14 Best Address Verification Software, Tools and Services

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Have you ever received a package or important document sent to the wrong address? Maybe you’ve experienced the frustration of trying to update your address on multiple accounts and still receiving mail at your old address. These issues can easily be avoided with the use of address verification software.

Address verification software is designed to ensure that addresses are accurate and up-to-date, which can save time, money, and headaches.

With so many options available, choosing the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best address verification software on the market to help you make an informed decision.

This article reviews the top address verification software options and highlights their features, benefits, and potential drawbacks.

Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual looking to streamline your address management, this guide will help you find the perfect solution.

What Are Address Verification Tools?

Address verification is an essential step in any organization’s operation. Without it, it can be difficult to ensure that products and services are shipped to the correct destination without errors or mistakes.

By verifying a customer’s address before shipment, you can save time and money wasted on re-sending items sent to the wrong place due to inaccurate information.

The process of verifying addresses involves carefully checking all aspects of the address given for accuracy, including typos, incorrect zip codes, missing apartment numbers, and other abnormalities. This helps prevent packages from being lost or addressed incorrectly and keeps customer satisfaction through accurate delivery.

Address verification also helps protect your business from fraud by verifying the legitimacy of customers’ locations. It is important for businesses to implement reliable systems for address verification in order to provide quality customer service and increase efficiency and accuracy in their shipping procedures!

How Does the Address Verification Tool Work?

The Address Verification Tool is an invaluable tool used by many organizations to ensure customer orders are accurately fulfilled.

The tool works by matching the address of the customer with addresses stored in the organization’s database. If the two addresses match, then the order can be delivered to the customer.

However, if no match is found, the product cannot be fulfilled, and an alternative delivery location needs to be sourced.

This tool helps minimize mistakes and improve company efficiency by eliminating any blunders that may arise due to incorrect address information being supplied or miscommunication between customers and fulfillment teams.

By utilizing a sound system that verifies an order’s exact destination, businesses can guarantee that their package reaches its desired destination without issue – ultimately helping customers and companies alike.

Best Address Verification Software

Melissa Data Quality Suite

Melissa Data Quality Suite Address verification software

Melissa is a leader in the address data business, serving customers for 35 years. They offer an impressive suite of accurate and reliable address solutions from email validation to phone validation, not just within the US but worldwide.

They understand precisely what it takes to produce robust address data and has experience working with many clients from various markets.

Their vast expertise puts them in a great position to provide the best possible service and the highest quality of results for any organization that needs quality address solutions.

Whether you are looking for simple verification or sophisticated cleansing services, Melissa’s Clean Suite provides organizations with powerful tools that improve data accuracy and quality.

Including email address confirmation, multi-record, and batch processing capabilities, fuzzy matching possibilities, and parsing features that detect all types of addresses accurately – be it postal or other – Melissa’s Clean Suite provides comprehensive coverage when dealing with address-related data management problems.

The combination of their unique set of services and years of experience makes them quite a star-studded vendor when it comes to helping organizations reach their maximum potential when handling their customer’s information.

Smarty Address Validation Services & Software

Smarty Address Verification Software

Smarty is a powerful address validation tool that prides itself on being quick, accurate, and easy to use.

Not only are the APIs for USPS and other international addresses capable of handling billions of requests per second but according to G2.com, Smarty has been rated as the number one easiest-to-use tool among other top competitors.

With this automation in place, businesses can improve their processes, gain more accessible access to customers’ home addresses and shipping information, provide better customer service, reduce returned mail rates, and comply with regulations regarding address verification.

If you want your business to stay competitive,, a reliable address validation service is absolutely required in today’s digital market.

That’s why Smarty was built with speed as a top priority so that companies can validate large batch files quickly and easily while still providing very accurate results backed by the United States Postal Service’s databases.

Allowing companies to verify their customers’ addresses quickly saves them time and money by reducing fraud risks as well as eliminating the potential costs associated with return mail due to an incorrect address or otherwise bad data.

Lob Address Verification Tool

Lob address validation in real time

Lob’s Address Verification services are a powerful tool to help streamline direct mail automation. This add-on gives users a reliable solution for properly validating addresses within the United States and internationally.

As part of their direct mail API, Lob enables organizations to quickly verify any address by running it against the proper databases.

