6 Best Udemy YouTube Marketing Course Review: Get 1M YouTube Views

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YouTube has been growing exponentially ever since its inception and currently it has around billion users under its kit.

Companies are reaching out to Youtubers to promote their brands, products and services more than ever.

Udemy YouTube Marketing Course Review

Hence learning YouTube Marketing and the SEO aspects of it is a kind of must if you want to earn a good income out of your YouTube channel.

I have handpicked 6 best Udemy YouTube courses that are overall well received by the students on either with the ratings or feedbacks or enrollments numbers.

The courses are considered best because students have loved these courses (ratings) and benefited from it (number of enrollments).

Note: All the Udemy courses mentioned below have inclusive features such as 30 days money back guarantee, lifetime access to the course material, a certificate on completion and you can access the course in both Android and iOS.

If you’re interested only in free courses please refer free Udemy courses and also read my Udemy review for more details about the company.

Udemy YouTube Marketing Course Review

Udemy YouTube Marketing Course 2017

# Course 1

Course Name: YouTube Marketing to get 1,000,000 views

Author: Alex Genadinik

Rating: 4.4+ from 147+ students

Currently Enrolled: 4,034+ students

Price Value: $200

About this Course:

This is an excellent Udemy YouTube marketing course that tells you how to have a successful YouTube channel.

Alex teaches his personal strategies that helped him taste success on YouTube and how he got over 1 lakh followers on his channel.

He regularly updates the course and the YouTube Live feature has been recently added to the course where you can promote your business and products to a live audience.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

The course is the bestseller in the YouTube Marketing category with good ratings of 4.4 from 140+ students and a steady 4000+ enrollments.

Feedback Highlights: I feel much more confident about building myself on YouTube after taking his course, great course with a lot of details not only about getting more views but creating your own channel and get the best of it, the course covers a ton of material etc.

YouTube marketing to get 1 000 000 views Udemy

Udemy YouTube Masterclass Your Complete Guide to YouTube  

# Course 2

Course Name: YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide to YouTube

Author: Phil Ebiner, Michael Moyer, Video School Online Inc

Rating: 4.4+ from 1,646+ students

Currently Enrolled: 44,523+ students

Price Value: $200

About this Course:

If you are looking for a top quality YouTube Masterclass course on Udemy, you should check this course from Phil.

It acts as a guide when you want to begin your journey with YouTube, how to grow your brand there, how to get substantial views, subscribers and ultimately earn money from YouTube ads and from the products or services you promote.

It also lay focus on how to optimize your video with proper titles, descriptions, SEO friendly tags and thumbnails, improve your channel with analytics etc,

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

Another bestselling Phil course in the YouTube Masterclass Udemy category, the ratings have been doing great at 4.4 from 1600+ students and a huge 40000+ enrollments.

Feedback Highlights: Very informative and very good as it is, high quality and lots of useful information for a beginner, this is a solid class for those unfamiliar with YouTube, liked the segment on the equipment’s they use as well as their cheaper alternatives for the casual youtuber etc.

YouTube Masterclass Your Complete Guide to YouTube Udemy

Udemy YouTube SEO Course

# Course 3

Course Name: YouTube SEO: How to Rank #1 on YouTube

Author: Diego Davila, Internet Revolution

Rating: 4.7+ from 199+ students

Currently Enrolled: 4678+ students

Price Value: $195

About this Course:

If you are a Youtuber looking to learn ways to optimize your YouTube channel and rank your channel on top of the search list for certain keywords, you must check this course.

The course teaches you strategies to rank your videos in the first page of YouTube, how to create thumbnails that will fetch you a lot of viewers, how to target specific keywords, things you need to do and things you need to avoid when exploring YouTube SEO and much more.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

The Udemy YouTube course is also the bestselling one in the YouTube Seo category, has got awesome ratings of 4.7 from 190+ students and a good 4000+ enrollments.

Feedback Highlights: Diego taught me a few things I never knew and I have been using YouTube for a long time, excellent course, very valuable information, easy to understand and execute, the content is solid and current etc.

YouTube SEO How to Rank 1 on YouTube Udemy

Udemy Course – YouTube Ads

# Course 4

Course Name: YouTube: Get Laser Targeted Traffic with YouTube Ads

Author: Boost Top

Rating: 4.7+ from 133+ students

Currently Enrolled: 7,892+ students

Price Value: $145

About this Course:

If you are looking for a solid Udemy course on YouTube Ads, you should definitely check this popular course on YouTube Advertising.

The course mainly focuses on helping you understand how to set up a YouTube ads campaign, monitor your ads performance and most importantly how to optimize them for maximum conversions.

The author himself is a Google AdWords Certified marketer and teaches you how to generate targeted traffic to any video or landing page with .02 cents per click strategy.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?  

It is one of the bestselling Udemy Course in YouTube Advertising category, the ratings justify that at 4.7 from 130+ students and a good 7000+ enrollments.

Feedback Highlights: Short but powerful course about YouTube advertising, very informative, really easy to follow and understand, good and informative, worth watching and re watching as a reference etc.

YouTube Get Laser Targeted Traffic With YouTube Ads Udemy


Udemy YouTube Marketing Course

# Course 5

Course Name: YouTube SEO Guide in 7 Steps

Author: Mikael Baggstrom

Rating: 4.7+ from 95+ students

Currently Enrolled: 2,807+ students

Price Value: $25

About this Course:

Another good Udemy YouTube course on learning the SEO aspects of YouTube and it is priced nominally too.

The course teaches 7 steps guide to YouTube SEO and helps you get more visits to your videos and how to do keyword research that will fetch you good topics and titles for your future videos.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

A regularly updated course, the ratings so far has been excellent at 4.7 from 90+ studenst and a handful of enrollments.

Feedback Highlights: Mike course is well explained and easy to implement, a very simple and straight forward intro to learning how to improve YouTube SEO, really appreciate the content, it was straight to the point and will also be good or reference purposes etc.

YouTube SEO Guide in 7 Steps Udemy

Udemy YouTube Course – Beginner Friendly

# Course 6

Course Name: Step By Step YouTube Guide + Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing

Author: Ahmed Mahdy, Saiyans School

Rating: 5.0+ from 35+ ratings

Currently Enrolled: 1,824+ students

Price Value: $195

About this Course:  

The course acts as a complete guide to newbies starting their YouTube channel from scratch.

You will learn how to rank your videos using YouTube SEO, get more views using different social media platforms, how to make a wonderful trailer for your channel, how to use brand thumbnails and suggested video for maximum views and much more.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

A rather new course in the YouTube category, but I found the ratings excellent so far with 5 stars and enrollments going steady at 1800+.

Feedback Highlights: This is what I needed to start my channel, very good quality content, great stuff thanks, amazing startups tips, great tips and hints, etc.

Step By Step YouTube Guide Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing Udemy

Note: All Udemy prices fluctuate throughout the year. It is recommended to always lookout for an Udemy Coupon code to get these courses at a lesser price.

Happy Learning!