7 Best Free Photo Image Hosting Sites to Upload Images

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Did you know ImgBB lets you upload images up to 32 MB for free? It’s just one example of how much you can store on free photo hosting sites. These sites are great for anyone who takes photos. They make it easy to save, manage, and show your pictures online.

In this guide, we’re going to look at 19 top sites for free photo hosting. These sites are perfect for showing off your work, keeping your favorite photos safe, or sharing with friends. They offer everything you need, so you can easily store and share your pictures online.

Key Takeaways

  • Free image hosting sites are a great way to keep and share photos without spending money.
  • They come with lots of cool features, like lots of space, tools to find and edit photos, and links to social media.
  • Big names like Google Photos, Imgur, and Flickr are good for everyone from hobby photographers to professionals.
  • You should pick a site based on what you need, like how big your files are, how much space you need, and what features you want.
  • Some free sites have extra plans you can buy if you need more than they offer for free.

Introduction to Free Photo Image Hosting Sites

Image hosting sites let users upload, store, and share photos online. They are easy to use, making them very popular. Now people can keep and share photos without using a lot of space or complicated programs.

Free photo image hosting sites have many great features. They are perfect for everyone. If you’re a photographer sharing your photos, a creative person sharing art, or just someone saving memories, these sites are for you.

The world of free image hosting is vast. From cloud photo hosting to photo backup, there’s a lot out there. We will look at the best free photo image hosting sites and why they are great for managing photos.

free photo image hosting sites

Google Photos: Unlimited Cloud Storage for Photos and Videos

Google Photos is a favorite, free place online for storing photos and videos. It lets you save as many high-quality photos and videos as you want. Its simple design makes it easy to share your best memories with others.

Easy to Use Interface

The site has a simple and easy-to-use design. It’s great for both experienced photographers and those who just like to take photos. This design makes finding and sharing your photos easy.

Automatic Backup and Sync

Your photos and videos are backed up and synced so you never lose them. This means you can easily access your memories from any device. Your photos are safe and ready to view whenever you want.

Advanced Search and Editing Tools

Google Photos makes it easy to find and edit your photos. You can search for specific photos by people, places, or objects. It also has tools to make your photos look better.

Sharing Options

Sharing photos and videos is simple with Google Photos. You can choose who gets to see your photos. You may share one photo or make a whole album to share. It also works well with social media and other messaging apps.

google photos

Imgur: The Reddit Community’s Favorite Image Host

Imgur is a top choice for the Reddit community and beyond. It was started in 2009 by Alan Schaaf. Since then, it has grown to offer many features for sharing photos and videos.

Unlimited Image and Video Uploads

Imgur lets users upload as many images and videos as they want. This is great for people who share a lot on sites like Reddit and Facebook. They don’t have to worry about running out of space.

User-Friendly Interface

The site is easy to use, whether you’re new or experienced. It’s clean and simple, so you can upload and share your content fast.

Social Media Integration

Imgur works well with other social media sites. This makes it simple to share your images and videos with more people. It’s a big reason why Imgur is so popular.

Imgur became Reddit users’ favorite thanks to its unlimited uploads, easy-to-use design, and connection to other social sites. It’s the best choice for anyone wanting to share pictures or videos online.

Imgur image hosting

Flickr: A Haven for Photographers and Creatives

Flickr has been a top choice for many photographers and creative folks. It focuses on storing high-quality images well. Plus, it offers tools to help organize and edit photos, making it stand out from other sharing sites.

High-Quality Image Storage

Flickr keeps images sharp and clear, no matter how many you upload. The author has shared 7,000 photos there, without worrying about quality loss. This has actually saved a lot of money that would have gone to bandwidth fees elsewhere.

Organizational Tools

Many love Flickr for its easy-to-use organizational features. It’s great for managing big collections like the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool, where over 25,000 wedding photos are stored. Even though the number of submissions has dropped, Flickr is still the go-to for many photographers.

Editing Tools

Flickr doesn’t just store photos well, it also helps users enhance their pictures. With various editing features, it’s a perfect fit for those who want to improve how their work looks.

Even with tough competition from platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the author stands by Flickr. Its user-friendly policies and strong community are what keeps their loyalty.

Flickr’s future looks bright, especially with upgrades like more free storage and support for better photo quality. These changes promise to make it an even better place for photographers and creative people.

Flickr image hosting

Photobucket: Free and Premium Image Hosting Options

Photobucket is a site for storing images. It has plans that are either free or paid. Users can upload a lot of photos and videos because they get a whole terabyte of space. This is enough for half a million photos or 500 hours of HD video.

There’s a plan called Premium Sharing that offers many cool features. Some include creating albums, editing photos, and sharing with friends and family. When you use Photobucket, your pictures and videos stay in great quality. Plus, it backs up your stuff from your phone automatically.

