50 Best Selling Courses on Udemy Part 1: You Must Read!

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I have been doing a series of  best courses on Udemy in my blog on every popular category.

Thought, why not sum it up into a two part series of 50 Best Selling Courses on Udemy across all categories till date.

These are Best Selling Courses on Udemy because they fall under the category of “most popular Udemy Courses” and their course ratings are consistent over the years and have a huge enrollment number which means people have benefited from the courses.

Best Selling Courses On Udemy

Since it can be long and tiresome to go through all courses at one go, I have divided these 50 top Udemy courses into Part 1 and Part 2. If you’re looking for complete list of free Udemy Courses, you can have a look on it.

Hope a few courses may fall under your interest area and benefit you.

Without further rant, let’s look into the courses one by one.  

List of Best Selling Courses on Udemy

# No. 1 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

The Complete Web Developer Course – Build 14 Websites

Author: Rob Percival

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 26,005+ students and 2,31,001+ enrolled

Course Highlights:  

  • Learn HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, WordPress, APIs, and Mobile Apps from scratch in 6 weeks.
  • The course material comprises 12 chapters with each chapter comprising of 28 hours of video audio tutorials.
  • The course starts with basic topics like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and moves to further advanced topics like iQuery, PHP, MySQL to help you build responsive websites.
  • The course has website challenges that you should complete before moving on to a new chapter.
  • The last chapter is a bonus chapter where the author shows how to earn $10000 while learning to code from his eBook.

Course Takeaways:

  • Lifetime access to the course material.
  • EBooks provided by author and you can contact the author personally for doubts.
  • Get support from an active forum of likeminded developers who had been part of the course.
  • Unlimited webhosting at ecowebhosting.co.uk (Rob’s own hosting company) worth $199.
  • Best suited for an absolute beginner in web development field.
  • You will actually build real 14 websites along with Rob.
  • Great course to start earning an additional income as a freelance web developer.

Students Reviews:






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# No. 2 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps

Author: Rob Percival

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.4 from 5,633+ students and 1,12,853+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • One of the best mobile app development courses at Udemy.
  • The course covers beginner to advanced mobile developer topics in six weeks.
  • The course comprises of 145 lectures and 19 hours of content.
  • From basics to Xcode and Swift tips and tricks, the course progress to use web content, animation and geolocation to build advanced apps and games in mobile.

Course Takeaways:

  • Unlimited web hosting for one year worth $200
  • Free copy of Rob’s EBook “How to earn $10000 while learning to code”.
  • 1000 graphical assets worth $300 free to use for mobile apps.
  • You will develop live applications like Instagram and Snapchat clones.
  • Responsive support from author through email, Twitter and Udemy forums.

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# No. 3 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Learn to Code by Making Games – The Complete Unity Developer

Author: Ben Tristem

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.6 from 10,932+ students and 98,750+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Learn to create video games using Unity 3D (free game development tool).
  • The course teaches coding, game design principles whether you are new to gaming or a coder or an artist.
  • Create games on all platforms including Windows, MacOS,iOS9, Andriod, Web etc.
  • Great for those who want to get deep into game development skills but have no programming background.

Course Takeaways:

  • You will be able to build an entire game yourself.
  • A free community site where you can share your gaming stuff and connect with other gamers.
  • Learn Unity 3D platform plus C# programming Language.

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# No. 4 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Become a Web Developer from Scratch v2016

Author: Victor Bastos

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.3 from 1859+ ratings and 66,469+ students enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Learn web development thoroughly with an overall 30 hours of content.
  • The course covers JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PHP and MySQLi.
  • Most complete and comprehensive online course on web development where the author teaches all Frontend and Backend Development subjects right from basics to advanced level.

Course Takeaways:

  • You will be able to create your own websites with the latest technology.
  • Free Web Hosting offer (Unlimited hostgator account).
  • Complete Freelancer E-Book.
  • 30 HTML5 responsive templates.
  • Check the course more as they have a long list of freebies to give you for purchasing the course.

Students Reviews:



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# No. 5 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course – Build 18 Apps

Author: Rob Percival

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 10,082+ students and 88,955+ enrolled.

Course Highlights:

  • Build real marketable apps using Apple’s new Xcode7 and Swift 2.
  • The course covers 210 lectures of 29.5 hours duration in six weeks to transform you from a beginner to advanced mobile developer.
  • A comprehensive app development course from the bestselling author of Udemy, Rob teaches how to build real apps and earn a handsome income.

