7 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites {All Working} [Updated]

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If you are outside or got stuck somewhere, then you would be missing live streaming of sports. Sports fanatics understand the pain of missing any live coverage of the crucial game.

But, their tight schedule always keeps them away with the latest scheduled game.

If you are one of them, who are still missing the latest live streaming of game-like NFL, EPL, Tennis, MLB, Rugby, or NBA action, then we got you covered.

Here, we have listed all the best free sports streaming sites that don’t require any registration, nor they ask for any payment.

Along with sports streaming, they also give information on the game schedule, current live game, sports score, and live discussion.

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Why do you need a good VPN to watch the free live streaming of sports?

We know you like to go through all these sites whenever possible.

But, whether all the free live streaming sports sites are completely safe? We can’t back the authenticity of it.

These sites give you free streaming of live sports, which does require them to cover up the cost of hosting live streaming.

To cover up such costs, they will display some ads that belong to a third party, in which they have no control.

These ads may try to hijack your identity or harm your PC with malicious links. To avoid such instances, you need a VPN that protects your identity, keep you completely anonymous and safe.

How VPN protect you?

A reliable VPN can easily tackle any issue related to privacy and security and easily unblock any geo-restricted blocks.

Provide you tight security

Whenever you visit any free sports streaming sites, the VPN will protect your data by giving end-to-end encryption and eliminate any possibility of traceability.

Safe your privacy

It will safeguard your privacy by hiding your IP address and establish anonymity. So that no one can know what you are browsing and how long you are browsing.

Unblock any geo-restricted content

A VPN will easily make you available with geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world. You only have to use that VPN server where content is restricted or blocked.

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How to enjoy unlimited sports content?

If you like to enjoy unlimited sports content from the many free sports streaming sites, then you can join the below best VPN.

  • NordVPN – Reliable and best VPN of the world – Get up to 70% off.
  • ExpressVPN – most trusted VPN for streaming sites – Get up to 50% off.
  • SurfShark – the lowest cost with no compromise in privacy and security – Get up to 80% off

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

You will find below the best live sports streaming sites utterly free that hook you up and never let you miss any live sports.

LiveTV – Popular free Sports Streaming Site

Live Sport Streams Football Soccer Ice Hockey Tennis Basketball LiveTV

LiveTV is considered one of the best free sports streaming sites that offer a vast array of live-streaming of sports.

You can live stream in multiple languages, which include English, Spanish, Russian, and Italian.

It currently caters to a wide range of sports events such as the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, French Ligue 1, Spanish Primera Division, German Bundesliga, NHL, and NBA.

LiveTV website is based on P2P technology, which plays a vital role in a streaming medium to high-quality videos. Moreover, it also claims to handle an unlimited number of visitors at the same time.

They have created a discussion forum for fans to discuss any issues related to the broadcast page.

If you have missed any live streaming of major sports events like European leagues, then you can easily watch the highlights, which get updated on the video archive page.

The user interface of LiveTV is very user friendly for newbies. The left sidebar of the website features upcoming and ongoing live broadcasts.

And, the central section display score updates, schedule for different sports events, popular sports matches, and more.

In some countries, it may be restricted or banned. So, to watch live streaming of sports without any restriction, it is recommended to use a VPN like NordVPN to get tight security and high-speed streaming of sports.

You can get free access by following this link: http://livetv.sx/enx/.

Buffstream – Best Live Sports Streaming Site

Buffstream Online Buff Sports Streaming Portal

Buffstream is another great addition to the best free sports streaming sites that have very simple to use user interface.

It currently assists unlimited live streaming for NFL, Soccer, NBA, Boxing, and many other sports. It is considered being the best online sports stream portal that doesn’t require any registration, nor you have to pay any monthly fee.

Moreover, it may be restricted or banned in some countries; you can use a VPN like NordVPN to unblock the site.

The front page of Buffstream has listed all major sports; you only have to pick the one in which you are interested.

Otherwise, you can just click on “Live now” or “Upcoming” tab to know which sports are live now and what are the upcoming schedules for major sports events.

They claim that most of the sports stream is in HD, and that can be watched on your phone as well.

You can grab the current working link for Buffstreams: https://buffstreams.tv/.

Stream2Watch – Watch live sports streaming online

Live TV On Demand Sports Streaming Stream2watch

Stream2Watch is one of the most popular and top free sports streaming sites that broadcast high-quality videos, which is supported by almost all devices.

You will get free access to all full-season broadcasts of all major sports leagues.

The daily update their websites for video streaming of live sports event, which includes; NBA, NFL, UFC, MLB, NHL, Tennis, Soccer, PGA Tour Golf, Motorsports, and many more.

The quality of video streaming for live sports varies from SD to HD quality. You can select the available live channels and start watching.

They also mention the detail of live sports events and commentary language.

The downside of using Stream2Watch is that they have so many annoying pop-up ads on the display screen.

Additionally, to start streaming live sports video, you have to go through so many pop-up ads in a separate window.