Image Hosting PlatformFree StoragePaid Plans
Amazon DriveLinking allowed, no embeddingFor Amazon Prime subscribers
CubeuploadFree image hosting with restrictionsN/A
Dropbox2GB$13/month for 1TB
Flickr1,000 GB, no embedding restrictionsN/A
FotkiN/A100GB to 1TB
Google Drive15GBPaid plans up to 30TB
ImgboxFree hosting for images up to 10MBN/A
ImageshackN/A$4/month for basic, $100/month for premium
ImgurNo linking or 3rd party hosting allowedN/A
Kiwi62GB with restrictions on commercial useN/A
MEGA50GBPaid options up to 8TB
Nikon Image Space2GB basic, 20GB with proof of Nikon cameraN/A
Onfinite500MB with watermarkPaid options up to 10GB
PbaseN/AYearly plans starting at $23 for 1000MB
pi.gyFree storage with no limitsN/A
postimageFree hostingPremium plan options coming soon
PhotobucketN/AMinimum charge of $8.33/month for linking or $33.33/month for 3rd party hosting
Free Image HostingFree hosting with no limitsN/A

Photobucket is great for those who need to store lots of photos. It is a reliable and feature-rich option for storing pictures online. It suits the needs of both casual users and those looking for a more serious service.


SmugMug: Premium Image Hosting for Professionals

If you’re a pro photographer or a creative wanting top-notch image hosting, SmugMug is the way to go. It’s made for those serious about their pictures and artwork. You get a lot of tools and features perfect for managing your visual content efficiently.

Customizable Portfolios

One big plus of SmugMug is how you can make your own unique online portfolio. There are lots of templates and tools to choose from. It lets you create a stunning gallery that really shows off your style and brand.

Unlimited Storage

At SmugMug, you get unlimited space for your photos and videos. So, you can keep your visual assets safe without worrying about running out of room. This is great if you create lots of content or work with big files.

Sales and Integration Options

SmugMug also helps you sell your work and integrate with other tools easily. You can sell prints, downloads, and more right on the platform. It also works well with tools like Adobe Lightroom, making your life easier.

For professionals looking to show and sell their work, SmugMug is an top pick. It offers great features, customization, and sales tools. It’s a high-quality hosting platform that lets you manage your visual content your way.


500px: Showcasing High-Quality Photography

500px is a place for people who love to take and share photos. It’s for professionals and amateurs alike. Here, they can show off their best pictures to a big group of people.

Quality Content

Known for top-notch images, 500px carefully picks out the best ones. Their team chooses the most beautiful and detailed work. This makes 500px a top pick for anyone who loves stunning pictures and videos.

Photography Community

500px isn’t just about pretty pictures. It’s also a spot where photo lovers can hang out. Users can talk about photos, share their own, and support each other. This friendly place is perfect for finding inspiration and making friends.

Licensing Opportunities

For those wanting to make money from their photography, 500px has a cool feature. It lets users sell their photos for others to use. This is great for pros and those wanting to earn from their hobby. It shows how 500px helps the creative community in many ways.

500px photography


There are lots of free photo image hosting sites to choose from. They make it easy for you to upload and share photos without cost. You don’t need to buy any fancy software to use them.

Google Photos is a favorite. It gives you 15 GB for free. This includes photos in Gmail and files in Google Drive. It’s easy to use and lets you find photos quickly. You can also edit and share your photos with others easily.

Imgur is another great option. It lets you store as many photos or videos as you want for free. People really like it on Reddit because it’s simple to use and works well with other social media. This makes it easy to show your photos to many people.

Lastly, there’s Flickr. It’s perfect for people who really enjoy taking photos. With a free account, you get space for up to 1,000 photos. It has tools to help you organize and improve your photos. Both pros and amateurs love using Flickr.


What are the best free image hosting sites?

Some top free sites for hosting images are Google Photos, Imgur, Flickr, Photobucket, and 500px. They provide unlimited storage and tools for easy editing and sharing of your pictures.

How do I choose the right image hosting website for my needs?

Think about the space you need, the size of the files you’ll upload, and how you like to edit and share. Decide if you want a free or paid plan. Consider if you’re showcasing your photos or sharing them casually.

What features should I look for in an image hosting site?

Look for unlimited storage and tools that make uploading and organizing simple. Good editing options are also important. Think about if you want to connect with social media and protect your privacy.

How do I upload and share my photos on image hosting sites?

Uploading photos is easy on these sites. Just drag and drop or choose photos from your device. You can then get a link to share, add it to a website, or post it on social media.

Are there any drawbacks to using free image hosting sites?

Free sites might offer less space and show ads. They could also lower image quality. Privacy worries exist too. Always check the site’s rules and how they handle privacy.

How do I ensure the security and privacy of my photos on image hosting sites?

To keep your photos safe, pick sites with strong privacy settings. You can set who can see your albums, add passwords, or make photos private. Read the privacy policy to understand how they use your data.

Can I use image hosting sites to backup my photos?

Yes, these sites can be great for backing up photos. With high-capacity storage, like on Google Photos and SmugMug, your memories will be safe. This acts as another layer of backup besides your local storage.

How do I manage and organize my photos on image hosting sites?

Hosting sites help you stay organized. You can make albums, add descriptions, and tag your photos. Some sites even sort them by date or location for you.

Are there any paid or premium image hosting services available?

Definitely. If you’re serious about sharing your photos, consider premium services like SmugMug and 500px. They offer more features, better storage, and options for professional work.