10 Best Udemy WordPress Courses – Enhance Your Development Skill

If you need to set up your website business in a WordPress backdrop or need to know how to use WordPress themes, maybe planning to make a career in blogging, then learning and mastering various aspects of WordPress themes and plugins is a must. You’ll find below best Udemy WordPress Courses, that not only enhance your development skill but also sharpen your skill.

I have shortlisted 10 top Udemy WordPress courses and I hope these Udemy WordPress development courses would help you get started with creating your own websites from scratch and earn a good income out of it. All the Udemy WordPress courses are considered best because students have loved these courses (ratings) and benefited out it (number of enrollments).

Best Udemy WordPress Courses Review

Note: All the Udemy WordPress courses mentioned below have inclusive features such as 30 days money back guarantee, lifetime access to the course material, a certificate on completion and you can access the course in both Andriod and iOS.

List of Best Udemy WordPress Courses

WordPress Theme Development Course

# Course 1

Course Name:  WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap

Author: Brad Hussey, Code College

Rating: 4.6 by 1788+ students

Currently Enrolled: 15,797+ students

Price Value: $30

About this Course: This Udemy theme development course teaches you how to develop custom and profitable WordPress Themes and websites without any prior experience in Theme Development. The course is best for anybody in graphic and website designing and looking to learn how to code their WordPress site without the help of web developers.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?  Around 93% students had given this Udemy WordPress course 4+ rating and that too from 1500 plus students are incredibly great rating for a course! Some highlights on the positive review are that the author is engaging; his easy to understand presentation, with clear concise instructions and lots more!

WordPress Beginners Course

# Course 2

Course Name:  WordPress for Beginners

Author: John Westbrook

Rating: 4.4 by 599+ students

Currently Enrolled: 17,800+ students

Price Value: $20

About this Course:  WordPress beginner’s course is a complete, easy to follows, simple and straight forward step by step guide to create your complete website using WordPress. This extensive guide teaches you from setting a domain name, a hosting account, install and setup WordPress, customize into a fully functional website, how to use plugins, how to test and fix bugs and finally making your new site go live with WordPress.

What student’s are saying after taking this course? Around 91% students have given thumbs up to this Udemy WordPress course with 4+ rating. The students review highlight the course to be well structured, simple, informative with short modules and a overall a good resource for those looking to set up their sites using WordPress.


WordPress Course – Beginners Guide

# Course 3

Course Name: Getting Started With WordPress – A Beginners Guide

Author: Jerad Hill

Rating: 4.3 by 248+ students

Currently Enrolled: 20,226+ students

Price Value: Free

About this Course: This Udemy WordPress course is a great course to start with; all you need is a WordPress Website, Internet Connection and above all, a value added free course. By the end of this course, you would understand the nitty gritties of WordPress, how to add and manage content, how to upload photos and videos and how to customize WordPress features to one’s need and preferences.

What student’s are saying after taking this course? Around 80% of ratings are above 4+ from 200 plus students which is great number for a free course. Clear and good instructions, excellent explanation, through and to the point lectures are some pros of this Udemy WordPress course.

WordPress Basics Course

# Course 4

Course Name: WordPress Basics: How To Manage Your Website

Author: Seth Leonard

Rating: 4.5 by 165+ students

Currently Enrolled: 17,251+ students

Price Value: Free

About this Course: This Udemy free WordPress course provides step by step instructions on how to manage and grow your WordPress website to the next level. You would be learning the basic WordPress configuration, how to master and update your WordPress site content, widgets, tools, plugins and more.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?  This Udemy free WordPress course has got around 86% positive rating between 4 – 5 stars from 150 plus students. The course plus areas are its thorough, to the point short lectures and lots of them have found this course to be a great intro to WordPress basics.

