Best NumPy Online Courses, Training, Tutorials and Classes

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If you have got a career into data analysis and work on machine learning projects, a solid understanding of NumPy is a mandate.

What is NumPy Python?

NumPy also known as ‘Numerical Python’ is a linear algebra library in Python.

It is one of the most basic and a power package for scientific computing and data manipulation in Python.

Most of the data science Python packages (Matplotlib, scipy, pandas, etc) use the ndarray objects to a greater extent.

Best NumPy Online Courses, Training, Tutorials

Why is NumPy used?

It is a very important library when you speak of scientific computing with Python.

The powerful n- dimensional array object can be used as an effective multi dimensional container of generic data. Which otherwise couldn’t be done with the Python lists.

Numpy library is also used to integrate C/C++ and Fortran Code, perform basic numerical computations, create homogenous arrays, etc.

Using NumPy, mathematical and logical operations on arrays can be performed very conveniently.

These NumPy online courses will help you understand how and where these powerful libraries are put to use in an efficient way.

Best NumPy Online Courses

Introduction to Data Science in Python – Coursera 


This course is part 1 of the applied data science with Python Specialization series and is curated by the University of Michigan.

You are introduced to the fundamentals of python programming techniques namely lambdas, csv files and the NumPy library.

By the end of the course, you will learn how to take tabular data, clean it, manipulate it and run basic inferential statistical analysis.

The course has got extensive reviews from around 2000 plus students and an average 4.5 rating from 8k plus learners.

Highly recommended to study for free if you are looking for NumPy online courses!

Ratings: 4.5 from 8,449+ students

Learning: Flexible (you can reset deadlines as per your own schedule)

Price: Free (Enrolling for a certificate will cost you $49)

Python for Data Science – Coursera


Another equally good course from IBM, this introductory python course for data science is part 4 of their IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Specialization .

This is a beginner level course and contains four modules that teach you Python basics, data structure, Python programming fundamentals and working with data in Python that includes NumPy as well.

The course has got 4.5 average ratings from 1,316+ students and with really good reviews from 200+ students.

A good fundamental course at Coursera to learn NumPy!

Ratings: 4.5 from 1300+ students

Learning: Flexible (you can reset deadlines as per your own schedule)

Price: Free (Enrolling for a certificate will cost you $49)

Complete NumPy Masterclass: Go from Zero to Hero in NumPy – Udemy 


If you just want to focus on learning numerical computing, check this NumPy Masterclass course from Ashwin Pajankar.

This comprehensive course teach NumPy with Python and has over 65 lectures and 7.5 hours of video.

By the course end, get familiar with scientific ecosystem, Ndarrays in NumPy, use the libraries for image processing, mathematical and statistical functions in NumPy, etc.

You get lifetime access to all the PDFs and code notebooks and come with a 30 days money back guarantee.

Highly recommended for students looking to learn NumPy courses online through video lectures!

Ratings: 4.2+ from 22+ students

Learning: Self- paced

Price: $20 (Look for internal Udemy discounts before enrolling)

NumPy Data Science Essential Training – Lynda


Lynda is a subscription based MOOC platform where you can access to thousands of expert led courses on business, tech, etc.

The course is aimed at intermediate data scientist looking to learn NumPy and know how to create NumPy arrays, statements and snippets, index, slice, iterate and manipulative arrays, plot data, etc.

The course author uses interactive notebook (Jupyter) to explain the details of NumPy library.

Course Duration: 3hours and 45 mins

Learning: Self-paced

Price: Subscription based ($25 per month)

Python NumPy Tutorial – Edureka


Edureka is an instructor led online training platform that provides masters programs and online training and certification courses in data science and data analytics.

Though their master programs and certification courses cost you, this is a free tutorial on NumPy.

This free NumPy tutorial talks on Python NumPy array, NumPy Vs Lists, its operations and special functions.

Price: Course wise

Learning: Pre- enrolled batches

Learn NumPy Introduction: Codecademy


Codecademy is an online interactive platform to learn coding and programming stuffs in a non boring way.

This simple NumPy tutorial teaches you how to create, analyse and manipulate datasets to give insights in data manipulation and computing.

By course end, you will learn the basic syntax and functionality of NumPy.

Price: Codecademy Pro ($19.99 monthly)

Learning: Self paced till the subscription lasts

Introduction to NumPy Course – TeamTreehouse


Treehouse is an exclusive online tech school that offers technology course across verticals.

It is perfectly suited for beginner looking to learn coding skills for a career in tech industry.

This 154 minute NumPy online course talks about how to use the N- dimensional array to organise and report data, fundamentals of array programming and NumPy fundamental concepts and terminology.

Price: Different Subscription Plans (Tech degree at $199/mo, Basic at $25/mo, Pro at $50/mo)

Learning: Self paced till the subscription lasts

Python NumPy Array Tutorial – DataCamp


DataCamp has around 200 plus video tutorials and coding challenges exclusively on Data science topics.

This free NumPy tutorial is created for beginners and teaches how to create a NumPy array, how to use broadcasting, access values, manipulate arrays, what are subset, slice and index arrays, etc.

Price: Only 9 courses are free; Remaining subscription based ($29 per month)

Learning: Self Paced

Free NumPy Tutorials

NumPy Official Website 

One of the best ways to get started with NumPy is to visit their official website and get familiar with the official documentation.

Also, check the below recommended links mentioned in their official page especially their quickstart tutorial as a refresher course.

Getting Numpy

Numpy Tutorial

Numpy for Matlab Users

NumPy Tutorial – Tutorialspoint

This free NumPy Training course is aimed at absolute beginners and talks about the basics and each common function of NumPy in detail.

To learn this course, all you need is a basic understanding of computer programming languages.

Numpy Tutorial Part 1- Introduction to Arrays – Machine Learning Plus

Machine learning plus is an impressive online blog resource for all the machine learning knowledge seekers.

The first part of their extensive and easy to understand NumPy tutorial covers the core aspects of numpy’s ndarrays and the importance of NumPy with Python datasets.

Numpy Tutorial Part 2 – Vital Functions for Data Analysis – Machine Learning Plus 

The second part dives into the advance features of NumPy such as how to export and import data, handle datasets, sort and concatenate two NumPy arrays and more.

101 NumPy Exercises for Data Analysis – Machine Learning Plus

Once you are done with the basic and advanced tutorial, these practical NumPy exercises with solution can serve as a reference point when you work on real data.

The practice questions come in 4 levels of difficulties and acts as a self test to let you know where you currently stand on Numpy skills.

1.3.NumPy: Creating and manipulating numerical data

This tutorial from Scipy lectures gives you a good overview of NumPy especially if you are a beginner.

The lectures are free and it is a fundamental course to get started with NumPy arrays with exercises and full code examples.

Practical Tutorial on Data Manipulations with Numpy and Pandas in Python Tutorials – HackerEarth

Hacker earth has an awesome NumPy tutorial for those looking for a more practical approach to learn data analysis.

You will learn how to use NumPy and pandas libraries, their syntax and commonly used functions for data manipulation from scratch.

You will work on a real life ML data set and build a random forest model for practice.

Introduction to Numpy – Hackernoon

The author introduces the NumPy basics in reference to machine learning and data science.

The tech blog tutorial has go quite a few rave reviews on how the course is beginner friendly, easy to understand, very valuable, quite detailed, etc.

Which is your favourite online resource to learn NumPy? Comment Below!

Happy Coding!