50 Best Selling Courses on Udemy Part 2: You Must Read!

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I have been writing recent blog posts about best courses on Udemy in most popular categories.

Thought, why not sum it up into a two part series of 50 best Selling courses on Udemy (I mean the Best Selling Courses on Udemys) across all categories till date.

This is my continuation of the second series of my 50 Best Selling Courses on Udemys of Udemy.

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I categorize them as best selling courses because they fall under the category of “most popular Udemy Courses” according to Udemy as the course ratings are found to be consistent over the years (mostly over 4.0) and have a huge enrollment number which means people have benefited from the courses.

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Hope a few courses fall under you interest area and you will benefit from them.


Let’s get started about the remaining top Udemy courses one by one.  

Best Selling Courses on Udemy Part 2

# No. 26 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle

Author: Tom Corson-Knowles

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 527+ and 29,016+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course teaches how to write, publish and market your EBooks in Amazon Kindle and help you become a best seller within a month.
  • The author shares his marketing strategies and explains the four step system to write a book in 28days.
  • This complete Kindle Publishing course has 8 plus hours of tutorial to help you become the next bestselling author at Amazon.

Course Takeaways:

  • Become a pro writer by removing all your confusion about how to publish in Kindle.
  • Profit from the current EBook growth trend by getting the sales in 30 days or less.
  • Learn cover design, formatting, publishing on Amazon Kindle; Kindle marketing practices and much more.

Students Reviews:



# No. 27 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Pianoforall – Incredible New Way to Learn Piano & Keyboard

Author: Robin Hall

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.6 from 1,351+ and 27,790+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Most popular online piano course in udemy.
  • The course aims at transforming complete beginners in Piano to an intermediate level much faster than learning from a traditional Piano class.
  • The course starts by teaching the rhythm style of Piano and then moves onto the Ballad style, Blues, Jazz, etc and finally creating your own melodies.

Course Takeaways:

  • Master Piano lessons in a very short time.
  • Know the absolute basic and essential Piano techniques.

Students Reviews:



# No. 28 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Complete Guitar System – Beginner to Advanced

Author: Erich Andreas

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.4 from 840+ and 17,995+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course comprises of 277 lectures with PDF attachments, 28 hours of video and is a complete guitar course at Udemy currently.
  • The course is organized in a step by step easy to follow layout and all you need is to follow them to become successful at playing guitar.

Course Takeaways:

  • PDF attachments for almost every lecture.
  • The courses are laid out in a planned manner and with right practice you can master Guitar properly.
  • 5 bonus videos.

Students Reviews:



# No. 29 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

iOS 8 and Swift – How to Make a “Freaking” iPhone App

Author: Rick Walter

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 320+ and 14,607+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course helps you to get started with making apps.
  • The course teaches how to setup Xcode on your machine, create a developer account with Apple, how to run iPhone and iPad simulator on Mac.
  • Along with the course, you will develop 8 killer apps and important iOS app development skills.
  • Know how to submit developed apps in the app store.

Course Takeaways:

  • Create your own apps and submit to the App store.
  • Create apps that use GPS, camera and microphone.
  • Create a social networking app
  • Become an iOS developer.

Students Reviews:



# No. 30 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Microsoft Excel 2010 Course Beginners/Intermediate Training

Author: Infinite skills

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 1,373+ and 67,589+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course trains you an absolute basics of Microsoft Excel 2010.
  • The course also covers the advanced formula and functions of Microsoft Excel 2010 and how to connect to Microsoft web apps.
  • Teaches how to use your own Sky Drive to store and share Microsoft Excel Projects.

Course Takeaways:

  • Become fully versed and capable of working in Microsoft Excel 2010 in a commercial environment.
  • Learn Excel functions from Basics to Advanced.

Students Reviews:



# No. 31 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography

Author: Phil Ebiner, Sam Shimizu-Jones

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.4 from 1,977+ and 38,628+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • A comprehensive photography course for both beginners and advanced photographers, the course teaches how to take photos that can sell and boost your income.
  • Learn Camera Types and the gear used in them, master photography techniques and most importantly how to start your photography business by selling your own photos.
  • An in-depth course that teaches everything about photography that an amateurish photographer is looking to learn.

