23 Best Online Medical Transcription Jobs – Ultimate Guide

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Why freelancers are inclined towards home based medical transcription jobs?

Because the pay is more than a regular general transcription profile.

But the pros are the cons here!

Best Online Medical Transcription Jobs

Most of the online medical transcription jobs require atleast one year experience to start with.

You should be well versed in medical terminologies, know what are medical coding, medical reporting and medical editing, etc.

Coming from a medical background such as a nursing degree or healthcare sector can be a great plus since you are dealing with a patient’s medical record.

However, if you are looking for entry level medical transcription jobs, you need to be certified in the first place.

Note: Home based medical transcription jobs for fresher’s is possible only when get yourself graduated from a certificate program in medical transcription such as the AHDI accredited ones.

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is a process of transcribing medical reports into written text document dictated by doctors, physicians or any healthcare practitioners.

In the current medical field, the work is done by both medical transcriptionist and speech recognition software.

There is an option to become medical transcription editors as well where you edit the transcripts of the software and MT professionals.

Medical Transcription Jobs Requirements:

If you are serious enough to make medical transcription as your profession, make sure you satisfy the following checklist:

  • Mastery in medical terminology and abbreviations
  • Good editing and formatting skills
  • Adequate skills on working in a computer or laptop
  • Listen accurately and typing speed more than 70wpm
  • Knowledge of medical report types, formats, process in a hospital
  • Solid grammar, punctuation and writing skills
  • AHDI approved MT certification/training/diploma
  • Atleast one year experience in medical transcription
  • Excellent research skills
  • Know how to use an audio play back equipment, foot pedal, etc.
  • Working knowledge on how to use word processor and other specialized software (EHR), medical reference materials may come handy.
  • Ability to produce quick turnaround times with accurate end results 

What could be the estimated home salary?

Since it is more of a technical profile like legal transcription, medical transcription jobs online have better pay rates than general transcription.

According to pay scale estimates, the average wage of a medical transcriptionist is $15 per hour.

It can hit a low of $8 per hour and high up to $25 per hour. It varies on your skill, experience level and other external factors as well.

Medical Transcriptionists Certifications and Trainings:

Unlike general transcription which doesn’t require any prior learning, the medical transcription profile requires a minimum graduation in the form of a certification program.

There are so many colleges, vocational schools and distant learning programs that offer post secondary education in medical transcription.

Most of the certificate or diploma programs specialized in MT training takes anywhere between 3 months to 2 years to complete.

Make sure you look out for training programs that provide on-the-job internship and whether they are accredited by AHDI or not.

The association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) themselves offer two popular in-house MT certifications namely RHDS certification and CHDS certification.

Medical Transcription Training:

One of the best ways to get online medical transcription jobs with no experience is getting enrolled in medical transcription training programs.

There are a lot of community colleges and career institutions that offer special trainings in this field.

Lookout for online medical transcription courses that are accredited by AHDI and you can complete most of these courses in 6 months to 1 year.

Some of best medical transcription training and certification course providers for your quick reference:

Best Online Medical Transcription Jobs


If you are looking for medical transcription jobs from home with no experience, M*Modal could be a good option.

It allows a recent graduate from AHDI certified transcription programs to apply with them.

You can even consider doing online medical transcription training from Career Step as they have some tie up with M*Modal hiring new graduates.

Otherwise, you need to have one year recent work experience on fields such as acute care, oncology, and radiology and multi-speciality clinic.

Currently (at the time of writing this article), they are hiring for clinical documentation specialists.

Check here to know whether you qualify for this position or not.

Keep an eye on their career page for constant updates on employment opportunities.

M*Modal pays you by line of transcribing a total of 65 characters and the pay is biweekly on every other Friday.

Once you got selected with M*Modal, they provide you the necessary equipment (foot pedal, headset and reference material) as part of the training package.

Make sure you have a computer at home with high speed internet connection.

Nuance Transcription Services:

Nuance transcription services is a leading provider of remote medical transcription jobs as it had acquired a handful of companies (focus informatics, OSI,Encompass, Webmedx, Accentus and Probity) and has around 5000+ remote employees.

Nuance transcription services provide genuine home based medical transcription jobs for both full time and part time work aspirants.

The home based profile requires you to provide atleast 20 hours of work weekly.

The eligibility criterion is atleast one year of medical transcription experience in the acute care segment.

You can check their recent job listings.

Eight Crossings, Inc:

Eight crossings provide home based medical transcription jobs for both medical transcriptionist and medical editing profile.

Either you should have 2 years transcribing experience or a graduate from approved transcription training programs.

Also, you are required to have a high speed internet connection and able to process 1000 lines per schedule a day.

Check their career page for regular updates on job opening.

GMR Transcription:

GMR transcription is a good option for those looking for medical transcription jobs from home with no experience as such.

But you should come from a medical background and familiarity with medical terms is a welcome thing.

Also, they hire only U.S and Canada residents and to apply for job with them, check their career page regularly.

Amphion Medical:

To get qualified for a remote medical transcription jobs with Amphion, atleast 2 years of inpatient transcription experience or atleast 2 years clinical experience is a must.

Attempt the 2 hour Amphion transcription skills assessment test and complete within the 2 hours time frame.

For more information on transcription software and internet requirements, check their employment page.

Absolute Transcription:

Absolute transcription is in the medical field for more than 20 years now and has home based medical transcription jobs with them.

The work is demanding as you need to provide a 24 hour TAT without fail, allocate 25 – 30 hours of work per day and type atleast 8000 lines per pay period.

3 years work experience mainly on clinic and acute care with in depth knowledge of medical terminology, terms and drugs.

