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Modern Blogger Pro Theme by StudioPress is a bold, sleek, styling, colorful and a contemporary design theme that makes remarkable blogging in a crowded world. Genesis Modern Blogger Pro Theme makes content posting extremely easy and the styling management is as easy as playing with games.

Genesis Modern Blogger Pro Theme by StudioPress is a child theme developed by Pretty Darn Cute (Well Known WordPress Designer). StudioPress Modern Blogger Pro Theme is best suitable for food, fashion, style, lifestyle and it wholly depends on blogger and their imagination. WordPress Modern Blogger Theme look and feel is pretty and cute which appeal most to Mom’s Blogger.

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Why Genesis Modern Blogger Pro Theme by StudioPress an Excellent Choice For Bloggers?

Modern Blogger Pro Theme Review

Beautiful and Clean Look – Beautiful and clean look is the strength of Modern Blogger Pro Theme that keeps visitor addicted to your site. Modern Blogger Pro Theme comes with 5 color options (Teal & Pink, Bold & Fun, Black & Pink, Gold & Black, Bright & Happy)

Customization Flexibility – StudioPress Modern Blogger Pro Theme is flexible enough for any type of customization without any restriction. You can swap Header and Background images of your choice by using Uploader feature. You can easily tweak Modern Blogger Theme by having a simple and basic knowledge of CSS. The setup instructions and easy to follow tutorial of Modern Blogger Pro Theme  helps you to modify color, graphics via the stylesheet. You can have easy access to all such material once you purchase StudioPress Modern Blogger Pro Theme

New Portfolio Page – Genesis Modern Blogger Pro Theme comes with a portfolio page that has a grid layout. In the portfolio page you can place anything such as, design work, showcase art, work sample and much more. Portfolio page also acts a widget page, which means you can customize anytime as per your requirement from admin area

Genesis Modern Blogger Pro Theme - Portfolio Page

eCommerce OptionsGenesis Modern Blogger Pro Theme by StudioPress is eCommerce compatible with shopping cart functionality. It means you can even set your own store, sell your personal product or start your own eCommerce business. Are you interested in designing jewelry, selling your own ebooks, selling your own homemade product? WordPress Modern Blogger Pro Theme is equipped with all such functionality to help you start your own online business. Check out how SouthernBelle’sCharm has taken advantage of eCommerce option.

Modern Blogger Pro Theme - eCommerce Option

Custom Widget Area (Home Page) – StudioPress Modern Blogger Pro Theme comes with a custom widget area on the home page. Custom Widget Area on the home page is a great place to show your testimonials, image sliders, special offers, featured page and many more. Modern Blogger Theme comes with a drag and drop functionality to fit your need. Check out how Shiny Sout Project has used image slider on the home page.

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Stylized Subscribe Widget – Genesis Modern Blogger Pro Theme by StudioPress come with a stylized subscribe widget that can be placed in the header. A header is a great place to grab audience eye and to ask them to follow your blog or sign up for your newsletter. With the help of modern blogger stylized widget, you don’t have to worry about the look and feel of your theme, form blending etc. Check out how Suburban Journey has taken advantage of Modern Blogger Stylized Subscribe Widget.

Mobile Responsive – WordPress Modern Blogger Pro Theme by StudioPress is not only mobile responsive but also responsive to any sort of devices in this world. The modern Blogger theme layout will change as per the screen size, flexibility and display of devices.

Unlimited Updates, Sites and Support – Once you have your own WordPress Modern Blogger Theme, you can get unlimited updates, use unlimited sites, and unlimited support. So, this is as simple as pay it once and use it for ever.

Secure and Reliable – Modern Blogger Pro Theme is based on Genesis Framework that follows all type of WordPress security measures and best practice. It is being regularly audited by the WordPress Lead Developer to ensure that it has the best security measures.

Search Engine Optimized and Friendly – The Modern Blogger Pro Genesis theme is highly optimized, search engine friendly, and secure WordPress Genesis theme framework. It’s has all SEO options to rank your website in search engine easily.

Most Important StudioPress Modern Blogger Pro Theme Features:

Multiple Color Option – Modern Blogger Pro Theme comes with 5 color options (Teal & Pink, Bold & Fun, Black & Pink, Gold & Black, Bright & Happy)

Multiple Layout Option – Genesis Modern Blogger Pro Theme consist of 6 layout options

Custom Widget Area on Home Page – Genesis Modern Blogger Pro Theme provides you some handy custom widget area that is above blog posts on homepage. The custom Widget area is perfect for a slideshow or anything else that fit best for you.

Custom Background – You can upload your own background image or change the color scheme.

Custom Header – You can have your own custom header image that fits your brand or have custom logo.

Custom Feed – If you are using Feed burner for your feeds, you can enter the custom feed URLs for new posts and comments.

Breadcrumbs Feature – At the top of the content area of the Modern Blogger Pro Theme, you can check here on what pages these crumbs should be displayed.

Comments and Trackbacks Option – This feature allows you to customize the visibility of comments and trackbacks on posts and pages

Custom Hooks (40+) Feature – It is a piece of code written into the theme that allows you to attach additional content to the theme itself which give unique flexibility to your theme.

Custom Widgets – Modern Blogger Pro Theme has Custom widget area which includes MyTweets, User Profile, eNews & Updates, Featured Posts, Featured Pages.

Import / Export Settings – The Genesis Theme and SEO settings are completely portable, so you can back up, restore, and transfer settings from one install to another

HTML5 Markup – WordPress Modern Blogger Pro Theme comes with HTML5 markup, so that it can handle better graphics, display media content properly, easily handle better page structure and form.

Threaded comments – The StudioPress Modern Blogger Pro theme support threaded comments that make your conversation outstanding and worth full.

Genesis Modern Blogger Pro Theme

Genesis Modern Blogger Pro Theme Widget Area:

This Modern Blogger Pro Genesis child theme serves five widget areas:

  • Primary Sidebar
  • Secondary Sidebar
  • Portfolio Blurb
  • Homepage Slider
  • Three Footer columns

Basically, you can add any widget to the Slider and Portfolio Blurb area of Modern Blogger Theme. The contents of the Portfolio Blurb are displayed at the top of the portfolio page – above the portfolio items.

StudioPress Modern Blogger Pro Theme

Enhance Your StudioPress Modern Blogger Pro Theme Functionality with Genesis plugin:

Here is the list of Genesis plugins for StudioPress Modern Blogger Pro Theme:

  • Gravity Forms
  • Genesis Featured Widget Amplified
  • Pinterest Pin It Button for Images
  • Genesis Latest Tweet
  • Genesis e News Extended
  • Simple Social Icons

You can find the complete list by clicking here.

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How to get StudioPress Modern Blogger Pro Theme?

Modern Blogger Pro Theme StudioPress work on Genesis Framework. Get StudioPress Genesis Framework here.

Why Genesis Framework?

Genesis Framework has one of the most powerful, simple, styling, clean resources that you can use for your blog’s foundation. Genesis is packed with lots of great stuff such as SEO Optimized, user friendly, clean code, 100% customizable and many more. It will not only boost your performance, but also multiply reader experience.

1. Existing Customer: If you are already a customer then you can directly buy by logging into your account.

2. New to Genesis Framework: You have to buy both Genesis Framework as well as child theme. Combinedly you can get it in reduced price

3. Fan of Studiopress: Get all StudioPress Pro Plus Theme Package in an unbelievable price. The whole package includes Genesis Framework too.

With a purchase of StudioPress, you will get lifetime updates and support.

If you are looking for a robust and beautiful premium WordPress theme for your blog or website, Modern Blogger Pro Theme is a strong contender.