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What is React JS?

React JS is a JavaScript library built by Facebook developers to build user interfaces for large scale client side applications.

Just like AngularJS, React JS is becoming popular with front end developers, thanks to its reusable components that help build single page web applications with custom UIs.

Best ReactJS Courses and Online Training

Use of React.js:

React is more of a library rather than a framework of its own. It emphasis on the ‘V’ in the MVC architecture and encourages one way data flow.

There are tons of resources available in the internet to learn React JS online. To make things easier, I have come up with an ultimate list of React JS learning resources all at one place.

Best React JS Free Courses: (Total Beginners)

If you just want to get an overview of what React JS is all about, these React JS free course materials are just the right things to start with.

TylerMcginnis – React Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to Learn React.js in 2018

You cannot miss TylerMcinnis blog if you want to enter into the world of React.

The comprehensive guide is a free tutorial that covers almost all fundamental aspects of React JS and is the best way to learn React JS from Scratch.

Though the course was first published in 2015, Tyler continuously updates it and is recently updated to React 16.3 version.

Tutorials PointReact JS Quick Guide

EDXIntroduction to React JS

Though it is a free resource to study, if you want an instructor signed certificate at the end of the course, you need to pay $99.

Scotch TutorialsLearning React.js: Getting Started and Concepts

Rising Stack Blog ArticleThe React.js Way: Getting Started Tutorial

Antjanus BlogComprehensive Beginner’s Guide to React JS

Jack Callister Blog: The React Quick Start Guide

Aurel Kurtala Blog: Introduction to react

James K Nelson: Learn Raw React with no JSX, Flux, ES6 and Web Pack

Build with React: TutorialAn Interactive Guide to react

GithubPete Hunt: React- Howto

Pete hunt helps you clear away the confusion that surrounds the React ecosystem and guide you to get started with React.

Official Facebook React Tutorial: React – A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

The well written official documentation can be a great starting place to learn pure React and understand it thoroughly.

Best React JS Online Courses

Once you got comfortable with the React basics conceptually, you can check these React JS online courses that are good in content quality.

For the reader’s convenience, I have segregated the best React JS courses based on the overall popularity on various platforms.

Udemy React JS Online Training:

Udemy has some pretty good courses when it comes to React JS online training.

It follows an instructor led interactive tutorial approach and you pay for the course you wish to learn.

While the individual courses are expensive, Udemy offers discounts round the year and you can get these courses at pretty much cheaper prices.

React 16 – The Complete Guide (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)

Course Price: $189.99

Course Ratings: 4.7 from 19,650+ students

Course Enrollments: 67,761+

About the Course:

This is currently the most popular React js course at Udemy and acts as a complete guide to learn react js from scratch.

The course is curated by one of the bestselling author of Udemy Max who teaches you what React is from basic to advance.

He helps you dive deep into React popular libraries like react-router and Redux and helps you build your own React applications by the course end.

Student’s Feedback & Reviews:

The course ratings have been excellent so far and have got amazing feedbacks too.

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Modern React with Redux

Course Price: $179.99

Course Ratings: 4.5 from 34,423+ students

Course Enrollments: 114,024+

About the Course:

Another popular course to learn React JS at Udemy, it helps you master the fundamentals of React and Redux and build amazing single page applications with React Router, Webpack and ES6.

If you want to learn React, Redux and Router all at one place, definitely check this course from Stephen Grider.

Student’s Feedback & Reviews:

The course ratings has been consistently good and is one of the bestselling React course at Udemy.

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Node with React: Full stack Web Development

Course Price: $179.99

Course Ratings: 4.7 from 6,447+ students

Course Enrollments: 36,949+

About the Course:

This is an advance course from Stephen that goes well beyond the basics of React and Redux.

The course will give you solid understanding on how to work with the advance features of React, Redux, Express and MongoDB.

By the course end, you will be able to build full stack apps of your own.

Student’s Feedback & Reviews:

The ratings have been extremely good at 4.7 from around 6000 plus students.


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The Complete React Web Developer Course (with Redux) 

Course Price: $99.99

Course Ratings: 4.7 from 7,726+ students

Course Enrollments: 28,218

About the Course:

This popular course from Andrew Mead will act as complete guide on how to build and launch real-world React web applications from A-Z.

If your aim is to become a professional React developer, then this course is for you!

Student’s Feedback & Reviews:

The course ratings are going consistent at 4.7 stars from a huge 7000 plus students.


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TylerMcinnis React JS Courses:

If you want to learn and understand React JS the best way, start with TylerMcginnis courses.

They are extremely popular and considered as one of the best resource to learn React ecosystem.

To access his courses, you have to either opt for monthly plan of $20 or go for a one year subscription plan at $180.

React Fundamentals

Course Ratings: 9.3/10 from 2945+ students

About the Course:

This React js for beginner’s course provides you with the right platform on how to use React efficiently and effectively.

Highly recommended to all the developers out there who are looking to become employable by learning React.

Students Feedback:


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Egghead React JS Tutorials

Egghead tutorial have some of the best React JS courses online and is known for to the point, bite- sized course videos with top notch content quality.

Egghead has both React community resources which are free of cost and pro React courses which require an egghead membership.

They have a total of 33 React courses in their kit and egghead go pro subscription starts at $40 monthly and $250 yearly.

Check their famous The Beginner’s Guide to React course to get started with React and have a better understanding of React fundamentals.

If you want to browse the entire egghead React courses check here

Pluralsight React JS Tutorials

Similar to egghead, Pluralsight courses are equally good to learn React JS.

They follow a monthly subscription plan of $29 and yearly subscription plan of $299.

They provide a 10 days free trial to begin with.

Pluralsight provides you with unique learning path model and assess your skill level accordingly.

They have a total of 13 React courses divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced React courses.

Interested! Check their entire React catalogue here.

Coursera React JS Courses:

Coursera is a popular online learning platform that has specialization courses created and taught by professors from esteemed universities.

If you like classroom teaching model, then Coursera has a React Specialization course to learn from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Course name: Front –End Web Development with React

Course Ratings: 4.9/5 from 69+ students

About the course:

Sound knowledge of JavaScript ES5 is a pre-requisite to enroll in the course.

You will be learning how to develop React applications, how to use reactstrap for Bootstrap-4 responsive UI designs.

By the end of the course, you will become familiar with React Library, react features and how to implement a functional front-end web application using React.

You need to enroll for a paid certificate (180 days) to get access to the course videos, quizzes, programming assignments and course certificate.

Student’s Feedback:


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Please share your react js learning experiences  and comment below which online course you found the best!

Happy Learning!