Course Takeaways:

  • Unlimited web hosting for 1 year worth $200.
  • A copy of Rob’s best selling 76 page eBook.
  • Free 1000 graphical assets for apps usage.

Students Reviews:



# No. 6 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

CCNA 2016 200 – 125 Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant

Author: Chris Bryant

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.6 from 4,468+ students and 39,637+ enrolled.

Course Highlights:

  • Best selling and highest rated CCNA course on Udemy
  • Learn to perform binary, hex and decimal conversions with OSPF and EIGRP configurations.
  • An absolute beginner course with no previous network experience needed to learn the course.

Course Takeaways:

  • Q & A forum where the author answers personally to any questions posted by students.
  • Great course to prepare for your CCNA security certification exams.

Students Reviews:



# No. 7 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Become a SuperLearner 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory

Author: Jonathan Levi, Dr.Lev Goldentouch, Prof.Anna Goldentouch

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 1010+ students and 11,696+ enrolled.

Course Highlights:

  • The course empowers your reading, learning and memory skills in a faster and effective way.
  • Improves your ability to learn new skills or information by helping you understand brain’s actual cognitive and neurological factors.
  • How to comprehend and understand with speed reading.
  • The authors of the course are experts in the field of super learning, memory techniques and speed reading.
  • This is an updated version of the once popular SuperLearner 1.0.

Course Takeaways:

  • Develop Super Learning skills and will be able to read 3 times the speed of an average college graduate.
  • Advance Memory Techniques
  • Hands on demonstration videos.
  • An additional 1.5 hours supplement video content.

Students Reviews:



# No. 8 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Learn Photoshop, Web Design & Profitable Freelancing

Author: Cristian Doru Barin

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.4 from 1326+ ratings and 53,495+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Create profitable web designs by mastering Photoshop techniques.
  • The course teaches how to use adobe Photoshop basic and advanced tools to create web designs from scratch.
  • Assist you in finding freelance web design projects.
  • A complete beginner course that teaches you everything you need to know about Photoshop.

Course Takeaways:

  • How to earn a living designing websites.
  • 50 plus premium PSD files to get you started.
  • Tips on getting freelance projects.
  • How to be efficient and cut down project completion time.

Students Reviews:



# No. 09 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Become a Ceritified Web Developer

Author: Learn to Program, Inc., Mark Lassoff

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 774+ and 25,418+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Great preparation course for those planning to take on the Industry certification exam on Web developer (Basic)
  • The course covers HTML and CSS, teaches client side programming with JavaScript, and server side development with PHP.
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to code dynamic and professional websites and apps.

Course Takeaways:

  • You will get Learn to Program’s Certified Web Developer badge after successful completion of course.
  • A printed certificate from Learn to Program that you can present on your resumes and to employers.

Students Reviews:



# No. 10 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Cisco CCNA R/S: Soon to be the NEW CCNA (200 – 125)

Author: Lazaro Diaz

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 2,881+ and 37,796+ enrolled.

Course Highlights:

  • Complete Cisco CCNA to prepare you for your CCENT certification exam.
  • The course comprises of 34+ hours tutorial and covers all the subjects required to pass the CCNA 200 – 120 exams.
  • The course also covers of Layer 2 technology and its various configurations.

Course Takeaways:

  • In-depth understanding of networking, how to use routers and switches with their various configurations and connections.
  • You will thoroughly grasp Internet Protocols – Ipv4 and IPv6.
  • Prepare you to take the network certification exam with confidence.

Students Reviews:



# No. 11 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Learn Android App Development with Java Step by Step

Author: Tim Buchalka, Jean-Paul Roberts

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 3,869+ and 41,113+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course teaches you Android development for beginners.
  • The course takes you through various apps such as hello app, click button app, top 10 downloader apps, a YouTube app, calculator app, flickr app and you will create your own app using Android Marshmellow.
  • The Course has subtitles for non English speakers as well.

Course Takeaways:

  • By the end of the course, you will be able to build complete projects using Android Studio to develop apps and games.
  • The course also covers Android lollipop features like Material Design and AppCompat.
  • Build master app using Android Marshmellow.
  • A bonus Java Tutorial included.

Students Reviews:



# No. 12 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

CCNP 2016 All- in -One Video Boot Camp with Chris Bryant

Author: Chris Bryant

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.6 from 1,474+ and 14,806+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • A comprehensive CCNP all in one Video Boot camp course  (CCNP SWITCH, ROUTE and TSHOOT)
  • The course author Bryant discusses all LIVE Cisco routers and switches in the CCNP domain.

