Best CPC Ad Networks for Publishers: Ultimate List

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One of the common ways of earning through blogging is through ad networks.

As a publisher of your own blog, high paying CPC ad networks can give you a steady passive income.

Best CPC Ad Networks for Publishers

I have listed these CPC ads network not limiting to just the earning aspect but also keeping in mind how the ad synchronizes well with the user experience.

Note: There may be top paying CPC ad networks out there that may just out shadow a good content. Don’t opt for it even if the average CPC rates are good. It will cost your CTR in the long run.

What are CPC ad networks?

In a digital advertising context, CPC refers to cost per click.

The cost per click rates happens in real time bidding and fluctuates depending upon the search volume and keyword competition.

Also, this metric is totally performance based and the probability of publisher earnings increases with the no. of visitors clicking the link.

Good quality content with no fluff, neat and simple website design without clowning it with endless ads are two key aspects to improve the CTR of any given CPC ads.

Top CPC advertising networks for publishers

Google Adsense:

You love quality ads, you will love Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is the best CPC ad network when it comes to ad quality, payout and ease of use.

In these many years of blogging, I haven’t yet feel like switching to any other CPC ads network.

Reasons? The ad relevancy to my contents and ad performances are unbeatable.

Eligibility Requirements:

If you are new to blogging or a budding blogger, just keep posting good content and wait for decent traffic to your website, Google Adsense will accept you.

Most importantly, there are no minimum traffic requirements to get approved.

You can check the Google Adsense guidelines on how to approve your blog for placing CPC ads.


The Adsense host API facilitates high quality ads (text, display, media, banner, etc), allows configuring channels and ad styles, better control of ad categories, mobile responsive and real time performance reports.

NET: 30 days

Withdrawal Limit: $100

Payment Mode: Cheques, Direct Deposit, EFT, western Union and wire transfer.

Sign Up with Google Adsense comes under the high CPC ad network list for the new bloggers especially

Like Google Adsense, it offers contextual ads to its publishers and is powered by Yahoo and Bing with 100% fill rates.

Eligibility Requirements:

There are no minimum traffic requirements to get approved by

Any blog content written in languages other than English is not approved.

You can see high revenue from their CPC ads if majority of traffic comes from U.S, U.K and Canada.

Read their detailed publisher ad program guidelines before signing up with them.

Note: You can use along with Google Adsense until the ads doesn’t look similar to Google ads in look and feel.


It supports contextual ads, display ads, native ads with custom sizes, in-content ads, desktop interstitial ads and mobile docked ads.

If you got approved, you get a dedicated account manager to help earn better from the ad placements.

NET: 30 days

Withdrawal Limit: $100

Payment Mode: PayPal and Wire Transfer

Sign Up with


Infolinks being a popular in-text advertising network is a top CPC ad networks as well.

The CPC rates are on average above $5 and publishers see high revenue if the website content is totally text based and has traffic coming from tier 1 countries.

Eligibility Requirements:

No minimum traffic requirements for publishers in terms of page monthly visitors or page views.


Infolinks provides the options to pick and choose different types of ads to display in your websites: InFold , InScreen, InText, InTag , InFrame and InArticle ads.

The Infolinks option panel allows easy code integration, custom configure ads, search widgets and place related tags, etc.

Note: Infolinks is compatible to run along Adsense.

NET: 45 days

Withdrawal Limit: $50

Payment Mode: E-Cheques, PayPal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer

Sign Up with Infolinks


Another worthy mention of high CPC ad networks is Propeller ads.

Though it is famous for their CPM rates, in the late 2018 they have introduced cost per click bidding for native push notifications ads.

Eligibility Requirements:

No minimum traffic requirements to join.


The different monetization tools available for publishers are: Push notifications, Onclick ads, Widgets, Interstitials and smart links.

Some notable features of Propeller ads are Ad optimization technology, ads bypass ad blocking software, detailed revenue reporting, publisher dashboard in 9 languages and custom tools for ad management.

All the payments are fully automated and you receive earnings every Thursday.

Note: Propeller ads are Adsense compatible.

NET: 7 days

Withdrawal Limit: Recently introduced weekly payouts of $5 except for Payoneer ($20) and Wire Transfer ($500)

Payment Mode: PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, ePayments, Skrill and Wire Transfer.

Sign Up with Propeller Ads


Contextual based networks are the best CPC ad networks for publishers as ads match the relevancy of the content leading to higher clicks and conversion rates.

