5 Key Question to Ask for Facebook Business Page

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Facebook Business page represent your brand, create closer relationship with your customer and, create showcase for your product and services.

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5 Key question are most asked by any business man, entrepreneurs, company representative for Facebook business page are -:

1. Why to create a Facebook business page?

This is the first and repetitive question ever asked by company, entrepreneur, small and medium enterprises, business man.


  • Facebook business page is FREE and easy to create. Add your business information, website link, upload logo and you are done.

  • You can share your services, product feature with your prospects and customer. And, when someone likes your post then it get published in their newsfeed. Thus it get viral when your post attract huge number of audience.

  • Facebook pages are public. It means, it doesn’t require login to view a page and thus your page can be easily indexable by search engine. Moreover, Google love Facebook pages. You can easily gain SERP and from their people will stumble upon your business Facebook page.

  • You can listen the expectation of your target, collect their stories, their questions, their criticism or praise.

  • You can build up the database of interested users. After that you can send them product updates, new launch website, event, photos etc.

If you succeed in developing a real community with your Facebook business page, then they feel proud to share in turn your profile information. Thus you will gain visibility and grow your network with prospective customers

2. Is it worth for an entrepreneur?

For an entrepreneur, Facebook business page is a great platform with limited time and funds, where they should spend their resources. Entrepreneur should spend their resources where community members are most active and invest their time where conversation and connection are most recognizable and reciprocate the interaction.

Since September 2012, Facebook reaches milestone of one billion users worldwide. It is the most visited website after Google. And it continues to climb! So, stumble upon Facebook business page because millions of customer are waiting for you.

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3. Is it complicated?

No, a Facebook business page is created with a few clicks. And I’m here to help you, isn’t? Then just contact me with your sweet little words.

4. Does it take time?

It is very fast to create a Facebook page, but the most important is to update regularly to develop the community and make it live.

For this, the frequency is more important. Give minimum of three times a week to keep in touch with your followers or fans. There is no need to spend an hour, just share relevant post with link, question and answer, information on a new product launch, interact with them and that’s it.

5. Is it expensive?

Totally free, like all other social networks. This is also what makes the great of this tools. However, if you want to advertise for your page, you must open the wallet. No worries, even if you spend on advertising, you will get more of it. The Facebook model is constantly evolving, who knows what the future holds?

So, are you ready for an adventure in Facebook world?