Course Takeaways:

  • It is an up to date course with the SWITCH course refreshed for those planning for the new 300-115 exam and also the ROUTE course for 300-101 exam.
  • Full access to 50+ hours’ course content and Q&A forum where Chris answers personally.

Students Reviews:



# No. 13 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course – Beginner to Advance!

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.3 from 4,365+ and 54,881+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course teaches you how to install Kali Linux, use VirtualBox, Linus basics, Tor, Proxychains, VPN, Macchanger, Nmap, cracking wifi and much more hacking topics.
  • By the end of this course, you will be an expert in penetration testing and in ethical hacking.
  • The course explains how to penetrate networks, exploit systems, and break into computers and compromise routers.

Course Takeaways:

  • Able to perform ethical hacking and penetration testing effectively.
  • Technical support was lauded by students where the author Erwin answer questions personally.
  • Enhance one’s skill to test their network security.
  • Protect your network from hackers and from loss of data.

Students Reviews:



# No. 14 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Microsoft Excel 2010: Advanced Training

Author: Infinite Skills

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 1,017+ and 71,723+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • An advanced Excel 2010 training course, talks about advance excel features like nesting IF statements, calculate mean using AVERAGEIF, SUMIF and more.
  • The course delves deep into Sparklines, Pivot Table, Charts and how to use VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP for a variety of data.
  • You need to know the basic of excel 2010 to understand this course.

Course Takeaways:

  • You will master the advance features and functions of Excel 2010 software.
  • 8.5 hours of content with 136 lectures teaches complex applications and perfect for those who are going to be an advanced excel users.

Students Reviews:



# No. 15 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Learn and Understand AngularJS

Author: Anthony Alicea

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.6 from 7,369+ and 44,319+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Learn core knowledge of AngularJS and build web applications based on it.
  • You will learn to design custom services, build custom derivates, understand two ways binding, and design a weather forecast app as a single page application.
  • Covers AngularJS subjects like directives, dependency injection, digest loop and lots more.

Course Takeaways:

  • Code custom services and will be able to build single page applications using AngularJS.
  • Fundamental concepts of JavaScript to master AngularJS.
  • Will become fluent with AngularJS terminology.

Students Reviews:



# No. 16 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Writing With Flair: How to Become an Exceptional Writer

Author: Shani Raja

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.3 from 1,794+ and 38,737+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • One of the best selling writing courses currently on Udemy.
  • The course instructor (a former editor at The Wall Street Journal) teaches you trade tricks how to write with the style and flair like the top journalists.
  • Learn the tricks, tactics and principles of writing that will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • The course teaches the principles and tactics to make your blogs, essays and business writing sparkle.
  • Your writing quality will improve dramatically by the end of this course.

Course Takeaways:

  • Master the art of writing with flair and style.
  • Acquire elite skills in writing to have an edge over others.
  • You will discover the mistakes you were making in your writings and how to avoid few and other writing tricks.
  • How to write sleek content and convert mediocre writing into Also Read content.

Students Reviews:



# No. 17 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Author: Anthony Alicea

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.7 from 8,407+ and 44,411+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Gain deeper understanding of how JavaScript works and improve your ability to debug problems.
  • The course also contains information on ECMAScript (E6) which is the next version of JavaScript.
  • The course covers all advanced concepts and functionalities of JavaScript.
  • A foundation course to help you build your own JavaScript framework.

Course Takeaways:

  • Will become a better JavaScript developer by mastering Java based technologies.
  • You will get downloadable source code for reference purpose.
  • Will get good grasp on JavaScript fundamental concepts.

Students Reviews:



# No. 18 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

User Experience Design Fundamentals

Author: Joe Natoli

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.3 from 1,311+ and 39,095+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • Learn how to create effective websites, mobile sites and mobile applications that encourage conversions.
  • The course author takes you through 5 critical elements of user experience and helps you apply that knowledge with dynamic lab exercises.

Course Takeaways:

  • A developer can function as a designer and the course helps you make proper design related decisions.
  • Understand the importance of User experience and other aspects of it.
  • By the end of this course, you will be making effective websites and mobile sites by understanding the surface elements of user experience.

