Kontent Machine Review: Get Quality Content Lifetime [$140 OFF]

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Every blogger is in search of good quality content for link building. What if the quality content costs you nothing ? Yes, you heard it right! “Kontent Machine is one such software where you can hit jackpot for quality content lifetime.

Kontent Machine Review below will let you know, how you can create tons of quality content for your blog without spending a dime with the help of “Kontent Machine”.

Kontent Machine Review - Kontent Machine Discount Code

Posting fresh, quality, and useful content is necessary to rank higher on search engines and to attract and retain traffic. However, writing content from scratch is perhaps one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in internet marketing.

I have had my fair share of dealing with freelance writers as I have used platforms like oDesk and Freelancer in the past. They are sometimes time consuming as I had to manage the writers, and they are costly since I had to pay for every article.

However, I have not had a problem with content creation since I got the Kontent Machine, one of the best internet marketing tools. Here is a comprehensive Kontent machine review.

Kontent Machine Review

What is Kontent Machine?

Kontent Machine is a software that makes it easier for SEO experts to create fresh, relevant, and informative content. It is designed to scrape for articles on the internet and to spin them in such a way that a high quality completely unique article is produced.

The software’s analysis capability is exemplary as it offers 100% relevant and unique articles each and every time

Kontent Machine - Front View


Features of Kontent Machine:

Kontent Machine is full of interesting features that combines to give it its best capabilities. It’s features are:

  • Producing quality content suitable for tier link building.
  • Adhering to LSI terms when producing content.
  • Producing harvest-quality content and correcting automatically.
  • Auto-generating title, summary, and resource box for every produced article
  • Integrating auto-blogger.
  • A powerful spintax
  • Integrating the spinning tool of your choice.
  • Producing 100% relevant videos and images.

Kontent Machine has a host of other features, and each feature works superbly to produce high quality articles.

How does Kontent Machine Work?

I have not come across any other content creation tool like Kontent Machine—it delivers on all its processes and it works in an organized and effective manner. Here is a short Kontent Machine tutorial.

Step 1: Start a new Campaign

It starts by giving you the option to start a new campaign on the software’s interface. It gives four options of where the content to be created”, will be sourced: from a built-in scrapper, from locally saved files, from locally saved files plus a built-in scrapper, and from leading articles marketplaces.

Kontent Machine Review - Step1_Build in Scraper Setting

Step 2: Enter Campaign Name and Keywords

Once you have started the campaign and made your choice you are then required to choose the topic. You can do this by entering a maximum of three keywords—be very specific to guide the software in the right direction

Kontent Machine Review - Step2_Campaign Setting

Step 3: Set Quality Level

After this comes quality level setting. There are three tiers for setting the quality level with tier 1 producing the best quality content and tier 3 average quality content, and you can create your own customized quality level if you like.

Kontent Machine Review - Step3_Content Quality Setting

Step 4: Include Images and Videos

The software also gives you an option of including relevant videos and images. You can choose to include both, one of the two, or randomize the inclusion.

Kontent Machine Review - Images-Video Setting

Step 5: Include Contextual Links

There is also a prompt for entering the links that should be inserted in the content to lead to the site whose ranking you intend to improve. There are four options for the types of links you can include: article body links, contextual links, resource box links, and image links.

Finally, the software offers an option to include other websites that the content should link to. This is a great feature that allows me to make it less obvious that the content is meant to improve my site’s ranking and boost traffic. It increases link diversity and trust with search engine

Kontent Machine Review - Step5_Contextual Link Setting

Step 6: Build Content

You can now initiate the scraping and spinning process. Kontent Machine comes with its own spinning tool but there is an option to integrate another spinner of your choice or to spin the content yourself.

Personally, I prefer Spin Rewriter but there are lots of other good options like The Best Spinner, Word AI, SpinnerChief and Chimp Rewriter

Kontent Machine Review - Step4_Spinner Setting

You’ll find below the generated content by Kontent Machine for preview. For more insights, you can find sample below.


Kontent Machine Review_Output

What all other things you can do with Kontent Machine 3?

  • Great Link Building Tools: You can build and export your content to other link building tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker, Ultimate Demon, Magic Submitter, SENuke  and much more.
  • Support WordPress Blog: You can even build and post your content to WordPress blog

Kontent Machine Review - Article Getter

  • Create Blueprint: Once you’ve setup your campaigns, you can save it as a blueprint for future reference
  • In-build Tools: The other tools Kontent Machine includes are: Article Getter, Bookmarks, About Me, Word Spinner, Unspinner, Bulk Spinner, Publish files (AutoBlogger)
  • Work as a AutoBlogging Tool: Kontent Machine helps you to automatically post to it self hosted blog. If you’re using a tool RankWYZ, you can directly post the articles to RankWYZ blog networks

Pros of Kontent Machine

The benefits that I enjoy from Kontent Machine are immeasurable. It is one of the best internet marketing tools one can ask for, and some of the benefits you should look forward to are:

  • Quality content

Kontent Machine does not simply scrape articles from the internet and spin them. It looks for relevant, informative, and high quality content and rearranges it in a manner that is readable and unique.

  • Quick turnaround

Writing content from scratch is time consuming, and time is precious as it can be put to more productive or urgent activities. Kontent Machine produces top quality content a few minutes after starting the production process, thus saving you valuable time.

  • Customized content

The software offers many options to the user on how the content should be created. This allows you to enjoy customized content that meets all your specific needs.

  • Compatibility

Kontent Machine is designed to be compatible with other software and web application. For instance, it can integrate with popular spinners and integrate your personal blog.

  • Cost effective

Outsourcing content creation tasks can be expensive since you have to pay for every article and you do not necessarily get value for your money. However, with Kontent Machine, only a one-time investment is necessary to enjoy a lifetime of free quality content creation services.

Cons of Kontent Machine

Every product has its shortcomings, and Kontent Machine has been noted to have some disadvantages. They include:

  • Lengthy configuration process

The configuration process required to enable the software to create unique content customized for you is lengthy as seen in the tutorial, and this discourages some users.

  • Substantial investment

Kontent Machine is not your everyday content creation software. It is highly developed and very effective, and as such its price may seem high for many buyers.

How can Kontent Machine Help You?

Time and quality content is crucial in internet marketing, and Kontent Machine produces unbeatable quality content and saves you a lot of time. These two benefits bring with them other long-term benefits that you simply should not miss out on.

For instance, the quality content produced does a great job of boosting your website’s traffic and improving its rating. What’s more, the consistency offered by the software guarantees you quality content every time you need it.

The few dollars saved for every article accumulate over time, and eventually the software will save you a lot of money and offer value for every dollar spent purchasing it

Kontent Machine will cost you $357 (Lifetime) and $37 (Monthly)

If you’ll act now, you can save $140 or 40%


Content is king, and Kontent Machine will produce quality content that is informative and relevant to help you stay ahead of the competition. Take advantage of the current Kontent Machine discount and invest in one of the best internet marketing tools.