14 Best Native Ads Network: Ultimate List

What are Native ads?

While surfing social media platforms or web pages, you come across labels like ‘recommended ’, ‘sponsored ’, ‘suggested’, ‘promoted’, ‘branded’ etc

Introduce yourself to native ads!

Native ads are popular paid online advertisements that fit in seamlessly with the content of an online platform.

Best Native Ads Network

Native ads don’t look like typical ads and blends in perfectly with contents the reader is currently engaged with.

Resulting in higher click through rates!

Also, there is a call to action associated with Native Ads that makes them popular among digital marketers.

Native ads are commonly found as in-feed social ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, Google text ads on search listings, Sponsored web content at the end of a website, recommended content on news website, etc.

Advantage of native ads vs. traditional banner advertising:

Native ads are marketing gimmicks that tend to get more customer attention than traditional banner ads.

Hence the CTR of a native ad is much better than a banner display ad.

Since native ad campaigns have got an edge over traditional banner ads on user engagement, the ROI stands at impressive figures for advertisers.

As a publisher, native ad networks help you monetise your website content along with display ad revenue.

Native advertising networks can also help blog owners surge their website traffic which can be highly rewarding in the long run.

These best native advertising networks are curated keeping in mind the benefits it can bestow on bloggers and website owners.

List of Best Native Ad Networks (Top 14)


Revcontent is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing native advertising websites out there.

Thanks to its 250 billion content recommendation achievement per month!

They are industry ahead when it comes to their highly responsive widgets (mobile, tablet, phone), gallery implementations leading to high RPM’s ($40), unlimited API customisations,  patent pending infinite scrolls to name a few.

Even though started in late 2013, Revcontent is marching ahead of its older counterparts like Outbrain, Taboola in terms of revenue and engagement rates.

They are however very upfront in accepting new publishers as 98% of site applications are rejected.

Publisher Requirements:

Being a premium native ads network, they are extremely stringent with their qualification criteria.

You need to be big shot in terms of traffic source, need to produce quality and fresh content every time and a big no to copyright infringements.

It doesn’t matter which niche field you are into, your site should drive traffic in millions every month. Period!

Minimum Traffic Requirements:

  • 1 lakh impression daily and 3 million impressions per month.
  • 1 million page views per month (earlier it was 50000 monthly visits)

Note:  Revcontent is not for small and medium size publishers. Don’t waste your time even trying to apply with them.

CPM/CPC Rates:

With such premium advertisers in their catalogue, the CPM rates are pretty higher than other content ad networks.

Also, you tend to earn a better CPM rates if your traffic is coming mainly from Tier 1 countries like U.S, U.K, etc.

Payment method:

Revcontent provides different payments options depending on where you reside

  • Cheque (U.S, Canada or U.K)
  • ACH Transfer (U.S banks only)
  • PayPal (International Publishers)
  • Wire Transfer (International Publishers).

The minimum payment threshold is $50 except for wire transfers ($1000) and NET is 30 days.

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Currently, Outbrain is the largest content ad networks in the world.

Just like Revcontent, it is immensely popular among content marketers in placing articles,  videos, slideshow, pod casts, etc on premium publishers sites that synchronises greatly to the readers taste.

Also, Outbrain is most sought after monetising platform among publishers in terms of clean content without affecting their overall brand image and their user experience.

Publisher Requirements:

It is estimated that 80% big brands in the world use Outbrain to promote their content and increase brand awareness.

That data alone makes it difficult to get qualified with Outbrain as a publisher.

Outbrain looks only for high quality publishers who provide engaging, value adding and fresh content all the time.

Minimum Traffic Requirements: None

Also, Outbrain doesn’t allow the following websites niches: Financial services, health services, adult content, scam sites, malware filled websites, websites with no quality content, etc.

Check Outbrain for more details on that!

Note: Outbrain may reject or block contents if you violate their guidelines. Also, it will remove websites which are not performing well with quality content.

CPC/CPM Rates:

Outbrain provides CPC pricing model for its ad campaigns and there is a minimum budget cap attached to it.

Since it has big publishers on kits with customised ad widgets options, the ROI tend to be on the higher side.

Outbrain keeps a 50% share revenue and the remaining 50% to its publishers.

For an average CPC cost of $.85 per ad, a publisher can earn an estimate of $425 per million page views (i.e. ((($.85/2) * 100,000)/1000)).

Payment Method:

The minimum payment threshold is $50 and the NET is either 60 or 90 days.

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Wire Transfer

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Taboola is an equally popular native ads network and is a close competitor of Outbrain.

It is one of the oldest native advertising networks and share 50% revenue with the publishers.

Though Taboola provide high quality ads and videos with tempting captions, it does not impose any restrictions on ad contents.