With this service, users are able to determine if an address is accurate and valid so that postal carriers can easily make deliveries without any delays or issues.

The services offered by Lob allow companies of all sizes to optimize mailing processes in no time, providing an efficient way for businesses to reach out to customers around the globe.

At the same time, these tools are a great investment as they can also save money by preventing costly mail returns after delivery attempts have been made due to incorrect addresses being provided.

Lob’s Address Verification Add-on offers good value when considering international shipping rates and is compatible with major platforms such as Google Maps and USPS databases for accuracy.

PostGrid Address Verification

PostGrid Address verification tool

PostGrid is a software company specializing in CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) address validation services.

The company is relatively new and has only been around a few years, but it has still managed to make its mark by gaining a noteworthy following of loyal clients.

PostGrid aims to help businesses save time and money on postal address verification by gathering data sources such as postal records, mapping APIs, and even census geographic data.

With their comprehensive system, organizations can quickly validate addresses and ensure that all relevant information is correct before sending out mailings or shipments.

This not only eliminates the cost and time associated with wrong addresses but also helps reduce postage costs due to incorrect addressing.

In addition to providing address verification services, PostGrid also offers various related features such as standardizing US zip codes, adding county codes for each US state, assisting with delivery-point validation on individual addresses, making street curbside improvements across multiple databases, and verifying international mailing instructions.

All these features combined help make PostGrid an ideal choice for businesses looking for an efficient way to verify customers’ shipping information.

Through its accurate automated process and intuitive interface, PostGrid makes it easier than ever before for businesses to double-check customer address information before printing.

WinPure Address Validation Software

WinPure address verification software

WinPure is a Windows-only postal address verification software that keeps accurate customer data safe and easy.

The software allows users to protect their database from errors and secure sensitive customer information with its efficient address verification.

This locally installed software can quickly validate postal addresses, ensuring that all of the customer data entered into any database is correct and valid.

WinPure offers high-speed address validation, so businesses can always maintain accurate records – avoiding costly typing mistakes or wrong formatting problems.

The program also acts as a safeguard against fraud; it’s an effective tool that helps minimize the risk posed by inaccurate customer details such as billing addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, and more.

Additionally, this software enables businesses to stay up-to-date with postal service changes in different countries, meaning companies can precisely target their marketing campaigns while always relying on quality data.

Overall WinPure’s verified address validation system is fast and efficient – safeguarding precious customer information and helping to ensure companies make fact-based decisions backed up by informed data.

Loqate – Address verification tool

Loqate address verification software

Loqate is an address verification platform specifically designed to help online, and eCommerce businesses capture and validate accurate details for their customers.

Their platform utilizes powerful technology to ensure users have the best experience possible, including address autocomplete, international data, fuzzy error prevention, and user location detection.

With Loqate, users can input partial or incomplete addresses, and the program will automatically make suggestions based on what has been typed.

The use of Loqate also extends beyond basic address verification; it also allows businesses to verify customers’ identities by collecting data from a variety of sources, such as driver’s licenses, passports, and more. This helps businesses prevent scams while ensuring customers are who they say they are.

Additionally, with its automated system in place, businesses can save time that otherwise may have been spent manually entering customer information.

Furthermore, the accuracy ensured by the Loqate platform means fewer returns due to incorrect shipping information – reducing expenses incurred due to misdeliveries.

Address Validator by Byteplant

Byteplant Address validator software

Address Validator is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. It helps to improve customer experience and accurately reach target users with the necessary information.

The Byteplant verification system offers a complete solution for verifying, standardizing, and correcting postal addresses from more than 240 countries around the globe.

With this, businesses can ensure that customer data entered into their databases is correctly formatted and properly validated.

Email validation is another important element that businesses must take into account in order to ensure efficient communication with customers.

Byteplant’s email validator allows you to validate email addresses without even sending an email message, improving sender reputation and deliverability and reducing bounce rates.

Their online API lets you validate emails at the point of entry, allowing customers to correct any errors in real-time so that only valid emails are accepted and forwarded.

Through address and email validation, businesses can cultivate better relationships with their customers by ensuring they reach them quickly and efficiently through accurate data collection methods.