Chitika is one such popular ad network that integrates ads seamlessly with your website contents.

Eligibility Requirements:

No minimum traffic required.


Some of the facilities Chitika offers to its publishers are choice of ad type (banner, mobile, hover, InText and Highlights), top quality advertisers, low payment threshold, smart ad technology and RTB platform.

Note: You can use Chitika ads along with Google Adsense.

NET: 30 days

Withdrawal Limit: $10 and $50

Payment Mode: Payoneer ($50) and PayPal ($10)

Sign Up with Chitika


Clicksor uses contextual advertising technology for displaying highly relevant ads on publisher’s websites.

Eligibility Requirements:

Atleast 50% of your traffic should come from U.S, Canada and Great Britain.

For more details check their publisher agreement and approval process.


The type of ad formats available are: Pop-under, interstitial, banners and text ads.

The Publisher revenue share is up to 85% and the average CPC rates (displayed on their website) is $0.035 per click.

NET: 15 days every Thursday of that week

Withdrawal Limit: $50

Payment Mode: PayPal, Check and Wire Transfer

Sign Up with Clicksor

Vibrant media:

One of the close competitors of Infolinks, Vibrant Media is an ad network that mainly provides text and image editorial content for its publishers.

It’s one of the top paying CPC ad networks for premium publishers.

Eligibility Requirements:

Minimum 5 lakh monthly page views


Some striking features are ad placements with increased view ability (InArticle and InImage ads), easy to implement custom tags, ultra light JS code and cross platform delivery.

Note: You can use Vibrant Media with Google Adsense

NET: 45 days

Withdrawal Limit: $50

Payment Mode: Check and Wire Transfer

Sign Up with Vibrant Media

Hilltop Ads:

A decent CPC ads network, Hilltop ads accepts publishers from all geographic location and accepts mainstream and non –mainstream contents.

Also, it accepts the following niche industries: downloads, entertainment, e-commerce, dating, finance, movies, social, file hosting, mp3 and streaming sports.

Eligibility Requirements:

Atleast 5000 unique visitors.


Hilltop ad network provides Anti-Adblock solution for web and mobile traffic for revenue optimization, real – time detailed statistics of your earning report.

You also get a dedicated account manager to help you with the ad campaigns.

NET: 7 days

Withdrawal Limit: $50

Payment Mode: Bitcoin, ePayments, Paxum, ePayService, Wire Transfer and Webmoney

Sign Up with Hilltop Ads


Adblade is a content- style ad platform that works only with premium publishers.

Eligibility Requirements:

More than 500,000 page views a month.


Adblade proprietary technology provides publishers with standard and advanced ad units, real time reporting, robust suite of key metrics and more!

Through their self-serve ads platform called OptiServe interface, you can display news bullets ads units and earn good revenue out of it.

NET: 30 days

Withdrawal Limit: $20

Payment Mode: Check and ACH direct transfer

Sign Up with Adblade


Blogads is one of the pioneers when it comes to direct advertising and is strictly for premium publishers.

Eligibility Requirements:

1 million page views


They serve banner advertising, native advertising and sidebar advertising with priority ad filters, full controls on ads, responsive ads, global coverage, etc.

NET: 30 days

Withdrawal Limit: $75

Payment Mode: PayPal and Wire Transfer

Sign Up with Blogads

Other CPC ad networks – Low paying


Bidvertiser is a direct advertising network that is gaining the attention of bloggers looking for CPC ads network.

Also, bidvertiser ads might be irrelevant to the contents a visitor is reading. Make sure it doesn’t affect your bounce rate.

Eligibility Requirements:



The ad formats at bidvertiser are: Display banners, pop unders, sliders, smartlinks, XML or JS tags.

Note: You cannot use along Google Adsense. However, if you are new to blogging, you can use it as an alternative adsense platform.

NET: 30 days

Withdrawal Limit: $10

Payment Mode: PayPal, Payza, Check and Wire Transfer.

Sign Up with Bidvertiser


The key is to choose the best CPC network that can become potential revenue for your blog niche and the audience you are serving.

Stuffing your blog with too many CPC ad networks with the motive to make more money will only hinder user experience and affect your overall CTR.

At the end of the day, the quality of your audience (traffic) and geo location is what determines the values of ads on your site.

So choose wisely.

Let me know which CPC networks works best for you and what’s your opinion on advertising networks.

Happy Blogging!