8 Best PPSX to PDF Converter Online Free

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Many tools can help you convert PPSX to PDF, but it would be more accessible online and free to use.

We are going to discuss here the most frequently used PPSX to PDF converter tool available online.

PPSX is the latest Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow version that helps to open the presentation in slideshow mode. Before, it was known as PPS, which is PowerPoint 97-2003 version.

Moreover, PPSX is most helpful for groups like teachers, speakers, lecturers to open the presentation directly in slideshow mode.

Before moving toward the list of best free PPSX to PDF converter tools, you must know these are the most basic tools. It means that it won’t let you edit text, change slide layout, insert any animation effect, or customize transitions.

Best online PPSX to PDF converter online for free


AnyConv file conversion PPSX to PDF

AnyConv online tool helps you to convert PPSX files to PDF in batch mode.

You can choose the PPSX file, 100 MB or less, and click the “Convert” button to start conversion.

When the conversion is complete, then you can directly download the PDF file.

Additionally, during the process, your file is protected and secure. Also, it would be available for free on the server for one hour.


PPSX to PDF CloudConvert

CloudConvert uses advanced technology to convert PPSX to PDF files. It focuses more on the quality of the converted file.

The process starts by selecting the PPSX file, and you can choose the list of pages that need to be converted.

Also, they have the option of setting passwords that keep your file protected. It also claims that your data is safe, secure and is not sold to third-party buyers.

To provide the best possible quality, they have partnered with various software agencies that make it possible the way you want the output.


Zamzar PPSX to PDF conversion

Zamzar online file conversion is a straightforward, fast, accurate, and easy way to convert PPSX files to PDF. It has the option of drag and dropping files.

Also, it supports a file size of a maximum of 50 MB. But, if you have a file size of more than 50 MB, you have to opt for paid subscription.

If conversion takes so much time, then you can put your email to get notified when completed.


FreeConvert.com file conversion fron PPSX to PDF

FreeConvert is another free option to convert PPSX to PDF. It has a simple procedure by selecting the PPSX file and then converting it to a PDF file.

When the conversion is completed, the status will change to “Done,” and now you are ready to download PDF.

It also has a drag and drop facility and supports a maximum file size of 1 GB. Before conversion, you can fine-tune your file conversion by taking the help of the “Advanced setting.”

Moreover, FreeConvert uses open-source and custom software that outputs the highest quality file.

It has been observed that it works in most web browsers. Further, it protects your file privacy using 256-bit SSL encryption which gets deleted after 2 hours.


Online2PDF file conversion online tool

Online2PDF is another good online tool to convert your PPSX files to PDF. It has many customization facilities when you select the files like you can edit, merge, unlock or convert.

Further, you can select a particular file, reorder pages, split files and rotate the file if needed. Also, it has an option to add a header and footer, define the layout and apply compression to the files.

The cons of the Online2PDF online tool are that it supports a maximum file of 100 MB. And, you can select up to 20 files, and the combined files size should not exceed 150 MB.


Convertio online tool PPSX to PDF

Convertio is another excellent free online tool to convert PPSX files to PDF. It supports a maximum file of 100 MB.

Further, you can select files from multiple sources like computers, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL, and simply by dragging and dropping.

After conversion, you can download the PDF file right afterward.


AnyPDF free online tool PPSX to PDF

AnyPDF is a simple, free, and fast web application that will convert your PPSX file to PDF format.

Further, it supports all operating systems and devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android. It has a simple drag and drop upload area, or you can choose files from your device.

The conversion takes place only a few seconds; after that, you can download the file. Also, your file is 100% secured during conversion, and it will get deleted after one hour.


Online Convert PPSX to PDF converter

Online-Convert is another free online tool to convert PPSX files to PDF. You can select files from URL, Dropbox, Google Drive, or drag and drop files from the desktop.

Further, it has an option to change the quality and size of the file.

Moreover, if your file does not contain editable text or just scanned pages, and you want to convert the file to text, then use the “Convert with OCR” option.

After that, you have to select the file language and then click “start.” Also, you can fix distorted and out-of-place images by enabling Deskew option.


Most of the online conversion tools from PPSX to PDF files support high-quality file conversion and protect your file security and privacy.

These sites use powerful API and customized tools that let you use multiple options during conversion.

Also, you can select files directly from your desktop or use an online storage tool like Google Drive and Dropbox.

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