Top 10 Websites to Watch Cartoons Online for Free in HD

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Do you love cartoons and want to watch them online in high-definition for free? We’ve got you. Here are the top 10 websites for that. These sites offer a wide range of entertainment for cartoon fans of any age.

Cartoons have been popular for many years. The first big hit was “Steamboat Willie,” starred Mickey Mouse back in 1928. Today, with the rise of computer-generated imagery (CGI), watching cartoons online for free has never been easier.

With countless websites to choose from, picking the best can be tough. But, in this list, you’ll find the top 10 free cartoon sites. They have HD quality, a huge range of series, and offer the best viewing experience. No matter if you enjoy classic Tom and Jerry or love the newest anime, you’ll find it all here.

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Key Takeaways

  • Discover the top 10 websites to watch cartoons online for free in HD quality.
  • Explore a wide range of cartoon genres, from classic favorites to the latest animated series.
  • Enjoy seamless streaming, user-friendly interfaces, and the convenience of watching cartoons online for free.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest cartoon releases and dive into the rich history of animation.
  • Discover the top free cartoon websites that cater to your cartoon viewing preferences.


Cartoons have been popular for many years. They draw in people of all ages with their funny stories and unique characters. These stories often teach lessons about friendship, love, and growing up.

The Enduring Appeal of Cartoons

Cartoons never grow old. Think of how Mickey Mouse entertains us, even today. Or consider newer shows like those with Finn and Jake. These tales take us to amazing worlds and show us the value of important themes.

Benefits of Watching Cartoons Online for Free

With the web, watching cartoons has become very simple. Sites like Gogoanime, YouTube, and Toonjet offer shows for free. You can easily watch on your phone, computer, or tablet. Plus, you can find a mix of old and new series, meeting everyone’s tastes.

This online world also brings fans together. You can chat about your favorite cartoons with others. It’s a great way to make friends who love these stories as much as you do.

Behind the Scenes: How Cartoons Are Made

Making a cartoon is a detailed process. It goes from an idea to the final show. Hand-drawn animation makes each scene by hand, needing many frames for a second. But, now CGI has changed things, making 3D animation quicker.

Switching from drawings to moving pictures is hard work. Every detail 100% is checked using special software. This can sometimes lose a bit of the original art. But, the team always tries to keep the main ideas.

Think about how many parts make up a picture, then imagine drawing each of them many times. There are lots of layers and many expressions for each character. Special tools help make sure the characters move right.

Many courses help people learn to animate. You can find lessons on rigging and how to animate in 2D with After Effects. They are offered in French now, but English courses are on the way.

cartoon animation process

Cartoons and Cultural Reflection

Cartoons are more than just fun to watch. They mirror and affect what we think, feel, and do. They draw us in and talk about big topics. They make us look at things in new ways.

Mirrors of Society

“The Simpsons” is famous for showing us life in America in a funny but smart way. It talks about politics, buying stuff, family, and how we act around others. By doing this with jokes and insight, it connects with many people. They see a bit of their own lives and some big issues in the show.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity

Newer cartoons have started to do even more. Shows like “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “BoJack Horseman” teach us about different kinds of people and big questions in life. They make us think about how we see others. These cartoons help us care more, learn more, and understand more about each other.

cultural reflection

Now, cartoons are big players in showing us the world and making it better. From “Steamboat Willie” to “Toy Story,” cartoons have always found ways to connect with us. They make us think, learn, and dream. They are a big part of our world and our culture.

Drawing Inspiration: How to Create Your Own Cartoons

Are you keen to make your own cartoons? It all starts with learning to draw. You might begin with simple shapes or move on to detailed characters. Either way, practicing your drawing lays the groundwork for your cartoon dreams.

Mastering the Art of Drawing

Learning to draw cartoons begins with the basics. Start by sketching simple shapes. Then, slowly turn them into more complex designs. Online guides, drawing classes, and lots of practice are great for getting better. They help you understand things like size, shape, and how bodies move.

Digital Tools for Animators

Today, there are many digital tools for cartoonists and animators. Software such as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects offer powerful features. These tools make digital drawing and animating much easier. With these tools, your creative ideas can come to life in exciting ways.

Developing a Unique Style

Once you’re good at drawing and animating, it’s time to find your own style. Try different art styles and colors to see what you like. This is how you make your cartoons stand out. Remember, making cartoons that are true to yourself is important. Drawing from different inspirations helps you create something unique.

drawing inspiration

Create Your Own Cartoon Website with Appy Pie

Love cartoons? You can share that love with the world by making your own cartoon website. Use Appy Pie’s website builder. It’s easy because you don’t need to know how to code or design. This tool is for everyone. You can make a site full of your favorite cartoons, anime, and more.

With Appy Pie, you get lots of cool features for your website. You can pick your top cartoons, put them in order, and add info about them. Plus, you can show videos from YouTube and Vimeo right on your site. This makes your site even more fun for visitors.