So as a publisher, just make sure your ad contents doesn’t look spammed and tarnish your brand image.

Publisher Requirements:

Taboola accepts all niches websites including adult sites if you have a monthly traffic inflow of more than one million.

Minimum Traffic Requirement:

1 million page views per month


Taboola provides a pay per click earning model to its publishers with a 100% fill rate.

The average CPC rates for traffic coming from tier 3 countries are mostly in cents whereas from Tier 1 countries like U.S, the average CPC rates can be in dollars.

Note: Irrespective of what native ad networks you are using as a publisher, if you drive traffic from U.S, U.K, Canada and other European countries, your average CPM and CPC rates will always be on the higher side.

Payment Method:

The minimum threshold is $100 with a 30 days NET.

The only payment mode available is direct deposit via Payoneer.

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Unlike the best native ad networks (RevContent, Nativo and Taboola) which only targets big publishers, Ayboll accepts publishers without any traffic constraints.

That is a welcome boon for small and medium sized website owners.

The Ayboll self service system makes it easy to get started with advert formats.

You can also choose ad levels as safe, moderate or 18+ depending upon your ad niche and audience.

Publisher Requirements:

Ayboll accepts all publishers irrespective of what niche their websites are into.

If you think your audience can turn into good leads, you should consider signing up with Ayboll.

Minimum Traffic Requirements: No Traffic constraints.


Ayboll follows cost per action (CPA) and CPL (cost per lead) earning model and share 50% of ad revenue.

Since most of the clicks are CPA based, you can see revenue only when those clicks generate sales.

The CTR rates are on the higher side if you have decent US traffic and the average eCPM rates can get to more than $3.

Note: Initially with Ayboll, you may find lot of impressions and clicks but with less or no revenue. That doesn’t make it a scam!

They don’t work well with Adsense but you can use it with Media.net.

Payment Mode:

The minimum payout threshold is $100 and the NET is 60 days.

Following are the payment options with Ayboll:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Wire Transfer ($30 per transfer)

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Spoutable is a popular naive ads network that provides exit native ads on your website whenever your website reader decides to exit the web page.

Publisher Requirements:

Spoutable accepts small to medium publishers with a minimum of 1000 per day traffic and your website should be devoid of adult content, spam, torrent, fake traffic sources, etc.

Minimum Traffic Requirements: 1000 visitors per day


Spoutable follows a CPM revenue model and has a 100% fill rate for most geo locations.

Though it works for Asian traffic well, the CPM rates are competitive (goes up to $4) for traffic coming from Tier 1 countries like U.S, U.K, Canada, etc.

Note: Spoutable can be used along with Adsense as well.

Payment Mode:

The minimum payment threshold is $100 with a net 60 days.

Two payment options available with Spoutable

  • PayPal
  • ACH direct transfer

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Redirect.com is a unique native advertising network that allows buying and selling of traffic networks like link building, parking domains, exit pops, email address, etc via real time bidding process.

Publishers can monetise their websites by using different landing page designs that works seamlessly with their website content.

Publisher Requirements:

Redirect looks for publishers with high quality content based websites.

Apart from that, there are no other specific publisher requirements to apply at Redirect.com.

They work with all types of traffic sources including international sites.

Minimum Traffic Requirements: None


Redirect.com follows a combination of CPM, CPC and CPA revenue model.

So your earning depends on the users impressions, clicks and leads from the landing pages.

Payment Mode:

The minimum payment withdrawal limit is $100 and you are paid on monthly NET 20 days.

Also, if you earn more than $1000 per week, you are qualified for weekly payments options.

The various payment options available are

  • PayPal
  • ACH
  • Paxum
  • Direct cheque
  • Wire transfer

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Adsense Native ads

Google Adsense needs not much of an introduction on its popularity among bloggers.

Google launched Adsense native ads in 2017 and comes in three categories: In-feed, In-article and matched content.

Publisher Requirements:

Adsense native ads are available for all publishers. There are no minimum traffic requirements to get started with them as long you have unique and quality content on your websites.

Minimum Traffic Requirements: None


Adsense has both CPM and CPC revenue system and the average CPM rates goes up to $3.

Payment Mode:

The payment withdrawal limit is $100 and the pay is on NET 30 day basis.

The various payments options available are

  • EFT
  • Rapida
  • Cheque
  • Western Union

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If your geo location is based on U.S, U.K, Canada and Australia and have an established website, Nativo can be your top native ads to work on as a publisher.

Also, Nativo’s exclusive click-in format blends content in the editorial feed itself and doesn’t lead to a different lading page when clicked.

Publisher Requirements:

Similar to sites like RevContent, Outbrain and Taboola, Nativo looks for large publishers having more than 2 million plus monthly views in order to be accepted.

Note: Nativo is not compatible with other native ads network.