Global z Global address verification software

Global-Z International has been a leader in global address quality for over 30 years. Specializing in cleansing, standardizing, and enriching data for customers from more than 240 countries, Global-Z understands the need to provide brands with the high level of accuracy and data quality they need to deliver superior customer experiences.

The product verifies global addresses, corrects or inserts incorrect or missing components, formats the address based on local rules, and breaks the address into its individual components for searching, sorting, or analytics.

Furthermore, Global-Z provides solutions to improve customer contact ability while aiding in eliminating fraud due to undeliverable emails. As such their email verification services allow them to pinpoint and correct common errors as well as optimize user email deliverability all over the world.

Additionally, their services support all major alphabets and writing systems found throughout different countries ensuring that businesses have a reliable partner when it comes to dealing with international customers.

Together these features help create an effortless business-customer relationship no matter where you may be located around the globe.


Addressfinder address verification service

AddressFinder is an Australian-based address search, verification, and cleansing tool designed to help business streamline their customer contact forms. This simple-to-use and easy-to-integrate API allows businesses of all sizes to quickly and accurately autocomplete address input fields while also offering bulk uploading of entire address databases.

With data sourced from authoritative AU datasets, AddressFinder enables users to have confidence in their customer addresses. The software further enhances this service by providing plugins that allow for integration with online stores, CRMs, or other custom services.

Overall, AddressFinder facilitates the smooth functioning of customer registrations in a variety of industries where accuracy is essential – such as finance, retail, and e-commerce this gives customers streamlined access whilst increasing two-way engagement within businesses.

By amalgamating Australia’s leading authority datasets with predictive and accurate autocompletion searches, AddressFinder helps ensure correct addresses are populated on all forms while reducing the risk of inaccurate information being entered.

SmartAddresser 5

SmartAddresser5 software

SmartAddresser 5 is an intuitive, comprehensive mailing solution developed by SmartSoft.

It provides many powerful features such as CASS-certified address verification, PAVE-certified presorting, advanced deduplication technology, and job scripting.

SmartAddresser also offers a reporting tool for jobs, easy label, and envelope design through the Print Layout Assistant, and full support for the IM barcode.

To increase the capabilities of SmartAddresser 5 still further, there are several add-ons available:

  • MUV module lets you use a national change of address information to update customer addresses
  • MailSpotter helps you strike a balance between accuracy and productivity
  • RDI database helps determine whether an address is a valid residential or commercial address
  • Mail.DAT supports the USPS’s Electronic Verification System and helps minimize return mail;
  • Advanced Sortation Modules offer additional USPS sortation options
  • SA5 Light enables email support for user accounts.

With all these features at your fingertips, you can be absolutely certain that all your mailing needs will be taken care of with the utmost efficiency.

Address Enhancement Software

Address enhancement software

Address Enhancement Software, or AES, is an essential tool for businesses large and small when it comes to shipping products.

By automatically verifying addresses, AES reduces the need to manually check accuracy each time a shipment is sent out. This saves businesses valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on this tedious task.

Additionally, this software eliminates errors that can lead to failed deliveries due to incorrect address information – providing improved customer service in the process.

AES features USPS address verification API as well as real-time processing capabilities, and USPS presort services.

With these features companies can quickly and accurately verify each address they ship to before dispatching the order, thus saving time and money in the long run.

What’s more, this sophisticated software systematically flags potentially misspelled words or other address inconsistencies so shippers know when they have to research unfamiliar names or proper toll-free phone numbers associated with specific addresses before sending out their shipments.


Woosmap address verification service

Woosmap is an innovative geolocation API platform that offers a wide range of features tailored to help businesses use location data in order to optimize their marketing efforts.

The platform is specifically designed to provide access to data with its powerful geocoding capabilities, allowing businesses to search for locations, calculate distances and detect background locations without any hassle.

It offers full flexibility and customization so that organizations can create personalized maps with multiple layers such as custom pins and markers.

What makes Woosmap unique is its ability to visualize all of the gathered location data and present it on an interactive map. This outstanding feature helps organizations analyze and refine targeted campaigns with real-time data.

Furthermore, Woosmap’s powerful search engine allows users to find places more quickly by providing auto-completion based on partial queries entered in the text field.

