What is Remote access in Computer Networks? How Does it Work

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Remote access technology has significantly benefited users who like to access their computers without being present physically.

The users must be authorized to access computers or servers from a different location.

Remote computer access technology is mainly used by corporate users or those who create a home network.

The computer that likes to access another computer or server is called a remote computer or client. Further, the computer that has given access to users is called a local computer or server.

The client and server can process data transfer only after successful remote login.

Moreover, remote computer access technology is helpful to the network administrator to troubleshoot an issue or for users who like to access content regularly.

You can establish your own remote desktop connection with the help of a suitable remote computer utility.

Let’s move in-depth about remote access technology and how does it work. Also, what software is needed to access a computer from a remote location?

What is Remote Access in computer networks?

Remote access or remote computer access is a technology that allows users to access a computer or network from a remote location.

It doesn’t require users to present physically in a location where the computer is situated.

The remote computer access allows users to download files or applications from another computer onto their computer or smartphone.

The benefits of using remote access include

  • Easily control and monitor devices from a different location
  • Efficiently share files or data with other users
  • Troubleshoot issues remotely
  • Create a mirror image of the original device, which include files and application

remote access for computer networks

How does remote access work?

Remote access can work only when a proper combination of hardware and software with robust network connectivity.

You first need to install software on the device (server) that you can access remotely.

Next, you need to install software on the computer, which you would like to use to access another computer or server.

The software or application required to build a remote access network can be of the same company as your operating system or third-party application.

The third-party application can have many features and support single or multiple operating systems.

It would help decide whether the client and server are based on the same operating system or different. Further, you need to verify the feature required to access files remotely.

How to secure remote access software?

You can secure your remote access software by establishing the VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology.

The benefit of having VPN remote access is that it protects the communication between two private networks.

Further, VPN will create a tunnel to keep the traffic private between users and the network. The secure traffic is not disturbed or interrupted from the outer world.

It uses secure shell SSH protocols for remote file access between client and server.

VPN technology gives access to a remote computer through remote login and file access functionality.

So, it is always advisable to use secure remote access software which prevents information stealing and installation of other programs without consent.

remote access VPN

List of remote access software

UltraVNC or TightVNC

UltraVNC or TightVNC is a powerful, free, easy-to-use remote access pc software. This remote access tool is used to access the display screen of another computer or PC.

Further, the software will allow you to take control of the mouse and keyboard of another PC.

Remote Desktop connection

Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop is a free app to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps. You need to configure your PC for remote access.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is an easy way to access your work from a remote location, view your file from your home computer and share your screen with other users.


TeamViewer is another feature-rich remote access software for your computer, smartphone, server, and IoT devices.

You can quickly assess remote computers and assist your customers remotely. It will help you stay connected with your devices and help your colleagues from a distance.


AnyDesk is free, secure, and fast remote access software. The advantage of AnyDesk is that it is accessible from all operating systems.

The speed of the remote access software based on VNC (Virtual Network Computing) or other remote desktop software depends on the operating system and network latency.

How to protect your computer from remote access?

It is necessary to protect your files, network, and data while using remote access software.

You can protect your computer relying on remote access in multiple ways.

You can maintain unique and complex passwords and regularly change your password to prevent any cybercrime.

Further, you can take advantage of multi-factor or two-factor authentication (2FA) to give an extra layer of protection.

By setting up an account lockout policy, you can prevent your remote access network from brute-force attacks and automatic password guessing tools.

Moreover, you can implement a virtual private network (VPN) to secure your network from hackers.

Lastly, you can maintain firewalls, update your software regularly, and limit users’ access to prevent a malware attack.


Remote access technology is increasingly vital for enterprises or businesses because it strengthens work flexibility and provides good opportunities and growth.

Moreover, enterprises need to understand that investment in remote access tools will increase productivity in the fast-paced environment.

Also, if you do not use remote access software, it is better to uninstall the software. It prevents misuse of software without your consent.

For Windows or Mac users, you can disable remote desktop in Windows and macOS.