Best Udemy Javascript Course Review: Udemy Javascript from Beginner to Expert

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Knowing JavaScript is a must if you want to build quality web applications and server applications. It is the top most prominent programming language that powers the web and also a difficult language to comprehend.

There are literally over 500 plus Udemy JavaScript courses for modern developers to learn and become a cutting edge JavaScript developer.

Best Udemy Javascript Course Review

I have chosen 9 very best Udemy JavaScript courses (2 free and 7 paid) from the entire list since they have got very good response from the students.

The courses are considered best because students have loved these courses (ratings) and benefited from it (number of enrollments).

Note: All the Udemy courses mentioned below have inclusive features such as 30 days money back guarantee, lifetime access to the course material, a certificate on completion and you can access the course in both Andriod and iOS.

If you’re interested only in free courses please refer free Udemy courses and also read my Udemy review for more details about the company.

Best Udemy Javascript Course Review

Best Udemy JavaScript Free Course:

# Course 1

Course Name: JavaScript Essentials

Author: Lawrence Turton

Rating: 4.5+ from 3,533+ students

Currently Enrolled: 30,917+ students

Price Value: Free

About this Course:

Learn basic syntax of JavaScript and how to apply them along with other programming languages. This JavaScript Udemy free course teaches JavaScript essentials like primitive arrays, functions, assignment operators, etc.

Even advanced topics like prototype inheritance, scope, execution context are covered in the 8.5 hrs long tutorial class. The course requires you to have some basic knowledge of JavaScript for better understanding this free course.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?  

Over 3000 plus students had given this course an average rating of 4.5 stars and all their feedback are very positive with how fabulous the course is. Also the course enrollments stand at 30000 plus already. Definitely a good course to learn JavaScript essentials!

Javascript Essentials Udemy

Udemy JavaScript from scratch for very beginners (Free):

# Course 2

Course Name: JavaScript for Beginners – Learn JavaScript from Scratch

Author: Robin Haney

Rating: 4.3+ from 1,526+ ratings

Currently Enrolled: 20,602+ students

Price Value: Free

About this Course:  This one hour free JavaScript Udemy course is aimed at absolute beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of JavaScript programming language.

The course involves quizzes, test materials, reviews, examples and has a total of 13 supplemental resources to help you with understanding the concepts little easier.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

The course has seen 20000 plus enrollments in a year and 1500 plus students had given a decent rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. The feedback are mostly positive with students saying how easy to understand the concepts and very helpful for somebody starting out clueless on JavaScript.

JavaScript For Beginners Learn JavaScript From Scratch Udemy

Udemy JavaScript from beginner to expert Course (Paid):

# Course 3

Course Name: The Complete JavaScript Course: Build a Real-World Project

Author: Jonas Schmedtmann

Rating: 4.7+ from 1,660+ students

Currently Enrolled: 12,073+ students

Price Value: $195

About this Course:  

Gain a deep and true understanding of how JavaScript works with this popular complete JavaScript course.

The course covers complex JavaScript functions, how to code using modules and functions with multiple coding challenges to practice.

The main takeaways: you would get to code on real world apps, become familiar with new features of ES6, 30 question final exams to make sure you have become an advanced JavaScript developer.

A must opt course if you want to understand JavaScript with real projects and you can very well call it as one of the best JavaScript course on Udemy.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

A new course published in Oct 2016 has quickly gained popularity with 12000 plus enrollments and the best part are the 4.7 ratings it has received from 1600 plus students.

The course hardly has any rating below 4 stars and all the individual feedback are so elaborate on how useful the course had been for them. So just don’t miss this course!

The Complete JavaScript Course Build a Real World Project Udemy

Udemy JavaScript understanding the weird parts

# Course 4

Course Name: JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Author: Anthony Alicea

Rating: 4.7+ from 12,776+ ratings

Currently Enrolled: 63,489+ students

Price Value: $175

About this Course:  

Another bestselling JavaScript Udemy course, it covers all the advanced concepts and features of JavaScript in great details.

The course also discusses ECMAScript(ES6) which is the next version of JavaScript, popular frameworks like jQuery and Underscore and JavaScript technologies AngularJS, NodeJS, jQuery,React, Ember, MongoDB etc.

All in all a comprehensive course to help you improve your ability to debug problems and know how to code well in JavaScript.

You are required to have some basic knowledge on JavaScript fundamentals to understand the course.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?  