Enterprises can access useful insights about viewers based on metrics such as area heat maps, route journeys, or hotspots for particular regions; therefore, they could identify trends or make informed decisions involving pricing strategies, the geographical segmentation of markets, or site selection for new stores.


Xverify email verification

Xverify is one of the best companies that provide email verification services. It is based in the US and offers a wide range of digital marketing solutions to its clients. With accurate postal address verification, Xverify stands out from other services.

They have a reliable system that takes submitted addresses and compares them against the US Postal Service registry.

The system used by Xverify is highly intuitive and works in real-time. This means that if a minor misspelling or an incorrect address is made due to human error, the system will auto-correct it without interrupting the user’s experience.

In addition, their speedy service saves both time and the cost of manual labor involved in verifying email addresses or postal addresses. Given its reliability, accuracy, and speed, Xverify is no doubt one of the top digital marketing solutions available today for businesses of all sizes.


AddressZen address lookup software

AddressZen is an excellent tool for ensuring efficiency and accuracy when it comes to addresses for businesses.

It simplifies the process of integration, provides seamless checkout options, and utilizes the USPS ZIP+4 to ensure high-accuracy levels for data. With this service, you’ll never have to worry about incorrect addresses or formatting errors.

The tool even has a built-in feature called fuzzy matching that will help detect any errors within your existing addresses in real-time so you don’t have to go through them manually.

Plus, with a free trial subscription period of twelve months, you get over 1,200 verified address data points without spending any money-making AddressZen is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who are looking for accuracy in their day-to-day operations.

How to Choose the Best Address Verification Tool?

The right address verification tool can help businesses become more efficient, cost-effective, and secure.

Should validate physical addresses

A good address verification tool should be able to validate physical addresses on both a domestic and international basis across a variety of carriers and data points. The chosen tool should also provide easy integration with existing systems as well as fast response times for data entry validation.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when selecting an address verification tool for your business—from the accuracy rate to find out if the provider offers volume-based discounts or pay-as-you-go pricing options.


When choosing an address verification tool, it is important to make sure you are investing in a cost-effective solution. There are many great tools available on the market, but oftentimes their prices can be prohibitively expensive and difficult to justify.

Before you decide on one particular address verification tool, take the time to compare its price with that of some other similar tools on the market. Doing this will ensure that you find one which is suitable for your budget and will ultimately save you money in the long run.

Easy to use

Address verification is an important process when entering customer or shipping information into a database. To ensure accuracy and improve the customer experience, businesses should choose an address verification tool that is easy to use.

Despite its importance, address verification should not require hours of training and complex setup; it should be intuitive for users so that they can quickly look up information.

Certified support staff

It is important to review the licensing terms in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on down the road. Additionally, businesses should opt for services that have certified support staff available in case of technical problems.


Compatibility is an essential factor when choosing the right address verification tool for your business.

You need to make sure that it is compatible with the Content Management System (CMS) or shipping delivery system you use, as this will ensure the seamless and efficient operation of your store.

Your verifying software should also be able to integrate with any third-party applications or services such as Google Maps or Addressy, allowing you to quickly validate addresses against their global databases.


Accuracy is something that should never be overlooked. It is essential to make sure the tools you are choosing for your tasks are highly accurate in order to ensure good results.

To achieve this, it’s best to do thorough research and read reviews from reliable sources before making any final decisions about a certain tool.

Review customer ratings

Finally, customers should always review customer ratings prior to investing in any solutions to make sure they purchase only the best address verification tools available.

Taking the time upfront to research and address validation options can ensure an organization has a successful experience with its purchase.

Bottom Line

Verifying addresses is important now more than ever with e-commerce becoming the new norm. Incorrect or incomplete addresses can lead to costly mistakes for the business, so having the right address verification tools in place is key for staying competitive.

These solutions enable businesses to ensure reliable product delivery which will improve customer satisfaction and provide a better shopping experience.

There is a range of tools available such as geocoding APIs, comparison databases, and postcode lookup services that can be used to verify address accuracy.

The best option will depend on the type of business you run and your specific needs; however, they all offer efficient options for validating postal addresses quickly and accurately.

Utilizing these address verification solutions saves businesses time and money by minimizing any potential errors when it comes to shipping products out to customers.

With this in mind, every business should make sure they have an effective address verification tool in place if they want to stay ahead in today’s market.

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