Make your site fun with polls, quizzes, and games. Appy Pie lets you add these things. It makes your visitors want to check out your site more. You can also use Appy Pie to help your site show up in search engines. This way, more people who love cartoons will find your site.

Want to make a blog, a community, or a big site for cartoon lovers? Appy Pie can help. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping. You can make your site just the way you want. Then, share it with people all over the world who also love cartoons.

Create Your Own Cartoon Website

Engaging with the Future: Upcoming Trends in Cartoons

Today, the animation world is changing quickly, with new trends leading the way. Cartoons are moving beyond our screens thanks to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and the work of independent creators. These changes are making the animated world a more exciting place than ever before.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR technologies are pushing the animation world into new dimensions. They let fans jump into cartoon worlds like never before. This new tech makes watching cartoons a truly interactive and immersive experience. Thanks to VR and AR, animators can create stories that pull us in completely.

Rise of Independent Creators

Independent creators now have the power to share their work with the whole world. Tools for making content are everywhere, and online sites like YouTube and Vimeo give them a platform. As a result, we’re seeing a richer mix of stories and styles in animation.

Adult-Oriented Cartoons

Cartoons aren’t just for kids anymore. More and more, we see shows that tackle grown-up themes and issues. They explore deep subjects like mental health and substance abuse. This change broadens the cartoon world’s appeal, showing its true diversity.

The future of cartoons is looking bright and full of possibilities. With new tech, creative freedom for independent makers, and a wider variety of themes, our animated adventures are set to be more engaging and diverse than we’ve ever known.

future of cartoons

Best free cartoon sites

In today’s world, many websites let you watch cartoons for free. They have lots of cartoon shows. These sites are easy to use and have great quality for watching cartoons.


On Gogoanime, you can watch your favorite cartoons in HD for free. They have a big collection of shows and movies. Finding what you want to watch is easy because the site is simple to use. You can watch cartoons on any device smoothly.


YouTube has a lot of free cartoon videos. You can find old-time classics and new cartoons too. It’s easy to search for what you want to watch. YouTube also suggests videos based on what you like, making it great for cartoon fans.


Toonjet lets you watch classic cartoons without ads. It’s focused on cartoons from the 80s and 90s. Watching on Toonjet feels nostalgic because of the high-quality videos. It’s perfect for fans of old-school cartoons. has a lot of cartoons sorted by type. You can find dubbed, subbed, and more. It’s easy to use and has a big collection. This makes it a favorite for people who love cartoons.


At KissAnime, you can watch anime and cartoons for free. It mainly has Japanese anime but includes Western cartoons too. It’s a great place for fans of all types of animation.

free cartoon websites


Cartoonito is not just any website for kids. It’s a place where fun and learning meet. Here, kids can watch cartoons, learn from real tales, and have fun with interactive games. Everything is designed to make kids smile and grow in a happy way.

This site is packed with cool shows kids love. From “Batwheels” to “Ranger Rob,” they learn good stuff. These shows are all about being a good friend, using your imagination, and solving problems together.

Cartoonito is big on the “4 C’s.” That means it’s all about being creative, brave, kind, and eager to learn. Everything on Cartoonito is made to help kids up to preschool age. It’s about making friends and learning with others.

And you can watch Cartoonito almost anywhere. It’s on many TV and web services around the world. So, families everywhere can enjoy it together. It’s easy to find a way to watch, thanks to its many partners.


Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a fun platform. It has a big collection of favorite cartoon characters and new episodes. You can watch everything for free, but ads come with it. This makes it perfect for anyone who loves cartoons. The site also lets fans talk about their favorite shows. This makes watching cartoons even more exciting as you connect with others who love them too.

It’s packed with classic cartoons and the newest ones out there. You can follow exciting tales with characters like Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse. With free, recent episodes and ads, fans are always in the loop without paying extra.

The site is easy to use and looks really colorful. It’s great for all ages. Cartoons bring everyone together here. You can chat with fans from all over and talk about your favorite shows. Sharing thoughts and stories with others is part of what makes Cartoon Network special.

Cartoon Network

Love classic cartoons, or just starting to explore them? Cartoon Network is just right for you. With a big selection, fresh episodes, and a lively community, everyone finds something to love. It’s an awesome, free spot for top-notch cartoon fun.

Disney Junior

The Disney Junior website is where you can find classic Disney cartoons. It has favorites like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. You can watch many Disney animated shows for free. It’s great for kids and families. The site is easy to use and has settings for parents to manage what kids watch.