Also, you should live in U.S and send your resume inside the email and not as an attachment.

For more details on the work requirements, check their employment page.

Ascend Healthcare Systems:

Ascend has online medical transcription jobs for U.S citizens.

A minimum of 3 years work experience is required for medical transcription and medical transcription quality analyst profile.

Also, you should undergo mandatory background check and agree to a 90 days probation period.

Interested? Send your professional resume to [email protected]

NThrive (Precyse):

Earlier known as Precyse, NThrive has medical transcription jobs online with them for medical coder and coding specialist profile.

The pre-requisites for this profile are

  • Atleast 3 years experience in acute care transcription
  • 98% and more QA scores
  • Strong background in medical terminology
  • Willingness to work long hours including weekends
  • Totally U.S based

In case interested, check their medical transcription career page.


Imedx has been in the medical transcription industry for almost 15 years. Work with them as a medical language specialist with 1-2 hours TAT requirement.

The home based medical transcription job requires atleast one year of acute or clinic experience along with formal training.

You are required to take an initial assessment test as part of their application process.

Check their career page for more info on the job opening.

Fast Chart

Fast chart has an independent contractor medical transcriptionist’s job opening.

2 years of work experience with high level of expertise in medical language /terminology, transcription mastery in typing skills test and necessary equipment requirements.

First prequalify online with a MT typing test and you will be notified on your test performance within 3 business days.

Complete an online qualification form and send your resume along with it.

Interested? Apply here.

Perfect Transcription

Perfect transcription is a physician owned medical transcription company.

It hires medical transcriptionists profile with atleast three years of experience.

Apart from that, a college diploma and an excellent command in English grammar is another pre-requisite.

Check the career page for more details on the job requirements.

Precision Transcription

Precision transcription provides medical transcription services to hospitals and clinics across U.S.

They may not have opening throughout the year. Check their job opportunities page for updates on openings.

A minimum of 2 years acute care experience is needed along with required software and transcription equipment.

Also, it provides online medical transcription jobs for beginners (recent graduates in the form of internship program.


You have to post your resume in order to apply for their home based medical transcription jobs.

They haven’t mentioned clearly how much experience is needed and a certification in medical transcription is highly desirable.


StenoMed is a family owned U.S medical transcription company that provides easy home based medical transcription jobs.

They haven’t mentioned the experience aspect of MT job profile.

All they look for are highly motivated MT’s who has high speed internet connection and preferably from U.S.

Click here to apply with them.


Athreon can also be a good option if you are looking for medical transcription jobs with no experience.

You have to show a proof of graduation training program like CareerStep or AHDI endorsed ones in order to qualify.

Professional on the job transcription training profile is also considered if you have 2 years minimum experience as transcriptionists.

You are required to work for a minimum of 5 days per week and transcribe at least 500 lines per workday.

The pay is weekly via PayPal.

Acusis India:

If you are based in India and looking for medical transcription jobs a home, try Acusis India.

A minimum of 3 years of experience in medical transcription is desired. Check their job profile here.

In case you are a fresher, you can join their self paced training program called ACMT prep program to pass international certifications like CMT and RMT from AHDI.


Ubiqus provides medical and pharmaceutical transcription services to medical firms, educational organisations, etc.

Check their opening here for freelance opportunities and send your CV with cover letter if you qualify.

Medical transcription Corporation:

Atleast 3 years of medical transcription experience is required to apply at MTC.

You are compensated either by 65-character line or by the length of dictation per second.

Also, you must transcribe a minimum of 3500 lines per week as part of the remote medical transcription job profile.

Click here to apply.

Aero Transcription Service

Aero transcription service provides outsourced medical transcription services to hospitals and private offices in U.S.

You can check for their MT openings at Flexjobs.

Cobb Medical Transcription

Cobb medical transcription is a Georgia based company owned and operated by certified medical transcriptionist.

They have entry level medical transcription jobs too with them.

You have to graduate from an accredited medical transcription course with high honours.

If not, atleast one year of practical experience in a hospital or clinic setting.

Only for U.S citizens.

Interested? Click the link to attempt their transcription test.

DTS – Digital Transcription Services

DTS is a U.S based medical transcription company and provides medical transcriptions jobs at home.

Check Flexjobs or Indeed for job openings with them.

Note: You can always check for other job platforms, marketplace like Indeed, FlexJobs, MTJobs,  Freelancer.com, etc for current hiring’s on online medical transcription jobs based on location, experience, etc.


MTJobs is an MT exclusive online ad portal where you can find a list of online medical transcription jobs no experience and with experience too.

Regularly check their ad platform to know how many MT jobs are available with them at that point of time.


MTStars is a great place to network with medical transcriptionists.

Started in 2001, the community has around 20,000 plus U.S medical transcriptionists.

You can even find MT job listings with them.

Downsides to Remote Medical Transcription Jobs:

  • A lot lately, most of the transcription jobs have been outsourced outside U.S by healthcare industry to cut costs and has put many U.S transcriptionists to compromise on the pay quality.
  • Also, the emergence of voice recognition software and electronic medical record has to some extent reduced the requirement of human medical transcriptionists.
  • Unlike general transcription jobs, there are no medical transcriptions jobs without training and experience.
  • Yet the pay is not very high with medical transcription that you start make a living out of it.

Being said that, one cannot deny the fact of the rapidly growing healthcare sector. That makes medical transcription an in- demand career even now as a medical editor and medical coding specialist.

What are your thoughts and opinions on starting a career with medical transcription? What medical transcription company you prefer to work remotely?

Happy Transcribing!