WordPress 2016 Course

# Course 5

Course Name:  WordPress – Master WordPress in 2016

Author: Diego Davila

Rating: 4.5 by 117+ students

Currently Enrolled: 9,082+ students

Price Value: $35

About this Course: This Udemy WordPress development course is for all those who have no prior coding knowledge, no website building experience and don’t want to invest more than $5. It promises you to help in building a professional website from scratch without writing one single line of coding. The course is only for beginner and not suitable for WordPress experts.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?  The course has receives more than 90% ratting from students above 4 stars. Students find the course to be very informative, to the point, helpful, educative, perfect for startups, easy to listen, covers all aspects of WordPress and lots more.

Wishlist Member Plugin WordPress Course

# Course 6

Course Name: Create a Membership Site with WishList Member and WordPress

Author: Rob Cubbon

Rating: 4.2 by 61+ students

Currently Enrolled: 15,007+ students

Price Value: $20

About this Course: If you are a blogger and want to know how to use the Wishlist memebership plugin of WordPress to its maximum potential, this short 1.5 hours course teaches you that. The course teaches you how to use the plugin to make money from your content and convert into a membership site.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?  This Udemy WordPress course has got more 80% positive rating from 50 plus students. The main pros are that it is good course for a beginner; it teaches you all the basics and helps you get start up initially. Precise with clear instructions on how to use the plugin step by step.

WordPress Course – Beginners

# Course 7

Course Name:  WordPress for Beginners – Master WordPress Quickly

Author: Andrew Williams

Rating: 4.4 by 729+ students

Currently Enrolled: 8,155+ students

Price Value: $30

About this Course: This Udemy WordPress development course is a complete guide to WordPress and covers the latest version of WordPress 4. The course will guide you how to install and run WordPress on a web host and thereby helping you build a responsive website.

What student’s are saying after taking this course? Almost 89% of students had given 4+ ratings and that is coming from 700 plus students are ensuring us that it is really a great course to try. The course is practical, informative and a fantastic course overall.

WordPress for Business Course

# Course 08

Course Name:  WordPress for Business: Build $5000 Looking WordPress Site

Author: Boost Top

Rating: 4.7 by 173+ students

Currently Enrolled: 5,935+ students

Price Value: $30

About this Course: This Udemy WordPress course assures that you will be developing custom, profitable and responsive WordPress website without knowing how to code. The 5 hour video tutorial teaches you how to create a professional SEO Optimized site without any coding skills. The only requirement is a computer with internet connection and a website of yours.

What student’s are saying after taking this course? The course has got excellent ratings with over 90% plus students giving a rating of 4+ stars. People find the course to be great for beginners with good explanation, helpful and a great WordPress refresher course too.

Easy to Guide WordPress Course

# Course 9

Course Name: Learn WordPress – A Quick and Easy Guide

Author: David Lee Martin

Rating: 4.6 by 62+students

Currently Enrolled: 4,245+ students

Price Value: $20

About this Course:  By the end of this Udemy WordPress course, you will b able to set up your own self hosted WordPress website without anybody’s help. This course is for those looking for a complete guide kind of course to get started with a WordPress and kick start their own blog. Right from buying a domain name to WordPress functionalities, this course gets all topics covered.

What student’s are saying after taking this course? Almost 95% of students have rated this course with 4+ rating. People who have enrolled find the course to be easy, simple to understand, practical, clear, concise and much more positive feedbacks.

WordPress Security Course

# Course 10

Course Name:  The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to WordPress Security

Author: Christine Maisel

Rating: 4.9 by 93+ students

Currently Enrolled: 4,470+ students

Price Value: $20

About this Course:  This comprehensive course teaches you all about WordPress Security and how to protect your valuable site from hackers. The author teaches you the two step verification process, how to use security keys, password protecting, denying access to your site core files and directors to hackers and much more!

What student’s are saying after taking this course? Almost 96% students had given 4+ rating which is awesome for a course! The main plus are that it is a good course, thorough, easy to follow instructions, clear, well placed, straight to the point and lots more.

So, finding best Udemy WordPress courses is going to be easier than ever. Please let me know in the comments below your thoughts if you have already enrolled in the above Udemy WordPress courses and any other courses you found useful!

In case, you want to check the entire Udemy WordPress courses (both free and paid), you can check here.

Happy Learning!

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