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Need to put a stop to unethical hacking?

Looking for a good and reliable ethical hacking course and finding yourself a little confused which course to opt for at Udemy?

Then have a look at my 10 most popular Udemy Hacking course and its related category. Are you looking for all free Udemy Courses? Check here

Top Udemy Hacking Course Review

These 10 top Udemy course on Hacking and network security  would help you get started with IT security and Ethical hacking, learn prevention strategies used by hackers and secure your network from danger and property loss. 

Best Udemy Hacking Course

All this Udemy Hacking course are popular because students have loved these courses (ratings) and benefited out it (number of enrollments). Find below Udemy Coupon Code and avail up to 50% OFF

Note: All the Udemy Hacking course mentioned below have inclusive features such as 30 days money back guarantee, lifetime access to the course material, a certificate on completion and you can access the course in both Andriod and iOS.

IT Security Hacking Course

# Course 1

Course Name:  IT Security and Ethical Hacking

Author: LearnSmart LLC

Rating: 4.1 by 917+ students

Currently Enrolled: 15,745+ students

Price Value: $50

About this Course: This is a great Udemy Hacking course for those looking to learn the principles of IT security and ethical hacking. Also this course helps you to prepare and pass the “Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures” exam if you are planning to take one. Look out nowhere, take this course to become a certified ethical hacker and any experienced person in IT would want to know how the security works and how to counteract hacking problems.

What student’s are saying after taking this Udemy Hacking course? Around 1000 students have given this course an overall 4 plus rating which is really good considering the enrollment numbers. Some reviews are the course has got abundance of information, author knowledgeable and well polished and much more positive feedback.

Network Hacking Course

# Course 2

Course Name:  Learn Ptactical Network Hacking from Scratch (WiFi & Wired)

Author: Zaid Sabih, iSecur1ty LLC

Rating: 4.4 by 403+ students

Currently Enrolled: 14,227+ students

Price Value: $30

About this Course: This Udemy Hacking course talks about penetration testing/ hacking and how to secure your WiFi and wired networks from attacks using Linux. The course has got 50 detailed videos about practical attacks against wireless enabled service. This Udemy Hacking course is apt for anybody interested in learning network penetration testing and how to protect networks from hackers.

What student’s are saying after taking this Udemy Hacking course? This Udemy Hacking course has got 4 plus rating from more than 400 student’s shows the value addition of the course. Some positive reviews from students are interesting, fun course, hands on, easy to understand, course theory, examples, demonstrations are very clear and organized and lots more.

IT Security Course

# Course 3

Course Name:  Hacking Academy: Monitored Transmitted Data

Author: IT Security Academy, Hacking School

Rating: 4.1 by 410+ students

Currently Enrolled: 33,141+ students

Price Value: Free

About this Course: A free Udemy Hacking course that talks how to intercept data in networks, how to monitor transmitted data, detect intrusions and all in one hour course tutorial. The course is a popular IT security Academy Beginner course with around 30,000 thousand plus students enrolled.

What student’s are saying after taking this Udemy Hacking course? The reviews from students are the course has some good content on Wireshark, detailed descriptions, clear and concise definitions and much more! The course has garnered around 70% rating, all above 4+ stars is a decent rating for a one hour free course.

Whitehat Hacking Course

# Course 4

Course Name: Whitehat Hacking and Penetration Testing  Tutorial Video

Author: Infinite Skills

Rating: 4.1 by 177+ students

Currently Enrolled: 7,813+ students

Price Value: $50

About this Course: Another Ethical hacking course that takes you through the essentials you need to protect your hardware and software from hacking attacks. This Whitehat hacking  and penetration testing tutorial covers important topics like scanning networks, use of Metasploit, DoS and DDoS attacks, web application hacking,securing wireless networks and lots more.

What student’s are saying after taking this Udemy Hacking course? More than 85% students had given the course more than 4 rating. Some of the reviews are the course is clear and practical, very informative, knowledgeable while some expected the course to be more on the practical side.

Ethical Hacking Course

# Course 5

Course Name:  Ethical Hacking from Scratch to Advanced Technique

Author: Mohammed Atef

Rating: 4.4 by 366+ students

Currently Enrolled: 2,274+ students

Price Value: $30

About this Course: The course concentrates on ethical hacking from scratch to advance levels using Social Engineering tools and techniques, how to crack password, how to learn Buffer overflow from scratch. The course lay importance on how a hacker use hacking techniques to hack any digital platform and how to be aware of the same.