Course Takeaways:

  • Improve your photography skills and earn more money from the quality photos you take.
  • Create portfolio and website; find a freelance or full time position as a photographer.
  • Better understanding of how a camera truly works and how to take better photos using manual settings.

Students Reviews:



# No. 32 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Arduino Step by Step: Your complete guide

Author: Peter Dalmaris

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.4 from 1,025+ and 24,075+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course helps you get started with Arduino hardware and programming environment to build projects on this open source electronics platform.
  • Understand Arduino Ecosystem and it programming fundamentals, learn what is shield, accessories, sensors, internet integration and lots more related topics from this course.
  • Great course for anybody interested in learning electronic design domain.

Course Takeaways:

  • Master to program the Arduino prototyping platform.
  • Know how to connect Arduino to the internet for reporting and communicating.
  • Able to build electronic devices using this platform.
  • Understand basic principle in electronics design.

Students Reviews:



# No. 33 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Body Language for Entrepreneurs

Author: Vanessa Van Edwards, Science of people

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.6 from 733+ and 16,356+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course author discusses 6 areas in non verbal communication that every entrepreneurs need to improve their business dealings.
  • The courses emphasis on mastering body language and how it to have an edge over competitors.

Course Takeaways:

  • This course will completely change the way you do business.
  • Use this course to get more clients, business and projects.
  • Communicate with confidence.
  • Master your non verbal communication and increase your influence.

Students Reviews:



# No. 34 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

The Professional Ruby on Rails Developer

Author: Mashrur Hossain

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 564+ and 16,832+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • A thorough introductory course to web applications development using the Rails framework.
  • The course through lectures, homework and practice exercises teach Rails fundamentals.
  • The course also helps you build your own authentication system from scratch using default Rail stack.

Course Takeaways:

  • Design and build web applications using Rails framework.
  • Learn how to implement your own ideas using Ruby on Rails.
  • Help code your own ideas and become a web application developer.

Students Reviews:


# No. 35 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Mobile App Design from scratch with Sketch 3: UX and UI

Author: Maxime Cormier, Adrien Dupuy

Ratings and Enrollments:  19,100+ enrolled (No ratings as of now)

Course Highlights:

  • It is one of the best selling mobile app design course on Udemy.
  • The course teaches how to convert your idea into a fully designed mobile app using Sketch 3.
  • Learn UX design techniques and design best practices to develop a beautiful and user friendly interface for your app.

Course Takeaways:

  • Become proficient in design software.
  • Good understanding of design principles.
  • Become completely autonomous as a designer.
  • Know in depth about the Sketch3 design software functionalities.

Students Reviews:



# No. 36 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

SAP ABAP Programming for Beginners -2015-Online Training

Author: Peter Moxon

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.4 from 726+ and 7,250+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Understand fundamentals of SAP ABAP programming and how to create your own ABAP programs.
  • The author trains you at the absolute basics of SAP ABAP, introducing key aspects of ABAP development.
  • The course material follows hands on approach and each lecture is packed with practical examples.

Course Takeaways:

  • Get thorough insights of how SAP programming language works and write and test your own code.
  • You will be fully versed and capable of working with and creating your own ABAP programs.
  • It will help you pass SAP ABAP Certification exam.

Students Reviews:



# No. 37 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

How to Be a Human Lie Detector

Author: Vanessa Van Edwards, Science of People

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 836+ and 17,483+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course talks about how to read people’s non verbal behavior and spot lies.
  • The course also debunks some popular myths associated about lying.
  • The Course author Vanessa helps you to build honest interactions with people around you.

Course Takeaways:

  • Learn how to detect spot lies, read body language and become a human lie detector.
  • Uncover hidden emotions and read people and get to the truth in relationships.
  • Detect spot lies in business, social situation and networking.

Students Reviews:



# No. 38 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced – Online Excel Training Course

Author: Infinite Skills

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 1,188+ and 38,212+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course focuses on the advanced features and functions of Microsoft Excel 2013 and helps you master Excel 2013 at an advanced level.
  • The course contains working files and code samples throughout the 10 hours of lecture.
  • Gain solid understanding of more powerful features and functions in Excel.

