9 Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iOS (Legal)

With the increasing demand for online video streaming apps, our ways of getting entertained have changed a lot.

Those who can’t afford the premium services are looking for free movie apps for Android and iOS.

But, the prime concern of these free apps is that most of them are not legal and safe to download.

On the contrary, uploading movies and TV shows to your devices will take lots of space. And, to save space in your device, you have to convert a large movie file into a different format.

The whole process of storing movies on your device will take a lot of time and are not feasible in certain circumstances.

Keeping these things in mind, we have jotted down the list of best free streaming apps for Android and iOS. All apps are free and legal in providing the content.

So, without any further ado, here are the best free movie apps for Android and iOS.

Best Free Movie Apps to Download Legally

Tubi TV – Free Movies and TV shows

TubiTV app free movie app

Tubi has a massive collection of hit movies and TV series to watch for free. Also, you will find a good collection of documentaries and television series that may attract most of the users.

It is straightforward to use the application, well-structured, and 100% legal with unlimited streaming.

Moreover, it doesn’t require any credit cards, and also no subscription required. It has beautifully sorted movies into categories that you can browse easily.

It works amazingly well as compared to the paid version apps such as Netflix and Prime. Tubi TV contains ads, but it doesn’t annoy you.

The streaming quality of Tubi TV is of high quality, most likely in 1080p. Also, it works smoothly and quickly accessible across devices.

More importantly, they even contain TV shows and movies that you won’t find on Netflix. Also, they keep adding new movies and TV shows, so that you won’t get bored watching the same ones.

Tubi Tv is a very alternative to a paid one, and its web version has an option for screencasting.

You can download Tubi TV on Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 for free.


Vudu free streaming movie app

Vudu has a vast collection of movies and TV shows which you can watch freely.

Moreover, it doesn’t have any subscriptions and contracts to sign-in, but it requires a free account to watch movies.

The picture clarity is expected up to 4k UHD, and sound comes with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio on selected devices.

You can watch most of the movies in Vudu freely without ads by enabling the “Free with ads” label.

If you want to watch offline or facing some issues with buffering, then you can simply download it on your phone.

Additionally, Vudu is currently supported by Google Chromecast, which will make it easier for you to watch on the big screen and not limited to the phone.

Although some have faced issues with their downloads and upgrades, the plus point is, they will listen to your problems and solve them effectively.

You can download Vudu on Android, iOS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One/Windows, Roku

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle Movie apps for free

Sony Crackle is a free destination to watch premium movies and TV shows. Recently, Crackle was acquired by Sony and is known as Sony Crackle.

It is supported by most devices and doesn’t require any type of subscription. As per the company, it was reiterated that Crackle is always and forever free.

Crackle doesn’t require you to have an account to set up to watch Hollywood movies, TV series, and originals. But, you may find a lot of ads frequently coming while streaming.

So, if you set up an account in Crackle, it may serve a few ads. And, the content of Sony Crackle is impressive, which makes it worth watching a few ads.

Additionally, you can keep track of your favorite titles with “Watch Later.”

Further, you can even filter genres like action, thriller, drama, comedy, and fandom to find newly added movies or TV shows.

The downside of Sony Crackle is it shows lengthy and frequent ads. Also, when you pause a video, it again starts with the last ad reel.

Sometimes, it also faces compatibility issues with Roku and difficulty in casting on TV.

People also found out that the streaming of movies or TV shows is not that smooth. It got paused, or sometimes it got disconnected due to a slow internet connection.

Overall, Sony Crackle is worth a try to watch a vast collection of content except for a few glitches.

You can download Sony Crackle freely from Android, iOS, Xbox One, Windows, Roku, Playstation 4, Amazon Kindle Fire.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV free movie apps online

Pluto TV has a tremendous assorted collection of movies and TV shows. It also contains hundreds of free channels where you can watch the latest movies, TV shows, breaking news, and more.

Moreover, it has very simple to use user interface, not clustered with so many features. You can have a dedicated tab for free movies and TV shows.

Pluto TV also has additional benefits to sort and hide TV channels which you don’t prefer to watch.

Additionally, the fast streaming of live TV channels is impressive, and you can switch between channels without any buffer time.

The downside of Pluto TV is that the app has very few customization options, the search function is not proper, and it is difficult to cast on the smart TV.

Moreover, users are still facing some glitches like taking lots of space, continuously running in the background, some functions are not working in landslide mode, and it is killing the battery too soon.

Apart from this, Pluto TV is easy to navigate, not too frequent commercial, and great content to watch.

You can download Pluto TV on Android, iOS, Windows/Mac, Roku, PlayStation 4, Amazon Kindle Fire.


FilmRise free movie app on Android and iOS

FilmRise offers an extensive collection of movies and TV shows. It contains the right mix of TV series and documentaries but still needs more content.

Although you may find some of the movies, documentaries, and TV shows, which you used to watch on Netflix, are freely available in FilmRise.

FilmRise stream HD quality video, and it doesn’t require any type of subscription fee and credit card details.