Disney Junior & Friends PlaydatesDuration
The Disney Junior Playdate1 minute
The Disney Junior Playdate Party Parade2 minutes
The Disney Junior Playdate Stage Show3 minutes

The website also has many animated series to watch. Here are a few shows:

  • Firebuds: Watch music videos of “When We Work Together” and more. Each video is 1 to 2 minutes long.
  • SuperKitties: Enjoy music videos like “No Stoppin’ Us Meow.” They’re all 1 minute long.
  • Pupstruction: Episodes include “Built To Build” and more. Each is 23 minutes long.
  • Bluey: Find episodes like “The Decider” (7 minutes) and more. One episode is 41 minutes long.

Disney Junior has a lot of animated shows for everyone. The site is easy to use. Parents can choose what their kids watch, making it perfect for families.

disney junior


Nickelodeon is a favorite site for kids to watch free cartoons. It has a bright, fun look and shows like SpongeBob SquarePants. You can also listen to radio and play games on the website.

SpongeBob SquarePants is a big hit on Nickelodeon. It’s about SpongeBob, his friends, and their adventures under the sea. Kids love watching SpongeBob blow bubbles and dance. They also enjoy the funny stories with his friends.

The Loud House is another top show on Nickelodeon. It’s about a big family with 11 kids. Each kid is different, showing that families come in all shapes and sizes. This makes the show special and easy for many kids to relate to.

Nickelodeon started in 1979 and has since become a famous network. It helped start the careers of stars like Ariana Grande. The network also launched Nick Jr. in 1988 for little kids.

Nickelodeon’s website has more than just their famous shows. It has old classics, anime, and even horror stories. Fans of SpongeBob or The Loud House always find new worlds to explore on the site.

Nickelodeon ShowMain CharactersKey Features
SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongeBob, Patrick Star, Squidward, Sandy Cheeks, Mr. Krabs, PlanktonUnderwater setting, diverse personalities, emphasis on SpongeBob’s unique skills
The Loud HouseLincoln Loud, Clyde McBride, Lori Loud, Leni Loud, Luna Loud, Luan Loud, Lynn Loud Jr., Lucy Loud, Lana Loud, Lola Loud, Lisa Loud, Lily LoudLarge family dynamics, diverse representation, distinctive character personalities

Looking for classic Nickelodeon or new cartoons? The website has it all. It’s a fun, kid-friendly place for everyone to enjoy.


Fox is a website where you can watch cartoons for free. But, your access is limited. It has popular shows like Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, and The Simpsons. You might need to sign in with your TV provider for more shows.

The site also has a video with shows from 2000. These are from Saturday mornings on Fox Kids. You can see shows like X-Men: The Animated Series and The Magic School Bus.

This video is great for grown-ups. It brings back the feelings of watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. Shows like The New Woody Woodpecker Show and Oggy and The Cockroaches are there too.

All the shows on Fox belong to different companies. These include Fox, Nelvana, DIC, and Saban. They are used fairly, following the law about using copyrighted work.


The world of cartoons is expanding fast. Many websites let you watch cartoons for free. Now, people of all ages can enjoy classic and new shows. There’s something for everyone, from “Mickey Mouse” to “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Cartoons are not just fun; they teach too. Sites like Cartoonito are great for kids. They offer shows that help children learn and grow. And, as tech gets better, watching cartoons will get even cooler. Soon, we’ll enjoy them with virtual and augmented reality.

Are you a big fan of cartoons or just looking for fun? There are many places online where you can watch for free. So, enjoy the joy of animation. Discover new worlds and let cartoons make your day brighter.


What are the top 10 websites to watch cartoons online for free in HD quality?

The best 10 websites for free cartoons in HD are Gogoanime, YouTube, Toonjet,, KissAnime, Cartoonito, Cartoon Network, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, and Fox.

What is the history of cartoons and their enduring appeal?

Cartoons started in 1928 with “Steamboat Willie,” introducing Mickey Mouse. They have stayed popular by bringing art, humor, and engaging stories to life.

What are the benefits of watching cartoons online for free?

Free online cartoons offer easy access and a large content library. You can find old classics and new favorites to enjoy, appealing to everyone.

How are cartoons made, and what are the different techniques involved?

Cartoons go through many steps, from ideas to finished products. They can be hand-drawn frame by frame or created with computer graphics for versatility.

How do cartoons reflect and shape cultural norms and values?

Cartoons show and influence our society’s norms and values. They can be fun like “The Simpsons” or deep like “Avatar,” teaching us about life.

How can aspiring cartoonists and animators develop their skills?

The key for budding artists is to learn how to draw well. They should start simple and gradually get more detailed. Tutorials and classes online can help a lot.

How can I create my own cartoon website using Appy Pie?

If you love cartoons and want to showcase your interest, use Appy Pie’s website maker. Appy Pie is great for those who don’t code or design.

What are the upcoming trends in the world of cartoons?

Technology and changing tastes are driving the future of cartoons. VR and AR offer new ways to experience stories. Hobbyists and adult cartoons are also becoming more popular.

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