Castingwords Review: Is Legit? Is Castingwords Transcription Jobs Worth it?

Castingswords work as a tech oriented transcription firm that has been in business since 2005. All the Castingwords transcriptions jobs are freelance based where you are required to transcribe short audio files into different written formats (plain text, HTML or MS Word).

The Castingwords review will find out how legitimate the company is? whether you should work for Castingwords or not? and how the Castingwords pay looks like?, etc.

CastingWords Review -. Is Legit - Is Castingwords Transcription Jobs Worth it

Castingwords Review

Castingwords Transcription Facts:

  • As a transcriber you can choose to work with Casting Words individually or through Amazon mTurk platform.
  • All Castingwords jobs are 100% work from home. You can even work offline without internet on a PC and then transfer online.
  • There are no stringent time limits to complete the transcript tasks and you can also listen to an audio file and choose whether to work on it or not before the expiration time. (This option is so useful when you got an audio file that is so hard to transcribe!)
  • They hire worldwide and no experience is required to work with them.
  • They always have enough work to choose from compared to other seasonal competitors.
  • No mandate workings hours are allotted by the company (Atlthough there is a expiration time with every file you transcript).
  • You can work with them whenever you want and you are free to set your own schedule, hour and frequency.
  • Castingwords will only pay you if your transcript is approved by a reviewer and the score should be more than 4.

How Much Does Castingwords Pay?

They pay you weekly on Fridays via PayPal mass system. To be able to initiate payment withdrawal request, you need to have a minimum $1 in your account.

Castingwords pay rate is calculated per audio min of the transcript file.

However, to define exactly how much your castingwords earnings would be, is little difficult. They have these average pay system (7/10), where based on your grade your pay will change invariably.

Suppose your grade is at 8 or 9 above the average grade (which is 7), you will earn more (3 times more than the base rate) and if you are rated at 5 or 6, you will earn less than the amount mentioned in the jobs list.

All your earning capacity is pretty much at the dispose of a reviewer who will ultimately approve and decide your pay grade.

At the beginning of your Castingwords employment, available jobs lists are very limited. The pay stands somewhere from $.10 per audio min to $.18 per audio min (which is quite low).

Once you start getting higher badges like the working hard badge with high grades, you will get access to more assignments that are high paying.

You can get hold of $1 per audio min or even more than that only when your grade is constantly higher at 8 or 9 and you have gained quite an experience and are allowed to do assignments with bonuses.

There is an earning potential at Castingwords no doubt about that. But it depends on your accurate typing level, the reviewer who will grade you (mind you they reduce 1 grade less for even a punctuation missing), the automatic grading system and so many external factors!

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Is Legit?

It is! Because they do posts HITs at Amazon mTurk and they pay their Transcribers securely via PayPal every Friday.

Castingwords Qualification:

This is the best part of Castingwords transcription. No qualification necessary to start with them. Even you don’t need to go through a qualifying test to start working with them.

Once you will setup your account, go through Castingwords style guide carefully and give an eye of detail on how it works. Then check Castingwords sample transcript and attempt two short audio files available. Compare the results to get an actual experience of the styles issues you might get.

Castingwords Application Process:

Castingwords is a regular Amazon mTurk client, so you can directly apply there and work on Castingwords HITs at mTurk.

Not interested to apply through Amazon mTurk, you can go to Castingwords Workshop here and start the application process.

Enter a valid and approved PayPal email address, fill in name, residential address, country, accept their terms and conditions and agree to work as an independent contractor with them.

Once your account is setup, you can directly go the dashboard and check the list of available jobs eligible for you and you can preview them before starting out.

Castingwords Grading Guidelines:

They are really strict even with the tiniest of errors and Castingwords style guide had to be followed exactly while you are typing.

These two factors play major role in determining your grade levels and the badges you get from the reviewers.

They have 5 merit based badges (New, Senior, Expert, Master and Perfect) as a way to grade their transcribers.

Remember, if you consistently got grades less than 5 for a handful of transcript you may lose your badges and no work will be available t you.

Castingwords FAQ:

For in-depth information on all possible questions you might have on jobs, check the complete FAQ here.

Sites like Castingwords?

The best Castingwords alternates could be Scribie, GoTranscriptCrowdsurf, TranscribeMe, Quicktate, SpeechPad and Verbalink as the pay and the work model are almost the same. All are newbie friendly and the transcription jobs are little easier in these websites in the beginning of your transcription career.

All these transcription sites are effective side income streams when you are looking to earn passive income.

In case looking  to learn general transcription courses online, you may want to check Transcribeanywhere courses. They teach you how to make a full time income out of a transcription career and they are quite popular with their courses. They also have a 7 days introductory course absolutely free of cost.

Please let me know in the comments section your inputs on CastingWords!

P.S: You can always enrol in online courses like TranscribeAnywhere to dig deeper into general transcription and convert them into a lucrative career option. They even have a free 7 days intro course!

Castingwords Review: Is Legit? Is Castingwords Transcription Jobs Worth it?
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