Most Popular and Best Torrent Sites [Updated, Unblocked and Working!]

We all know that torrent sites are fun but finding a good one is a tad bit risky and tricky. It is one of the grey areas of the internet that distribute copyright materials and do malpractices to earn money.

As of now, there are large number of torrent sites available but very few deliver the things that you want.

Safety and precaution is the prime concerns of the user who indulge in torrenting.

Currently, you will find wide degree of torrents in different categories like movies, TV shows, games, sports, anime, eBooks and many more.

Even, you will find lots of torrent websites to be riddled with advertisement, malware, and fake torrent.

What you need before torrenting?

A good VPN:

I known you are eager to know the top torrenting sites but before that precaution or privacy is utmost necessary.

Privacy is the foremost concern while downloading any torrent. In order to not get banned by your ISP’s, VPN is necessary.

Most of the torrent sites are even banned in so many countries, so to get access to these torrent sites, you need a VPN to be installed.

A good antivirus or internet security software:

Due to so many fake torrents, the risk of malwares and viruses has increased.

For this, you need protection and internet security software to tackle any security concerns.

It doesn’t matter from how long the torrent sites are available and what is their year of establishment.

What matter’s the most are:

  • The quality of the torrents
  • Whether they have the proper information of the torrents or not.
  • Is it risk free or malware free?
  • What is the speed of the torrents?
  • Are there sufficient seeders to download?

To address this, we have decided to compile the list of best torrent sites that contain best repository and will make your life less harsh, simple and entertaining at the same time.

Best Torrent Sites in 2019 (

1337x is one of the most popular and oldest torrent site. This is one of the most recommended torrent site.

The look and feel has somewhat changed from past, but I find it is one of the stable torrent site.

I haven’t noticed any change in their web address from past 4-5 years. Though, the database is not so big like ThePiratebay, but you will find all the recent torrent in their database.

To know how it works, I have searched some movies which I couldn’t find in other torrents. Surprisingly, I found it here.

If you would like to search some recent and popular torrents, it will be available in their trending torrents list.

They have also big library of movie and TV shows. To display their best torrents, they have listed best top 100 torrents.

Other popular torrent you can find here in category like Anime, Application, Documentaries, Games and Music.

As you can see, it covers almost every categories of torrent.

Quality of Torrent:

While searching for some list of movies in their torrent database, I found some good quality torrent.

I have downloaded through ĀµTorrent and quality was at its best.

Description of Torrent:

I also noticed that they describe their torrent very nicely. Like you would want to know the type of movie, language, total size, when it was uploaded and last checked.

It is also good to know that their Seeders and Leechers ratio are quite good. I have completed 700mb movie in 12-15 min max.

Speed of torrent:

Initially, you will find little bit slow for 1-2 min but then it picks up in speed and reaches to 1mb/s.

As I have mentioned, their seed and peer ratio is good, so there would be no compromises in speed.

Overall, I found as safe for torrent. But, don’t forget to use VPN, as it may be blocked in some countries.

Torrentz2 (

Torrentz2 is another version of Torrentz torrent site which was closed before.

It is basically a torrent search engine where you may find torrent file in different torrent sites.

They have verified torrent which would be easy for user to download good quality torrent.

Also, you can able to determine the speed of the torrent through seeds and peers ratio.

I would recommend you to go for it, but don’t forgot to use VPN as most of the countries has banned this torrent website. ( is another torrent search engine site just like Torrentz2. I found this torrent site safe and fast to surf.

They have clear status of verified torrent so it would be secure to download torrent from this site.

They have clearly mentioned the seeder and leecher, and some details of torrent files.

You will find almost every torrent over here. I can say it is a good alternative to Torrentz2

ThePiratebay (

ThePiratebay is one of the oldest and popular torrenting websites. In past, it has changed their URL so many times.

It is also been observed that it disappeared for sometime but it again came back. Thepiratebay is one of the most used and favorite torrenting sites for users for a very long time.

Since its inception, the look and feel of this torrent site is totally same. Recently, they have added a section called play/stream torrent.

I have tried play/stream torrent but it was found suspicious by my antivirus. Another sections is Anonymous download, which I found not working.

As it was said that the recent ThePiratebay is mirror site, so most of the option you won’t find it working.

Moreover, as you move toward the torrents list, you may found some of the torrents suspicious. In such cases, antivirus or internet security is a must for your system.

Quality of torrents:

For the quality of torrents, you should always look for VIP symbol and some comments to justify it is not fake.

I have downloaded most of the movies and other stuff from here and found no problem

Speed of the torrents:

Once I have started downloading, the speed has taken a pick and goes to 2mbps suddenly. From my observations there is no compromise in speed of the torrents.

Only you need to think of their seeds and peers ratio. Overall, I can say that the ThePiratebay to be useful and good torrent site.