Course Takeaways:

  • Become comfortable with Microsoft Excel 2013 advanced features and functions.
  • Handle advanced tasks in excel, increase your efficiency and shorten your task times.

Students Reviews:



# No. 39 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

CCNA Security 2016 210 -260 Video Boot Camp with Chris Bryant

Author: Chris Bryant

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 741+ and 18,454+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • An Updated course for the latest CCNA security 210-260 IINS exam.
  • Get CCNA certifies from Udemy’s famed author Chris Bryant on video boot camps.
  • All the lectures of this course are downloadable.

Course Takeaways:

  • One of the popular courses to prepare for your current CCNA security exam.
  • Clear the CCNA security exam with the clear and comprehensive teaching from Chris.

Students Reviews:



# No. 40 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Coding for Entrepreneurs: Learn Python, Django, and More.

Author: Justin Mitchel

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.1 from 540+ and 21,846+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The author teaches you step by step on how to code a real eCommerce site and a dynamic landing page from scratch.
  • The whole course is designed in an easy to follow videos and divided into two project modules. Project 1 module teaches you how to build a website for yourself and project 2 module teaches how to collect custom data, deploy to live server and launch a landing page.

Course Takeaways:

  • Learn coding skills to take the advantage of creating incredible business as an entrepreneur.
  • Become proficient in Python, Django, HTML and CSS.
  • Launch eCommerce sites, build landing pages and know how to convert browsers into buyers.
  • Learn fundamentals of coding that applies to entrepreneurship.

Students Reviews:



# No. 41 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

How to Create an Awesome Online Course

Author: Miguel Hernandez

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.0 from 287+ and 7,993+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Learn 35 marketing strategies to implement from the author who made over $500,000 at Udemy as an instructor.
  • You will learn how to create your own online course, how to make it look appealing, how to promote and sell the courses and the art of making passive income with the courses.

Course Takeaways:

  • Tools needed to create a striking course.
  • Create a super cool presentation using Keynote.
  • Learn how to use ScreenFlow for Mac to record yourself and the presentation created and most importantly how to edit everything.
  • Learn efficient ways to promote your course and find students.
  • Know how to create a sales page, how to use PayPal and much more!

Students Reviews:



# No. 42 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Mobile App Design in Sketch 3: UX and UI Design From Scratch

Author: Rob Percival, Andrew Eddy

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.4 from 1,268+ and 19,120+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The most popular author at Udemy, Rob teaches how to implement app design ideas using Xcode3.
  • The course helps beginners in app design to build a strong foundation in Sketch 3.
  • Learn app design fundamentals and establish a great understanding of the concepts behind user centered deisgn.

Course Takeaways:

  • Understand UX research and design best practices.
  • Convert your idea into a user friendly app on app store.
  • Build professional looking designs with zero experience.
  • Become a full fledged mobile app designer.

Students Reviews:


# No. 43 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Swift Essentials – Learn Swift 2.1 Step by Step

Author: Rick Walter

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.7 from 383+ and 11,923+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • A comprehensive introductory course on Apple’s new programming language called Swift.
  • The course teaches how to initially set up Swift, the basics of Swift and its functionalities, error handling and how to get started on new projects.
  • New updates and information on Swift is regularly added to the course material.

Course Takeaways:

  • Understand the foundations of Swift code and will be able to develop custom applications.
  • Experience working with Xcode’s new .playground file.

Students Reviews:



# No. 44 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Double your Confidence and Self Esteem – Complete Blueprint

Author: Jimmy Naraine

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 405+ and 17,379+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Jimmy Naraine (Udemy Innovation Award Winner) teaches you certain principles which help you boost your self esteem and confidence, thereby reaching a higher level of self satisfaction.
  • The course follows a straight forward approach to develop a powerful mindset, how to develop an elevator pitch and build confidence.
  • Access 35 videos with step by step up instruction and mental exercises to boost your inner confidence.

Course Takeaways:

  • Feel powerful and break from the psychological cages built around oneself.
  • Increase the likelihood of seeing more opportunities from everyday life than before.
  • Gain mental strength with the tricks and strategies discussed in the course.

