9 Free Streaming Sites for UFC: Watch UFC Events Online

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Over 10 million fans watched the latest UFC pay-per-view. This number shows how much people love this sport. Imagine getting to see UFC fights without paying the high price. With free UFC streaming, you can enjoy live events and exciting matchups from your home.

Our guide will show you top free streaming sites for UFC. You’ll be able to watch your favorite fighters without spending a lot. These sites have high-definition broadcasts and are easy to use. They are a great way to keep up with MMA for less.

Key Takeaways

  • Free streaming sites provide an affordable option to watch live UFC events
  • Top platforms for free UFC streaming include First Row Sports, Crackstreams, CricFree, and more
  • Free streaming sites offer high-quality broadcasts, live scores, and access to various sports categories
  • Some free streaming sites also cover a range of other sports besides UFC
  • Prices for UFC streaming vary, with many platforms offering free access

Introduction to Free UFC Streaming

The UFC is now a top sport for many people in mixed martial arts. They plan to have 4 events next year. This makes more people want to watch. Yet, paying for each event online can be too expensive for some. So, they look for free and legal ways to watch UFC online free.

Why Watch UFC Events Online?

Free streaming sites for UFC are popular because they’re easy to use and cost nothing. Paying for a fight on TV can cost $50 to $70. But online, fans can find free streams and watch UFC bouts without spending too much.

Benefits of Free UFC Streaming

Watching UFC for free has many pluses. Sites like First Row Sports give a variety of sports to enjoy. And the best part is, it’s all for free. This makes it easy for anyone to watch without worries.

If you love UFC, free online streaming is a game-changer. It allows people to watch the fights without the high costs of regular TV. So, both big fans and those new to UFC can watch and have fun without paying a lot.

Top Free Streaming Sites for UFC

If you love UFC, you can watch the big fights for free. First Row Sports, Crackstreams, and CricFree (BT Sport 1) let you see live fights and highlights without paying. These sites are known for giving fans what they need at no charge.

First Row Sports

First Row Sports is perfect for those who like watching sports for free. It’s easy to use and shows many UFC events, including Fight Nights and PPV matches. You’ll find top-quality streams and all the UFC news at First Row Sports.


Crackstreams is a favorite among UFC fans. It streams live fights, highlights, and replays for free. The site is known for its good streams and simple design, ready for anyone wanting to enjoy UFC without paying.

CricFree (BT Sport 1)

CricFree, also called BT Sport 1, is great for live UFC action. It’s not fully free, usually costing $38.46, but it offers reliable streaming for serious UFC fans. Plus, it covers many other sports too.

First Row Sports, Crackstreams, and CricFree are great options for watching UFC. They make it easy and cheap to keep up with UFC, whether you watch a lot or just sometimes. Everyone can enjoy the excitement of live events for free.

ufc streaming sites

Most Popular Free streaming sites for UFC

In the UFC world, fans love to watch fights. They try to watch without spending too much money. Luckily, there are free sites offering UFC fights live. It’s a great way to catch the action without costs.


StreamGoTo is a top spot for watching different sports, including UFC and MMA. Its easy-to-use site lets fans enjoy UFC in high definition. Fans can easily choose from a variety of sports. It’s perfect for anyone who loves sports.

UFC Streams

UFC Streams is all about combat sports, showing MMA, UFC, and boxing in HD and 4K. Users can chat with friends while watching fights. This feature makes watching UFC even more fun.


FromHOT’s has shows and sports like UFC, racing, and basketball. It mixes UFC content in with other shows and sports. This makes it simple for fans to find what they want to watch.

UFC streaming

Discover Reliable UFC Streaming Platforms

When looking for free UFC streaming, SportLemon and 720pStream shine. They let fans watch live events without paying a lot. These sites are perfect for those who love UFC but are on a budget.


SportLemon is great for more than just UFC. It also shows ice hockey, wrestling, and football live. The site is easy to use and free. This makes it a top choice for UFC lovers who want to watch easily.


720pStream stands out with its high-quality streaming. It offers the best UFC viewing. Besides UFC, it shows sports like NFL, NCAAM, NHL, boxing, and MMA. This means there’s something for everyone. Their focus on quality and a variety of sports makes it loved by many.

SportLemon and 720pStream are free and safe ways to watch UFC. They avoid the high prices of pay-per-view. You can find lots of UFC excitement by using these sites.

sportlemon and 720pstream

Maximize Your UFC Viewing Experience

Do you want to boost how you watch UFC fights? MamaHD is here for you. It’s a free site where you can find everything you need for UFC live stream reddit and best ufc streaming services.

Many UFC fans pick MamaHD because it offers top-quality streams without any delays. It’s easy to use and has lots of past events. You can watch your favorite fights with ease from your home.

