many other transcription jobs online from home that are beginner friendly and easy to join but with less to average pay rates.

I am mentioning it for your reference in case you are looking for more options to apply.

Best Transcription Sites That Pay Well

AccuTran Global

Accutran global prefers experienced transcriptionists, but allows beginners who have exceptional typing speed of more than 70 wpm.

It is one of the best paying transcription jobs as it pays you mostly per word basis.

It hires only Canadian and North American transcriptionists.

The pay is $.004 per word ($4 for 1000 words) to $.0055 per word ($5.5 for 1000 words) and for longer TAT $.40 per audio minute.

Since its mostly per word basis, it all drains to your typing speed. So an excellent typist (90 wpm) can easily earn around $20 per hour with Accutran Global.

Also, you get additional 20% bonus for difficult audio files.

Consistent performers are promoted within Accutran as editors and proofreaders where the pay is even higher.

The pay is through direct deposit 15th of every month.

Interested? Read my full review here.

3Play Media:

3Play media is a transcription company that looks for experienced transcription editors who will edit the transcriptions of voice recognition software.

But beginners are welcome to apply with them if they have more than 75 wpm typing skills.

However, they hire candidates only from U.S region.

They are upfront of how much they pay on their website. The compensation or your actual earnings would be $10 to $30 per hour.

The pay is monthly via direct deposit.

You can read my full review here.


If you are beginner in transcription and reside in U.S, introduce yourself to 1-888-Type-It-Up.

They are one of the few best paying transcription jobs online out there where the starting rate is $1 per audio minute and goes up to $3 per audio minute depending on audio file quality.

But yes, they charge you an upfront application non refundable fee of $10.

Even if takes you 4 times to transcribe a $1 per audio minute, your earning will be more than $15 per hour.

You can read my detailed review to know more about the earnings.

The pay is monthly once via PayPal.

Daily Transcription:

Daily transcription provides transcription jobs from home to both beginners and experienced candidates.

Only U.S and Canada citizens are eligible to apply with them.

If not the highest paying transcription companies out there, the pay is decent enough to work with.

The pay rate ranges between $.79 per audio minute to $1.10 per audio minute.

Even if your typing skills are average, you can earn more than $10 per hour considering the pay rate.

They pay on time weekly through PayPal.

Interested? Read my detailed review here.

GMR Transcription:

Though GMR transcription doesn’t disclose their pay rate, the old employees on various internet sources have shared the rates to be between $.70 per audio minute to $1.25 per audio minute.

Considering it took you four times to type on such rates of audio file, your actual earnings would be $10.5 to 18.75 per hour.

That’s a decent amount to start with as a beginner.

Though they allow beginner to apply with them, you need to be a U.S candidate.

Read my full review here for more information on the application process.

Verbal Ink:

Verbal Ink is one of the best transcription sites that pay well since it looks for only the most qualified and experienced transcriptionist from U.S.

Though they don’t have fixed pay rates, the internet sources reveal that the employees earn around $11 to $20 per audio hour.

However the application criteria is little stringent compared to other general transcription companies.

Read my full review here for more information on the application process.

Birch Creek Communications: (Now merged with Kendall Creek Communications)

Firstly, you need to be a resident of U.S to apply with Birch creek.

Birch Creek Communications hires high quality corporate transcriptionist and legal transcriptionists who would be transcribing audio files to their corporate and legal clients.

It can be considered as one of the best transcription sites that pay well since the starting rate is $.40 per audio minute and goes up to $1.75 per audio minute for corporate transcription work profile.

For legal, the pay is $.75 per page and goes up to $1.75 per page.

Interested? Apply here for corporate openings and apply here for legal openings.


Speakwrite hires for both legal and general transcription profile but only experienced candidates.

Also, they accept candidates only from U.S and Canada.

The pay is half cent ($.50) per word i.e $5 per 1000 words transcribed not per audio minute or per audio hour.

There is 10%additional bonus when you work on particular shift timings.

Since the qualification criteria are 65 wpm typing speed, you can easily make more than $15 per hour.

The pay is twice the month and the payment is only through direct deposit or by check.

Hollywood Transcriptions:

Hollywood transcriptions look for 100% U.S candidates but willing to accept beginners if you meet their stringent qualification criteria’s.

Please check out their jobs section for more details on that.

They haven’t disclosed the pay rate in their website, but the internet sources has categorized it in the best paying transcription jobs category.


Athreon is a senior transcription player (established in 1988) and regularly hires experienced legal and medical transcriptionist in U.S.

The minimum qualification criteria is 2 years work experience or proof of graduation from a transcription training program and must reside in north America.

There are no fix pay rates but the pay is on the basis of amount of lines you type and expertise level.

The payment is weekly via PayPal.

Please let me know which are your favorite transcription companies to work for and share your personal experience transcribing with them.

Happy Transcribing!

P.S: You can always enrol in online courses like TranscribeAnywhere to dig deeper into general transcription and convert them into a lucrative career option. They even have a free 7 days intro course!