7 Best Udemy AngularJS Courses: Learn and Understand AngularJS on Udemy Review

Backed by Google, AngularJS is a very important and popular client side framework and mastering AngularJS will make you a high demand developer in the future web development industry.

There are close to 100 Udemy AngularJS courses that teach you how to master and elevate your career with this high demanding skill set.

Best Udemy AngularJS Courses Review

I have handpicked 7 best Udemy AngularJS courses that will help you learn this popular framework as all these courses are overall well received by the students.

The courses are considered best because students have loved these courses (ratings) and benefited from it (number of enrollments).

Note: All the Udemy courses mentioned below have inclusive features such as 30 days money back guarantee, lifetime access to the course material, a certificate on completion and you can access the course in both Andriod and iOS.

If you’re interested only in free courses please refer free Udemy courses and also read my Udemy review for more details about the company.

Best Udemy AngularJS Courses

Learn and Understand AngularJS Udemy Course:

# Course 1

Course Name: Learn and Understand AngularJS

Author: Anthony Alicea

Rating: 4.6+ from 9,808+ students

Currently Enrolled: 53,662+ students

Price Value: $175

About this Course:

One of the top most Udemy AngularJS course currently, it teaches you how to master AngularJS concepts, design custom derivatives and build a single page web application out of it.  

What you will be gaining from this AngularJS course? Core knowledge on how to understand and build AngularJS applications, design custom services, understand what is two way binding, dependency injection, the digest loop concepts to highlight a few.

Also the course is regularly updated and covers information of the next version (AngularJS 2)

As a web developer or web designer wanting to learn AngularJS, this is the best course to go for!

What student’s are saying after taking this course?  

You know it is a very popular course by looking at the 50000 plus enrollment numbers and 10000 plus students giving a solid 4.6 ratings. Just got for it!

All the popular courses tend to be on the pricier side, remember to find a udemy coupon code to always get it on a cheaper price.

Udemy AngularJS Jumpstart with Dan Wahlin Course:

# Course 2

Course Name: AngularJS Jumpstart with Dan Wahlin

Author: Dan Wahlin

Rating: 4.6+ from 1,936+ ratings

Currently Enrolled: 17,253+ students

Price Value: $75

About this Course:  

Another equally famous course like the previous course I discussed, the course covers the core concepts of AngularJS with hands-on examples and explains in detail on how to build single page application out of it.

Divided into 6 modules, the course covers AngularJS basics, views, directives, filters, controllers, scope, modules, routing, services, factories, animations, custom derivatives and much more key components of AngularJS to jumpstart your career in this framework.

Web developers looking to get a stronghold on AngularJS must choose this course for sure.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

The course ratings just speak on the course quality (4.6 from 1900+ students), with elaborative positive feedback, one should definitely check this course out.

Udemy AngularJS 2 Complete Guide Course

# Course 3

Course Name: Angular 2 – The Complete Guide

Author: Maximilian Schwarzmuller

Rating: 4.6+ from 8,356+ students

Currently Enrolled: 34,610+ students

Price Value: $190

About this Course:  

This is yet another popular and comprehensive udemy course on the new version of AngularJS called Angular 2.

The course talks about Components, derivatives, forms, Http access, how to optimize an Angular2 app with modules, how to use a Angular 2 CLI and get started with deploying an actual application.

Looking for to gain a solid understanding of AngularJS 2 course, check this course.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

In one year this course got into the best selling Angular 2course. The ratings are too good (4.6 from 8000 + students) and 35000+ enrollments numbers. A must course to learn AngularJS 2.

Udemy Angular 2 and NodeJS Course

# Course 4

Course Name: Angular 2 and NodeJS – The Practical Guide to MEAN Stack 2.0

Author: Maximilian Schwarzmuller

Rating: 4.7+ from 1,965+ ratings

Currently Enrolled: 10,767+ students

Price Value: $150

About this Course:  

Now if you are a Mean stack developer looking for an extra help to build scalable web applications with AngularJS 2 and Node JS, this course will help you achieve that.

Remember this course requires you to have basic knowledge of both NodeJs and AngularJS 2 to understand how to connect these two technologies to design and build web applications out of it.

The course takes you through mongo, authentication, error handling and most importantly Angular2 with node.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?  

2000+ students have already given this course a massive 4.7 ratings out of 5 backed by excellent feedback. Recommended for the Mean Stack Developers!

Udemy AngularJS Beginners Course

# Course 5

Course Name: Angular 1: From Zero to Hero

Author: Asim Hussain

Rating: 4.6+ from 934+ students

Currently Enrolled: 8,830+ students

Price Value: $180

About this Course:

Looking to add amazing AngularJS features to your current project? This is a quality course to learn for web developers.

The course teaches you the skills needed to build a fully functional SPA (single page application) using AngularJS framework.

A totally hands- on course; it aims at providing techniques for the common complexities a web developer is still tackling with.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

The course has got very good feedbacks and made it to my best list category. Also, the ratings are remarkable with 900 plus students giving 4.6/5. So check this course without fail.

Udemy – Angularjs for asp.net mvc developers

# Course 6

Course Name: AngularJS for .Net Developers from Scratch

Author: Mohammed Manzoor Ahmed

Rating: 4.3+ from 252+ ratings

Currently Enrolled: 2,319+ students

Price Value: $50

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About this Course:  

This course is especially beneficial for the Asp.Net developers working on MVC or WebAPIs looking to upgrade their profile with AngularJS skill sets.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

Students find the course to be very comprehensive, clear with examples and apt for learning AngularJS in .Net development. So overall a good course if you have such specific needs. The overall course ratings are also decent at 4.3 from 250 plus students.

Udemy AngularJS free Course

# Course 7

Course Name: Angular 2 Step by Step: From Beginner to Advanced

Author: Dr. Luke Angel

Rating: 4.4+ from 192+ students

Currently Enrolled: 5,147+ students

Price Value: Free

About this Course:

My best category list is incomplete without a free course because surprisingly they are good quality wise, even you are learning for free.

This Udemy AngularJS free course is a step by step beginner to advanced tutorial on the new Angular 2 framework.

It teaches you the architecture behind developing responsive client side applications. So check this out if you cannot afford the popular pricey courses to have a solid understanding of Angular 2.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

Just a one month old course, the course has quickly gained popularity with 5000 plus enrollments. Even the ratings are going good at 4.2 from hundreds of students, a promising course to rely upon.

Note: All Udemy prices fluctuate throughout the year. It is recommended to always lookout for an Udemy Coupon code to get these courses at a lesser price.

Happy Learning!

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