MamaHD is great for watching UFC events, from UFC Fight Night to big UFC Pay-Per-View shows. It gives a reliable way to watch these exciting events.

This site doesn’t just show UFC. It also has boxing, WWE, and even Formula 1 racing. It’s your go-to place for sports streaming so you never miss any action.

Ready to make your UFC live stream reddit better? Make sure to try MamaHD. It has what you need for an amazing sport-watching time.

Importance of VPNs for Free UFC Streaming

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is key for free ufc live stream reddit access. VPNs keep your secure ufc streaming platforms safe online. They let you get around rules and watch UFC for free, anywhere.

VPNs help you watch free ufc streaming no matter where you are. If you can’t view it because of where you live, a VPN can help. It lets you go online from another place, opening up circumvent these restrictions.

Also, VPNs make sure your online watching is private and safe. Free sites might not keep your info safe. A VPN stops others from watching what you do. This includes your ufc live stream reddit.

VPNs not only protect and open up viewing but also make watching smoother. They can make your streaming better by speeding up the connection. This cuts down on pauses or bad quality when you watch the fights.

In the end, the importance of vpns for free ufc streaming is huge. A good VPN lets you watch the UFC for free and keeps you safe online. It makes watching better. For anyone who loves ufc live stream reddit, getting a VPN is a smart move.

Best VPNs for Secure UFC Streaming

When you want to watch UFC events online, a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) becomes key. It makes sure your online viewing is both safe and smooth. VPNs help you get around location restrictions and shield your internet actions from others. This is why they are a must-have for UFC fans. They want to watch fights without worry.

ExpressVPN is a top pick for those who love UFC. It has more than 3,000 servers across 94 countries. This means you get super fast connections and strong privacy. People love it because it easily lets them watch UFC without any trouble.


ExpressVPN earns a 4.9/5 for good UFC streaming.


NordVPN is also super for UFC fans. They can count on its 5,200 servers in 59 countries. Plus, it keeps things private for you. NordVPN is a great choice if you want to watch from anywhere without anyone knowing. It’s super good at getting past location blocks and letting you see what you want.


Windscribe, is another great pick that’s also not too pricey. It has servers in more than 100 countries. So, there are plenty of choices for where you connect from. It also comes with features like blocking ads and keeping away malware. These make it a good fit for anyone wanting a safe and dependable way to stream UFC.

Using the best VPN helps keep UFC fans worry-free while they watch. They can beat location limits, avoid trouble, and keep their online actions private. With the right VPN, watching the big fights is smooth and safe.

best vpns for ufc streaming

Troubleshooting Corrupted Video Streams

When you watch live sports online, like UFC, you may face video issues. Many things can make videos not work well. These include sudden system shutdowns, using bad video players, and viruses.

A good tool to fix these is Repairit Online Video Repair. This tool helps you enjoy UFC streams smoothly again.

Repairit Online Video Repair

Repairit fixes many video formats, like MOV and MP4. It’s great for videos on SD cards and more. This means you can save important videos with it.

Repairit doesn’t limit the videos you can fix. You can fix one file or many with it. It has both quick and deep checks, so you can choose.

Other tools, like VLC, can also help. They may change the video to fix it. But, stopping problems before they happen is best. Protect your system and use good practices to avoid issues.



You have learned a lot from this detailed guide. There are many places online where you can watch UFC for free. Big names like First Row Sports and CricFree stand out. You also have options like StreamGoTo and UFC Streams. This means you can find many places to watch for free.

These sites have cool features. Watch in high-definition, see live scores, and choose from many sport categories. Some sites cost a little, like CricFree for $38.46. But many are free, including Crackstreams and UFC Streams.

Remember, free streaming is great but think about your safety. Use a good VPN like ExpressVPN to keep your stream private and safe.

You’re now set to enjoy UFC in your way. You can pay for it or enjoy the many free options. The choice is up to you. UFC watching is changing, giving you more ways to enjoy it. Now, you have the chance to watch your favorite sport easily.


What are the benefits of watching UFC events through free streaming sites?

Watching UFC events on free streaming sites saves money. It also gives more choices and flexibility. With these sites, you can enjoy fights without paying a lot for pay-per-view.

What are the top free streaming sites for UFC events?

First Row Sports, Crackstreams, and CricFree are good for UFC fights. Add StreamGoTo, UFC Streams, and FromHOT’s to your list. They offer many events with good video and dependable streaming.

How can I ensure a secure and reliable streaming experience when using free UFC streaming sites?

For safe streaming, use a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. This will protect your privacy. It also helps avoid problems with the video.

What to do if I encounter a corrupted video stream when using a free UFC streaming site?

If the video is messed up, try using Repairit Online Video Repair. This online tool can fix the video. Then, you can watch without interruptions.