Minimum Traffic Requirements: 2 million+ visitors per month


Nativo follows a CPM revenue model and the CPM rates are industry standards as most of the ads are highly relevant with greater user experience.

Payment Mode:

The minimum withdrawal limit is $250 for U.K and Australian publishers.

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MGID is definitely not the best naive advertising companies out there in terms of RPM rates and ad quality.

But it works decent enough for growing bloggers who are working on their traffic volume.

Publisher Requirements:

MGID allows publishers who have less than 10000 page views a day and works very well on viral websites mainly on lifestyle and entertainment niches.

Minimum Traffic Requirements: 10000 page views or lesser per day


MGID has a 100%fill rate and allows monetization of all GEOs. The average RPM range between $1 and $3 for tier 1 countries.

You are also provided with a personal account manager.

Payment Mode:

The minimum threshold limit is $100 with a NET30 days. The payment options available are PayPal and Wire transfer.

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Native Ads:

Native ads is a very good native advertising network that can be used by a middle sized publisher looking to monetise their network across websites, mobiles and apps.

Publisher Requirements:

Since it is a premium advertising network, there are pre- requisites such as traffic requirements, website quality, traffic quality, etc.

Also, contents that incite violence, hatred, hacking, porn, adult content and malware sites, etc are not allowed.

Minimum Traffic Requirements: 1,00,000 visitors every month and 50% of traffic should come from U.S.


The commission types of Native ads are CPM and CPC model.

Since it has a business model as a leading content exchange ad platform, there is a 40X increase in click through rates.

It has 100% fill rates and offer high eCPM rates for exclusive U.S traffic.

Note: You can use Native Ads along with Adsense and Media.net.

Payment Mode:

The minimum payment threshold is $25 and the NET is 45 days (non-video ads) and NET is 60 days (video ads).

The payment options available are

  • PayPal ( For International publishers)
  • Wire Transfer (For International publishers)
  • Cheque ( U.S only)
  • Bank Transfer (U.S only)

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Content.ad is a native advertising network that helps you customise native content to match your site’s sensibilities.

You can place their ads as mobile side up, below content, side rail, exit pop and end slideshow in your websites.

Publisher Requirements:

Their ad widget works best for English, Spanish, French and Turkish language websites.

There are no traffic requirements mentioned on their website but you are required to have clean and high quality content free of malware or viruses.

Minimum Traffic Requirements:

Not mentioned in their website


At content.ad, publishers are paid through eCPM and cost per click basis. Their CPM bid amounts depends directly on device type, geo-location and type of content.

Make sure you get GEO traffic sources to your website from U.S, Canada and other European countries to maximise your earnings from Content.ad.

Note: Content.ad placement doesn’t have any conflicts with other ad platforms.

Payment Mode:

The minimum payout threshold is $50 with NET 30 days.

The payment modes available are

  • PayPal
  • ACH
  • Direct Deposit
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cheque

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Earnify is one of top naive ads to be mentioned as their earning rates are very competitive in the first place due to it CPA model.

The ad formats available with Earnify are Standard Widget and Exit Overlay.

Established bloggers please make a note of Earnify!

Publisher Requirements:

In order to be accepted by Earnify, your website should attract atleast 5, 00,000 page views monthly and 50K alexa ranking.

The contents should be clean and devoid of adult content, alcohol, malware, hate speech, violence, etc.

Also, your website should not be stuffed with banners and pops on a single page.

Minimum Traffic Requirements: 5, 00,000 page views per month


EPC runs on CPC and CPA earning model. So you could monetise with Earnify only when you have high converting customers from your site.

They have 100% fill rates for European markets.

Payment Mode:

The minimum payout limit is $20 with a NET 21 days. Earnify pays all its publishers via Payoneer.

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Publisher Requirements:

To get accepted your website should get high amounts of traffic with good quality content.

Minimum Traffic Requirements: 500,000 monthly page views


Adblade follows a CPC earning model as you get paid only when the user clicks on any of the ads displayed.

Payment Mode:

The minimum withdrawal limit is $100 with a NET 30 days.

The payment options available are PayPal, cheque, ACH and wire transfer.

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Publisher Requirements:

Sharethrough is one of the best native advertising networks when you talk about in-feed native ads especially on mobiles.

Sharethrough for Publishers (SFP) platform allow publishers to manage their entire ad campaign in real time.

Also, Sharethrough pharma-specific native ads are complaint with the FDA requirements for advertising and promotion.

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Native advertising has always been the most referred monetising platform as it attracts more than double ad traffic than traditional advertising.

But it works the best when your website is generating huge traffic from top geo locations.

What native advertising you are currently using? Which one you prefer the most? Input your feedbacks in the comments sections.

Happy Blogging!

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