Though it is a 2 years old course (published in March 2015), look at the 4.7 ratings from 12000 plus students and 60000 plus enrollments. A quality course not to be missed!

JavaScript Understanding the Weird Parts Udemy

JavaScript Tutorial Udemy – Beginner to Pro:

# Course 5

Course Name: JavaScript – From Beginner to Pro! – Build real world apps

Author: Abhay Talreja

Rating: 4.5+ from 166+ students

Currently Enrolled: 9,557+ students

Price Value: $195

About this Course:

A very newly launched course (Dec 2016) but gained popularity within months. This complete JavaScript course  aims at transforming you into a pro JavaScript developer.

The course covers thorough basics of JavaScript, how to comprehend difficult JavaScript functions and components, how to associate JavaScript code with web pages, new components of ES6/ES2015.

Another plus in taking this course is no coding knowledge is required from your side.

Just anchor on this course and rest assured in becoming a pro JavaScript developer!

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

Within 3 months of publishing in Udemy, the course has seen 9000 plus enrollments and 100 plus students with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Even though it is pricier for a new course, the feedback from students are mostly positive praising the course lectures, helpful assessments and exercises in between lectures with interesting projects and much more.

Javascript From Beginner to Pro Build real world apps Udemy

Udemy Advanced JavaScript Course:

# Course 6

Course Name: Advanced JavaScript

Author: Asim Hussain

Rating: 4.7+ from 780+ students

Currently Enrolled: 4,161+ students

Price Value: $200

About this Course:

Looking for an Udemy advanced JavaScript course to move ahead in your career and land a dream job in your favorite company? This is a good quality course to consider.

In 3.5 hours of tutorials, the author covers all advanced topics in Networking, event handling, the different types of JS, object orientation in JavaScript and it follows an interview format type of lectures.

It is good course to go for if a tough technical interview is lined up with a high paying company.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

700 plus learners had given this course thumbs up with 4.7 stars out of 5. Even though the enrollments are only 4000 plus for a one year old course, the feedback were very good and I thought it should be added to the best category for all those aspiring to advance in JavaScript.

Advanced Javascript Udemy

Udemy JavaScript Basics Course:

# Course 7

Course Name: JavaScript the Basics – JavaScript for Beginners

Author: Rob Merrill

Rating: 4.5+ from 460+ students

Currently Enrolled: 3,231+ students

Price Value: $80

About this Course:

This is more of an introductory course into the world of JavaScript and it aims at helping JavaScript newbies get comfortable with it. Nothing more or nothing less!

Look at it as an Udemy JavaScript for beginners and start learning and understanding this complex language with ease.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

The course enrollments and ratings are overall good. Feedbacks include the confidence they got to engage in learning JS, great content, easy to follow, easy to understand and apply for newbies. 

JavaScript the Basics JavaScript for Beginners Udemy

JavaScript Absolute Beginners Course

# Course 8

Course Name: JavaScript for Absolute Beginners

Author: Stone River eLearning

Rating: 4.4+ from 384+ students

Currently Enrolled: 10,677+ students

Price Value: $20

About this Course:

This course is great for those who have never programmed in JavaScript before but looking for a quality course which is less pricey.

Since the course is aimed at beginners, it only covers the basis of JavaScript in a short two hours time.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?  

The course has got so far 10000 plus enrollments and 300 plus students had rated it 4.5 stars. So far this price range it is not bad though. Remember the feedback all pointed out that it is good to take this course only if you are just starting out with JS.

JavaScript for Absolute Beginners Udemy

JavaScript Basics for Beginners Course (bestselling)

# Course 9

Course Name: JavaScript and jQuery Basics for Beginners

Author: EDUmobile Academy

Rating: 4.4+ from 197+ students

Currently Enrolled: 8,299+ students

Price Value: $195

About this Course:

A simple yet best JavaScript course for beginners, you will learn DOM, events, loops, conditions, variable, statements and other basic JS concepts to create simple web pages.

You need to have some basic understanding of HTML as a pre requisite for this course.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

Quite an old course (2 years) but it is still one of the bestselling JS beginners course on Udemy. Both the ratings and enrollment numbers are decent and overall a good course for JS beginners.

Javascript and jQuery Basics for Beginners Udemy

Note: All Udemy prices fluctuate throughout the year. It is recommended to always lookout for an Udemy Coupon code to get these courses at a lesser price.

Happy Learning!