What student’s are saying after taking this Udemy Hacking course?  The course has got a consistent 80% rating above 4 stars from a handful of 350 plus students makes it a good course on my list. Some of the positives are very useful content, informative, well presented, very clear with good examples; author explains everything perfectly and lots more.

Complete Cyber Security Course

# Course 6

Course Name: The Complete Cyber Security Course: Hacking Exposed!

Author: Nathan House

Rating: 4.7 by 213+ students

Currently Enrolled: 1,522+ students

Price Value: $30

About this Course: A complete cyber security course where the author Nathan House teaches how to stop hackers, prevent tracking, advanced anonymous browsing and counter government surveillance. In short, the course will teach you a skill set that defeats advanced hackers, trackers, malware, zero days, exploit kits, cyber criminals and all online threats.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?  The course has got a whopping 93% rating above 4 stars from 200 plus students suggest that it is a great course to look upon to. Some reviews are good course with great visual animation, really helps one interested in the course, extraordinary information, detailed descriptions, great course, great instructor and lots more.

Advanced White Hat Hacking Course

# Course 7

Course Name: Advanced White Hat Hacking and Penetration Testing Tutorial

Author: Infinite Skills

Rating: 4.0 by 56+ students

Currently Enrolled: 7,118+ students

Price Value: $50

About this Course:  This advanced Udemy Hacking course helps you to test and protect your networks from hackers using ethical hacking and penetration testing techniques. It goes beyond the basics of Ethical Hacking and teaches how to defeat hackers by using advance techniques to discover potential security problems with your websites and networks. To take this course, you need to know the basics of penetration testing as a prerequisite.

What student’s are saying after taking this Udemy Hacking course? The course has got around 75% rating above 4 stars from 50 plus students. Some reviews about the course are very good content, excellent presenter, good course, excellent resource for penetration testers, long tutorial and covers a large range of topics and much more!

Certified Hacking Training Course

# Course 8

Course Name: IT Security Beginner 2.0: Certified Hacking Training

Author: IT Security Academy, Hacking School

Rating: 3.8 by 270+students

Currently Enrolled: 13,788+ students

Price Value: $20

About this Course: The course is a step by step tutorial that teaches you the advanced hacking techniques and helps you become a certified hacker by the end of this course. The course covers major topics of Network and IT security such as Encrypted data, Black-Hat threats and trends, Identify spoofing, Security and Hacking Myths, etc,.

What student’s are saying after taking this Udemy Hacking course?  The course has got around 80% ratings between 4 – 5 stars from 250 plus students. A few students have found the course to be slow paced and more for a newbie in this field, while the others have found the course to be informative, easy to follow, good theoretical course on understanding IT security concepts and much more.

Ethical Hacking Course

# Course 9

Course Name:  Learn The Basics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

Author: Mohamed Ramadan

Rating: 3.3 by 486+ students

Currently Enrolled: 47,405+ students

Price Value: $20

About this Course: The course emphasis on making you a master computer security expert and explains how ethical hacking helps in finding vulnerabilities in the target infrastructure, teaches Windows and Linux tactical post exploitation techniques, how to find and exploit web application vulnerabilities and much more.

What student’s are saying after taking this Udemy Hacking course?  Students find this course material to be outstanding, well delivered, concise examples, easy to understand material seems to be on point and much more.

Facebook Hacking Course

# Course 10

Course Name:  Learn the methods of Facebook hacking in Ethical Way

Author: Inspirac technologies

Rating: 3.3 by 845+ students

Currently Enrolled: 9,108+ students

Price Value: $20

About this Course: A research course that teaches hacking prevention methods from getting your Facebook account from being hacked. This course will help you to secure your Social network and get less prone to hacking.

What student’s are saying after taking this Udemy Hacking course?  Though the course has got only 55% rating above 4 stars from the 800 plus lot, it is those 9000 plus enrollments which gave this course a slot in top 10. Some positives from the reviews are the demonstrations were concise, good information, easy and understandable, classic techniques of hacking and much more.

So, those are my top Udemy course on Hacking and Network Security.

Please let me know in the comments below your thoughts if you have already enrolled in the above courses or any other courses you found useful!

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