You can follow the Stream2Watch live link here: https://www.stream2watch.io/.

Laola1.tv – Live sports streaming

Watch Sport Live Streams Videos Online LAOLA1 tv

Laola1.TV is one of the famous live sports streaming sites that are based in Austria and Germany. It broadcast sports content in two different languages – English and German.

The excellent part of Laola1.TV is that it is available all over the world without any geographical restriction.

You can watch and experience Laola1.TV in a standard-definition, and even you can record any match and watch it offline.

They have additional features like chatting forums, where you can have discussions on the match.

To get more advanced features, you have to subscribe to Laola1.TV premium membership. In a subscription, it offers live streaming in HD quality with no commercials and supported by all devices.

Laola1.TV host sports content from various sports which includes Soccer, Badminton, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Handball, Ice Hockey, Motorsports and much more.

Get access to Laola1.tv with this link: https://www.laola1.tv/en-int/.


Watch Free Live Sport Streaming Online StreamWoop

StreamWoop is the most popular site to watch live sports streaming freely. It caters to a wide range of sport such as Tennis, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Boxing, and many others.

But, most of the live streaming of sports is based on North America.

The good part of Streamwoop is that it doesn’t require any registration to watch live sports streaming. Also, you can enjoy various live sports events in HD quality for free.

The front page of Streamwoop displays ongoing live sports streaming and the upcoming schedule of any sports event.

If you have missed any of the live sports, you can easily watch highlights and daily goals by reaching to Replay menu on the top right corner of the site.

Additionally, you can follow their Facebook feed to find a live stream of your favorite team.

The current working Streamwoop link: https://streamwoop.live/agenda


best live sports streaming sites livesport24

Livesport24 is one of the free sports streaming websites that cover the latest sports videos and highlights.

It also tries to accommodate numerous live sports events, which include UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Spanish Primera Division, NHL, and NBA.

It provides a straightforward user interface that covers sports like Football, Basketball, Tennis, Icehoky, NFL, Rugby, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Motorsport, and much more.

They don’t host any of the content; instead, collect and embed live streaming sports links from different reliable sources.

On the front page, you will find different sources tab, and each head display sports streaming currently and also upcoming broadcast.

You can easily follow and navigate through different sports tab and learn about an ongoing sports event.

The good part is that there is no mess around, not even too many ads, but it is not necessary all the live sports streaming links will work.

You can follow the working Livesport24 link: http://livesport24.net/.


MamaHD Live Sports Streams for Free Online Sports Live Streaming

MamaHD is another great top-rated free sports streaming site that offers a wide range of sports contents online.

It has very easy to follow user interface for PC users and well supported by mobile users. The home screen displays free live sports streams, video highlights, and schedules of sports.

It covers a wide range of sports events such as Football NFL, NBA, and NHL, WWE, UFC, boxing, Moto GP, Formula 1, and more.

MamaHD embeds the live streaming of sports from YouTube, Streaming URL, Simple TV, M3u8 file extension, and much more.

Moreover, you never have to pay for any of the services, and you can freely enjoy the live streaming of sports all over the world.

Although, the MamaHD supports mobile devices but accessing the site in mobile is not at all reliable and user friendly.

You can use MamaHD currently available link: https://mamahd.best/.

List of free streaming sports sites that are not working

We have listed sports sites that are not free, or they work just as dummy sites. The dummy sites are mostly linked to ads or promotional content, which may be dangerous for your privacy and security.

  • http://vipboxme.eu/ – They have added promotional link or links to ads
  • https://cricfree.pw – Not working currently.
  • https://www.espn.com/ – Paid (need a subscription to watch live streaming)
  • https://www.skysports.com – Paid (need a subscription to watch live streaming)
  • https://www.hotstar.com/ – Paid subscription and only available in selected countries like India
  • http://www.sonyliv.com/ – Required paid subscription and only available in selected countries like India, UAE
  • https://www.vipleague.lc – Not working only ads and promotional link
  • http://firstrowsportes.com/ – Not working properly
  • https://www.sportrar.tv – Not working
  • http://fïrstrowsports.eu/ – Not working. All links redirect to ads
  • https://www.vipbox.lc – Not working. Links are redirecting to ads
  • http://gofirstrow.eu/ – Not working
  • http://sportlemons.net/ – Not working
  • http://Fromhot.com – Not working and it redirecting to site https://www.sportrar.tv
  • http://bosscast.eu/ – Linked to lots of ads and malicious sites
  • http://streamshunters.com/ – Redirecting to malicious sites
  • https://www.livesoccertv.com/ – Linked to a paid subscription


You can enjoy the unlimited streaming of sports for free by following any of the above sites.

But, don’t forget to have complete safety and privacy by subscription to one of the VPN like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or SurfShark.

By having a VPN, you will have no geo-restriction and also help you block any malicious sites or ads popping up while streaming live sports sites.

Currently, what we have listed above are the best free sports streaming sites available, but it doesn’t remain the same, it may change with time. So, keep yourself updated with the latest websites list.