How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages? Archive or Delete Facebook Message

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Everybody desperately wants to know how to retrieve deleted Facebook messages. Might be you have accidently removed Facebook message, now don’t know how to find deleted messages on Facebook. But the question is that whether you have deleted or archived Facebook message. Most confusing term in Facebook and most Facebook users don’t know the difference. Before we move to know how to recover Facebook message, first of all see the difference between archive or delete messages.

Retrieve Deleted Facebook messages - 1

What is the difference between archiving and deleting messages?

  • When you archive a message or conversation, it means you hide it from your inbox. So, whenever you archive, it will disappear from your inbox. But, it will appear again whenever the same person starts a chat next time.
  • Well, when you delete a message or conversation, it will remove the message or conversation permanently from your inbox. So, no chance or hope of retrieving messages or conversation in future

So, How to archive messages in Facebook?

1. Click on message icon and then click See All to move to inbox.

message in Facebook - click see all

2. Select conversation from the left column and then select Actions from the right top menu. Click on the Archive, then conversation or message will be removed temporarily from Facebook inbox.

Archieve message or conversation in Facebook

How to get old Facebook messages back?

1. So, to view archived Facebook messages. Click on More from the top left menu. Select Archived from drop down

See Archieve message

2. Click on Unarchive message from left column by selecting the conversation.

Unarchieve message

How to delete message from Facebook?

1. To delete message or conversation from inbox, click on Actions and then select Delete messages from the drop down menu.


Delete message in Facebook


Remember: Delete a message in Facebook remove selected part of conversation on Facebook and the choice would be upon user, but Delete a conversation on Facebook remove whole conversation in Facebook which you have done with a particular person in the past.

How to delete the conversation from Facebook?

1. To delete conversation from inbox, click on Actions again, and then select Delete Conversation from drop down menu

Delete conversation in Facebook - 1


Delete conversation in Facebook - 2

How to retrieve deleted Facebook messages or conversation?

No, you cannot able to retrieve deleted messages or conversation on Facebook. So choose wisely, whether you want to delete messages or conversations or archive message.