Students Reviews:



# No. 19 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course – Build 14 Apps

Author: Rob Percival

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.5 from 765+ and 16,917+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • This complete Apple Watch Developer course is from the bestselling author of Udemy.
  • The course covers WatchKit SDK, including glances, notifications, app architecture, APIs, interface elements and other more advanced topics.
  • You will learn how to download Xcode and make real apps and games in over 20 hours of entertaining hands-on video.  

Course Takeaways:

  • One year unlimited web hosting worth $100.
  • 1000 exclusive visual assets worth $500 to make apps look stunning.
  • A copy of Rob popular EBook.
  • The course is purely project based unlike other courses and helps you make real apps.

Students Reviews:



# No. 20 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization

Author: Jose Portilla

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.4 from 2,639+ and 35,142+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • You will learn to how to program with Python and how to use it in conjunction with scientific computing modules and libraries to analyze data.
  • The course teaches how to use Pandas and Matplotlib to analyze data set and create beautiful data visualization.

Course Takeaways:

  • Lifetime access to 100 example python code notebooks.
  • You will be able to create portfolios for your data analysis projects.
  • Understand various data formats within Python.

Students Reviews:



# No. 21 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Become a Hadoop Developer | Training | Tutorial

Author: Nitesh Jain

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.3 from 635+ and 14,336+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course teaches the fundamentals of Hadoop and mapReduce programming.
  • You can clear the Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer exam and Hortonworks developer certificate exams after learning this course.
  • Learn how to set up Hadoop with Hands on exercises and thus preparing you for the exam.

Course Takeaways:

  • The Hadoop course mostly has video contents with animations and pictorial representations to learn this complex technology in an easier way.
  • Important documents notes are attached with each lesson for quick references while studying Hadoop.
  • Build strong fundamentals in Hadoop and MapReduce.

Students Reviews:



# No. 22 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2016

Author: Ryan Kroonenburg

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.6 from 10,703+ and 45,977+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course prepares you for passing the Amazon Web services Certified solutions Architect Associate exam.
  • The course talks about the AWS platform and discusses in detail the individual elements of the AWS platform.
  • The course is continuously updated as AWS is a constantly evolving platform.
  • The author himself is an AWS certified solutions architect with 17 years of Experience in the IT field.

Course Takeaways:

  • You will pass the AWS certification exam.
  • You will be able to design highly scalable websites on the AWS platform.
  • Become both Amazon certified and cloud guru.

Students Reviews:



# No. 23 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

Reiki Level I,II and Master Certification

Author: Lisa Powers

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.7 from 4,468+ and 25,813+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course teaches how to perform Reiki energy to clear unwanted habits and manifest your goals.
  • The course will enhance your personal growth and help you work on any imbalances within yourself.
  • Learn how to use Reiki as a healing and personal growth system.

Course Takeaways:

  • You get three comprehensive manuals of Reiki and additional worksheets.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals in an active online group.
  • Receive a traditional certificate in the pdf format from the instructor.
  • Receive Level I,II and master distance attunements from your Reiki Master.

Students Reviews:



# No. 24 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course

Author: Daniel Strong

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.4 from 1,436+ and 33,827+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • The course teaches you how to use Excel when you have to deal with huge amount of data and information and how to get reports out of it.
  • Prepare custom form through which you can access, analyze, edit and add new information to your excel tables and worksheets.
  • The author teaches how to automate excel with his info packed lectures.
  • Learn automation secrets in Excel VBA.

Course Takeaways:

  • You will know excel programs and how to run on auto pilot for your co workers.
  • Automate and customize data entry forms.
  • Write and modify macros from scratch and lot more features of excel that will help you to put everything on auto pilot mode.

Students Reviews:



# No. 25 Best Selling Courses on Udemy

The Ultimate Python Programming Tutorial

Author: Infinite Skills

Ratings and Enrollments: 4.2 from 728+ and 20,363+ enrolled

Course Highlights:

  • A complete beginner’s tutorial, the course teaches how to install Python, data types and creating variables, input and output and much more Python program functions.
  • Build a strong understanding of Python Language and build real world applications using it.

Course Takeaways:

  • By the end of this course, you will get comfortable with Python Language and will know how to develop applications.
  • Working files are attached with each lesson so that you can use the same source material to practice.

Students Reviews:


This completes my 25 Best Selling Courses on Udemy Part 1 series and will be updating the part 2 series soon.

Hope you found some courses of your interest area among the best sellers mentioned.

In case, you are looking for best Udemy course category wise, check my other articles below.

Happy Learning!