Students Reviews:



# No. 45 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Learn Linux in 5 Days and Level Up Your Career

Author: Jason Cannon

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 2,259+ and 28,644+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The author promises to teach Linux to beginners who can dedicate 45 minutes daily for 5 days.
  • The author teaches most important concepts and commands of Linux operating system with practical and real-world examples.
  • Also learn how to install WordPress on the Linux system.
  • The course talks about how to get access to Linux server, how to connect to Mac and Window computers and other important Linux commands and operational process.

Course Takeaways:

  • Host your blog on the internet with Linux installation.
  • Learn Linux in 5 days even when if you have no prior knowledge of Linux.
  • Learn Linux operating system fundamentals and how to apply it practically.

Students Reviews:



# No. 46 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Project Management Professional (PMP) – 35 Contact Hours

Author: LearnSmartLLC

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.1 from 1,591+ and 15,609+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Learn necessary project manager skills and qualify the PMP certification exam by taking this course.
  • The course helps you to understand all the fundamental concepts, processes and procedures necessary to become an effective project manager.
  • The course covers project management life cycle, project scope, project scheduling, team dynamics and more.

Course Takeaways:

  • Qualify for the 35 Contact Hours from PMI.
  • Practice course for PMP certification exam.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Project Management best practices.

Students Reviews:



# No. 47 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

eBay Drop Shipping with No Inventory Guide – Work From Home

Author: David Vu

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.7 from 2,667+ and 15,720+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Currently one of the most popular business courses on Udemy.
  • It has a great community of online entrepreneurs who have enrolled in the course.
  • The course emphasis on increasing your income while decreasing the work time by teaching the author’s own proven methods of how he earned his 6 figure through sales.
  • The course teaches how to set up an EBay store, core concepts of drop shipping, how to sell lifestyle business, how to scale up your business to work 15 mins a day and much more.

Course Takeaways:

  • Get all time support through Udemy chat discussions and send your queries through private messages to the author.
  • Understand core concepts of drop shipping, learn the formula of making profits, know how to be self sustained and start to earn money with this new skill.

Students Reviews:



# No. 48 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

How I Hit #1 on Google: The 2016 Complete SEO Course

Author: iMarket XL, Matt Jensen

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.2 from 780+ and 15,352+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • One of the most popular, comprehensive and up-to-date SEO course on Udemy.
  • Know how to improve 100% conversion rates by increasing the speed of your site.
  • Know how to optimize your posts on your site, so that the Google bout finds your content to be high-quality, authoritative and informative.

Course Takeaways:

  • Receive $175 worth Google/Bing marketing credits and a presentation from a popular SEO expert.
  • Build links from high SEO visibility sites and reduce the bounce rate by knowing how to make people stay on your website for a little longer and much more SEO strategies.

Students Reviews:



# No. 49 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Mind Mapping – Smart Working – Creating Effective Mind Maps

Author: Barry Mapp

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.4 from 406+ and 10,946+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course talks about mind maps to increase personal productivity.
  • Learn the important principles of mind mapping and how this tool will enhance your learning, understanding and memory on any tasks.
  • The course is designed to alter your mental approach to issues and ideas in a totally different way.

Course Takeaways:

  • Use this productivity tool in your life tasks that requires planning, preparation and clarity.
  • Master the skill of mind mapping and enhance your cognitive experience.
  • Use this technique to map the multitasking capability of the subconscious mind.

Students Reviews:



# No. 50 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Building a Personal Brand by Gary Vaynerchuk

Author: Gary Vaynerchuk

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.4 from 3,107+ and 21,507+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • This course will help you define your passion and strength and provides a blueprint on how to convert those passions into an actual career.
  • It helps you establish yourself as a brand by redefining your strengths and understanding what you are best at.
  • The course provides you the framework and motivation to help you realize for yourself, your ambitions and passion and how to make a name for yourself.

Course Takeaways:

  • Understand one’s passion points, how to focus on their strengths, develop their story and how to distribute their story to the targeted audience.
  • Build a personal brand and how to turn into a potential revenue source.

Students Reviews:



Those are my 50 most popular Udemy course on the entire Udemy course category list.

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