ETTV torrent site is new or mostly unknown to most of the torrenter. I found ETTV as one of the organized and well monitored torrent website.

You will find all type of torrents whether it is recent or old. Also, they have good seeds and peers ratio.

Quality of the torrents:

I found quality of torrent as good and well defined. You won’t find any fake torrent which is one of the plus point of this torrent site.

You will also find very high quality torrents that are well described and categorized.

Description of torrents:

ETTV has described each and every torrents nicely. They have mentioned every details with previews.

Speed of the torrents:

I have downloaded some of the torrents with high speed. Although, I have seen leechersĀ  more compared to seeders. But still speed of the torrents is good.

You are also safe and secure to go with this torrent site. But, you need VPN to access ETTV.

Torlock (

Torlock is another one of the good torrenting websites. They have not changed their domain name for a while.

They also have huge amount of torrent available to download. You may find most recent torrent available in Torlock.

Quality of torrent:

Quality of torrent is doubtful. They have not mentioned any verified or unverified sign. So, it is better to have antivirus software installed.

Description of torrent:

The description of torrent is not enough. Even, they have not featured any review pics of torrent.

So, it is very difficult to determine any good torrent.

Speed of the torrent:

I found speed of the torrent is good enough to download torrent. Their seeds and peers ratio is also good.

Torrentfunk2 (

Torrentfunk2 is another version of Torrentfunk which was closed early.

They also has huge database and you may find most of the recent torrent available with them.

The quality of the torrent is closely monitored so you would be risk free to download.

They have also put details of every torrent and for quality gauge they added review picture of every torrent.

Torrentfunk2 has also good seeds and peers ratio, so that you can get optimum speed. Their voting system tells about the quality of the torrent.

You are free to go with this torrenting site.

Limetorrents (

Limetorrents is been there for a very long time. They have changed their web address recently.

Their database of torrent is huge and contains most recent torrent. You can have access to lots of torrents here.

Their seeds and peers ratio is good enough to download torrent in high speed.

The description of the torrents are not in details but they have mentioned detail of the torrent file.

Currently, you can browse torrent in so many categories like movies, TV shows, music, games, application, anime, etc.

While the genuinity of the torrents is quite susceptible. But, don’t forget to use antivirus and VPN which is an utmost requirement for this torrent site.


RARBG is one of the oldest and stable torrent site. They have huge variety of torrent to cater but you won’t find all type of torrent over here.

They have limitation in torrents but available torrent quality is good. Most of the torrents in the movie section I found are in high definition and BluRay format.

They have torrents for movies, TV shows, games, music, software. RARBG is consider as one of the safest torrent site.

So, if you need high quality torrent, you may find here.


YTS is another good torrent websites for movies. You may not find all recent English movies. Their database is small but they have quality torrent for movies.

They have mentioned very clearly every detail of the file. You may find movies in good aspect ratio, FPS (frame per second).

Also, the quality is close to BlueRay. In order to access this torrent site you need VPN for sure.

Zoogle (

Zoogle is another good torrenting site which is there for long time. They have not changed their web address and found to be stable currently.

They cater large variety of torrent in their categories like movies, TV shows, music, apps, books, anime and many other. They have also organized their torrents in sub-categories.

Importantly, it was found that they doesn’t host any file in their server. So, they are very less likely to be banned by ISP.

They mentioned every details of the file and the list of trackers.


You might be interested in torrents for TV shows and TV series . EZTV is found to be one of the best torrent sites for TV shows.

Their torrent database is not so big. So, you won’t find every TV show but the quality of the torrent is quite good.

Even I found that most of the torrents for TV shows are available on the same day. This is quite appreciable.

This torrent site is also available for auto-download of torrent through RSS which is quite new for most of the torrenter.

You may find that they have group of domain like,, eztv,it, All of these are official domain for eztv. So, if this torrent site is not available in one domain, you may look for another one.

Quality of torrent

EZTV has good quality of torrents. You can choose or filter the quality as per your requirement.

In EZTV, you won’t find same torrent to be uploaded again and again as far duplicacy is concern. They have also very strict policy of quality upload.

Also, all the torrent are verified for any viruses or scam. So, you are good to go for this torrenting site without any doubt in quality.

Description of torrent

The best part of EZTV is their description of torrents. They have described each torrent in details.

They have included snapshot of TV show or TV series so you can determine whether to download or not.

Speed of torrent

You won’t find any compromise in speed of torrent. They have sufficient seeder and leecher ratio.

They have also established a tracker statistics which also help you to gauge speed of torrent.

Skytorrents (

Skytorrents is another useful torrent site I found recently. I have searched so many torrents over here and surprised to know that they are available.

They have clear description of torrent and contained of files. They have also maintained good seeders and leechers ratio.

I found no difficulty in downloading the torrent. Speed of the torrents are good enough to download and also they update tracker frequently.