They have nicely included movie ratings and IMDB popularity ratings, which make it easier to decide what to watch.

Moreover, they automatically create recent playlists and editors playlists, which makes you aware of what you have watched earlier.

You can choose from favorite genres like Drama, Thriller, Horror, Comedy, Documentaries, and Martial Arts Movies.

The downside of FilmRise is that it still faces a problem with Chromecast, loading of videos are not too quick, and sometimes it creates buffering issues.

Although, the developer of FilmRise is very responsive and took regular feedback from viewers. They try their best to remove glitches as soon as possible.

Additionally, they need to include more old movies and create a separate section for new entry titles.

FilmRise currently supports many devices. You can download FilmRise on Android, iOS, Xbox/Windows, Roku, Amazon Kindle Fire.


Plex best free streaming app

Plex offers free movies and TV shows along with web shows, podcasts, and online news. Additionally, you can also have your own personal videos, photo, and music.

They extensively cover a wide variety of content from award-winning movies to Anime. You can also find Bollywood music, documentaries, and family-friendly shows.

They offer a beautiful and straightforward user interface. Recently, they have added detailed descriptions, artwork, and some other related information.

Plex included search features, and it can create your personalized recommendation if needed.

The drawback of Plex is that you have to create an account before streaming any videos. Moreover, some users also experienced stuttering problems and connection issues with Chromecast.

Furthermore, the user interface of Plex needs an upgrade with more useful features.

Apart from a few glitches, it is worth giving a try to Plex. It is also found to be a better replacement for the paid version of Google Play Music, YT Music, and Netflix.

Additionally, Plex ads are not annoying, like other apps.

Further, Plex offers paid subscriptions too, which will be ads-free and much more content to watch.

You can download Plex on Android, iOS, Roku, Playstation 4, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Xbox One.


popcornflix free live streaming movie app

Popcornflix is offering free ad-supported content like movies, web series, TV shows, and documentaries.

To watch free content in Popcornflix, you don’t require any type of subscription, signup, and credit card details.

Although, free signup account has different advantages like you can personalize your account, enhance the streaming experience, rate content, and can create GIFs while viewing.

The movies available on Popcornflix are recognizable, and TV shows are little underwhelming.

The downside of Popcornflix is it contains too many frequent ads, dated content, some content is blocked in some countries, and difficulty in connecting with Chromecast.

Additionally, streaming and download of videos are not supported by some of the devices. Most of the users are also facing continuous buffering of videos.

You can download the Popcornflix app on Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire, Playstation 4, Roku, Xbox One.


yuidio Collection of free movie and TV shows

Yidio is a convenient source to discover, find, and track where to watch TV shows and movies.

It included both free and paid sources like Tubi TV, Crackle, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and much more.

The free account with Yidio will help you to have personalized suggestions, watchlist, daily reminders, and price comparison.

Besides, you can have an advanced search, filtering, and daily recommendations. It also has a facility to notify particular movies and TV shows, when and where they are available.

Yidio also has a premium version where you can watch the video without any ads, will get real time-reminder, and will get priority assistance from experts.

The best part of the Yidio app is that you will have an extensive list of content, aggregates from lots of free movie apps as well as paid apps. Also, with filtering options, you can create a massive list of free movies and TV shows.

The downside of the Yidio app is that the download of movies and TV shows requires you to sign up for an account. Also, they still have some signup glitches which need to be rectified.

Moreover, the request notification of new movies and TV shows is not working as it was claimed.

Conversely, the paid subscription of Yidio is not found valuable enough for users.

Still, want to give it a try? You can download Yidio on Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire.


Filmzie top free movie app on Android and iOS

The Filmzie app offers high-quality movies that are mostly from independent filmmakers and small studios. It is free and is a 100% legal platform.

It basically connects independent filmmakers with an audience. They even urge you to support the platform with small ads, so that it will reward filmmakers.

Moreover, the support from the audience will help them create an exceptional film, and help to broaden the community.

You will find tons of free content in the Filmzie app. They have a catalog of best award-winning movies, mind-blowing short films, the best in independent film, enlightening documentaries, and much more to watch.

The Filmzie app doesn’t have any subscription and not even charging any fee. Also, the new content is added regularly, which is worth watching.

The downside of the Filmzie app is its user interface, which needs to be improved. Also, they don’t have the facility to connect with Chromecast.

The advantage of having the Filmzie app is that you can have high-quality content without much interruption of the ad.

You can download the Filmzie app on Android and iOS.

Final Thought

We have listed free movie apps for Android and iOS that are legal and free to watch.

You may find some of the content not available in some countries. This may be due to privacy concerns and regional limitations.

If you still want to watch banned content in your country, then you can consider having a good VPN.

However, you will notice that hundreds of free movie apps are available both in Google Play store and iOS app store. But, most of them are illegal and has security concern associated with them.

It is not advisable to download any type of illegal apps which may compromise the safety and security of your smartphone. So, be cautious about that.

Similarly, read our free movie download sites that don’t require any type of registration.

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