You can give a try to this torrent site and report me if you found any problem.

As it is new torrent site, so antivirus and VPN is necessary to have installed.

ExtraTorrent (

ExtraTorrent is another good torrent site which is found to be stable for a while.

They have large variety of torrents to cater in different categories like movie, TV series, games, music, anime, books, software and pictures.

You may find every details of the torrents and also they have maintained good seeds and peers ratio.

Download speed of the torrent is quite good. You can verify good torrent by seeing the sign of trusted uploader.

You are safe to go for this torrent site.

Other useful torrent sites

Toros2 (

Toros2 is another one of the good torrent sites which is quite popular for sometime.

They have good amount of torrent available. Most of the torrent are verified by their system.

But, the seeds and peers ratio is not good. It means you won’t able to download any torrent in high speed.

Other than that, it covers wide variety of categories like movies, television, games, music, software, anime, ebooks.

Torrent9 ( [for French people]

Torrent9 is a best torrenting websites for French TV series, movies, ebook and many others.

They have organized torrent nicely and has good amount of seeders and leechers ratio. You may find good torrent in BluRay and DVDRIP.

It may have been blocked in France. You can have access to this torrent site by using good VPN.

Zonatorrent ( [for Spanish people]

Zonatorrent is a good torrent site for Spain residents. You will find most of the movies or tv shows either translated in Spanish or are available with Spanish subtitle.

You will find large variety of films and TV series available here.

The torrents quality is good enough to download and it is also well described. You are good to go with this torrent site.

YourBittorrent (

YourBittorrent is another torrenting site that has good amount of torrents. But, the problem is that most of the torrent is not verified.

So, it is bit risky to download torrent from this site if it is not verified. Only download torrent from this site if it is verified completely.

They have also not described their input files and its quality in details but the contained of file has been mentioned clearly.

Also, the health of the torrent is good enough to download from this torrent websites. It means you will get sufficient speed to download torrents.

Seedpeer (

Seedpeer torrent website is also available from a very long time. They have changed domain name so many times and also disappeared in between.

They maintained good amount of torrents in their database but the quality of torrent is not so good.

Even, available torrents is not in good health. It means seeder and leecher ratio is not good enough to download in good speed.

The have torrents in all categories like movies, tv, games, apps, musics, books, animes and others.

Kickasstorrents (,

Kickasstorrents is mirrors site of most popular and famous Kickass torrent site.

They have good amount of torrent but the quality of torrent is undetermined. You may find some trusted upload but those are very few.

Somehow, they have maintained a seeder and leecher ratio. So, the speed of the torrent would be good enough to download.

Even then , I won’t recommend you to download torrent from these sites.

Monova (

Monova torrent site is quite familiar to most of the user. You will find almost every torrent, but the genuinity of the torrent is doubtful.

Even, the speed of the torrents is also not good. Thoroughly when I have examined, I didn’t found that useful.

Though you can get every torrents but you can download at your own risk. Before downloading, you should have internet security software installed and a secure VPN for any IP address leak.

Some Closed torrent sites:

  • iDope
  • Kickass Torrent

Some FAQ:

Which torrenting sites are still working?

We keep updating the list of best torrent sites. So, if we found any torrent sites that has disappeared or not working, we removed it from our list and placed it in closed torrent sites.

Where can I get torrented movies?

Torrented movies are catered by most of the torrent sites like 1337x, The Pirate Bay, RARBG, YTS.

You can easily go through every detail of the torrent sites which I have mentioned in the list.

Does torrenting still work?

I can say, Yes. Still, you will find good torrent sites available. But, your only need is the good VPN to access these torrenting sites.

Is utorrent safe?

utorrent is completely safe and free from malware. The software is updated regularly and is risk free.

The problem is not with utorrent but with torrents you download.

Can you get caught torrenting?

The short answer is YES. If you are torrenting without VPN, you can easily get caught by ISP or by its high authority for distributing copyright material.

What is the safest torrenting program?

I found that utorrent, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, Vuze and Deluge to be safe, simple and packed with features.

Can I get caught torrenting with VPN?

VPN is found safe for torrenting anonymously. VPN encrypt your internet traffic and movement of data or files.

Your ISP cannot able to detect what type of packets you are using and which services you are using to transfer it.

By using VPN, you may experience some throttling in speed. But, good VPN may also bypass such problem.

Is it illegal to watch pirated movies?

I can say, NO. But, streaming or distribution of pirated movies is illegal.

If you want to give respect to hard work behind any good movies, I urge you to watch legally by purchasing from the store.

Hope, I have addressed most of the question.

You may find above list of best torrent sites useful for torrenting. We try to keep list updated from time to time. You can even bookmark this URL for future reference.

If you find any new and useful torrent sites comment below with the site name. We will verify and analyze it and added it in the list.

If you still doubtful or have some concerns, please comment below or contact us.

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