Best Way to Learn AngularJS Online: Step By Step Guide

One of the most popular front end JavaScript framework , AngularJS is here to stay for a while.

Backed by Google, learning AngularJS will put you in the driver seat for its credibility to cut nuances in the web development process.

Best Way to Learn AngularJS Online Step by Step Guide

It’s the perfect framework for building responsive web applications with reduced line of codes and has complete MVC components to help you build like a pro.

A research says that AngularJS is the second most sought after skill after JavaScript and the salaries of Angular developers are more than enough to pay your bills.

If you have a strong foothold on JavaScript, then you can learn AngularJS in one day from their official AngularJS website or from Google Developer Todd Mott videos .

But if you want to take it slow or want to dive deep further, a better way to learn AngularJS is through various online resources out there.

Best Site to learn AngularJS


Udemy is a very popular online learning platform with an instructor led videos and tutorials. They have a bunch of quality AngularJS courses to help you learn AngularJS step by step.

It has both paid and free courses to learn AngularJS online.

Udemy runs some or the other discounts throughout the year on their paid courses and you can always get them at discounted rates.

I have handpicked some best AngularJS courses that are quite popular and enrolled by a huge number of students at Udemy.

Learn and Understand AngularJS

Course Price: $174.99 (Rs.11, 200)

Course Ratings: 4.6 out of 5.0 from 13,850 students

Course Enrollments: 67,008 students

About the Course:

It is a bestselling AngularJS course at Udemy currently. The course athor Anthony Alicea has 25 years of extensive programming experience  across different web development applications.

The course teaches the fundamental concepts to learn AngularJS and understand it thoroughly. You will know how to design custom services and directives, build single page applications, the use of dependency injection, two way binding, digest loop, etc.

The course author believes in learning by doing, so the best way to learn AngularJS is by looking at his examples and try hands on.

You will also be provided with downloadable source code to help compare your code.

Best Way to Learn AngularJS Online: Step By Step Guide

Learn More About The Course

AngularJS Jumpstart with Dan Wahlin

Course Price: $74.99 (Rs.4, 800)

Course Ratings: 4.5 out of 5.0 from 2,445 students

Course Enrollments: 18,490 students

About the Course:

If you are building a web application and looking for a helping hand to learn AngularJS framework, this is an awesome course from Dan Wahlin.

Dan Wahlin is an award winning Angular Google Developer expert and is an author himself on a wide range of web technologies.

The course is suited for both beginner as well as intermediate AngularJS programmers.

The course provide coding demos to understand essential concepts like controllers, scope, views, routes, factories, directives, etc to help you build a robust AngularJS application.

Check out his very popular YouTube video AngularJS in 60-ish minutes which has a million views. 

Best Way to Learn AngularJS Online: Step By Step Guide

Learn More About The Course

Learn AngularJS Step By Step

Course Price: $34.99 (Rs.2, 240)

Course Ratings: 4.0 out of 5.0 from 1,163students

Course Enrollments: 18,868 students

About the Course:

If you are thinking how to learn AngularJS in a step by step manner, check this beginner friendly course from Maruti Makwana.

Priced nominally, the course will provide a good platform to newbies in understanding  AngularJS framework and its important components like directives, services, modules, routing, controllers, etc.

The course is especially targeted on front end developers and designers who are very new to AngularJS framework and want to learn in a quick and easy way.

Best Way to Learn AngularJS Online: Step By Step Guide

Learn More About The Course

If you are interested to read more such Angularjs course on Udemy, please read my 7 Best Udemy AngularJS Courses: Learn and Understand AngularJS on Udemy Review


Coursera is a popular and well known MOOC online education provider with more than 28 million registered users and 2000+ courses.

Coursera works mainly with Universities and corporations and provides free online degree courses as well as monthly subscription based specialization courses.

They have a 7 days free trail to get started with.  

Most of their courses are of high quality as it is prepared by esteemed university professors in the first place.

What I like the most about Coursera is that you can study their course materials for free, even the specialization courses through auditing.

I have found two AngularJS courses on Coursera with good ratings and reviews for AngularJS learning.

Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS

Course Price: $79 – Subscription Fee (Free if you audit the course materials)

Course Ratings: 4.9 out of 5.0 from 1,278 ratings

Creators: Johns Hopkins University

About the Course:

The course takes you through the core design of AngularJS, its components and code organization techniques.

You will understand how to use dependency injection to enhance the functionality of a Single Page web app.

You will be able to create reusable HTML components using AngularJS data binding and custom directives.

By the end of this course, you will be capable of building a fully functional AngularJS web application and know how to deploy to the cloud.

Best Way to Learn AngularJS Online: Step By Step Guide

Learn More About the Course

Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular

Course Price: $49 – Subscription Fee (Free if you audit the course materials)

Course Ratings: 4.8 out of 5.0 from 258 ratings

Creators: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

About the Course:

Make sure you have a good working knowledge of JavaScript before enrolling the course.

The course gives you an intro to the Angular material and Angular Flex layout and its use in responsive UI design.

Apart from that, you will be learning essential aspects of Angular like components, directives, services, data binding, router and how to build robust SPA using them.

By the end of this course, you will get a strong hold on client side JavaScript and Angular framework and know how to implement a fully functional front end web application using Angular.

Front End JavaScript Frameworks Angular Coursera

Learn More About the Course


Codeschool is an online learning platform and has some excellent coding material with it.

It teaches you to code with a good mix of video lessons, Screencasts and interactive coding exercises.

However, it is not free. You need to go for a recurring monthly subscription at $9 to get unlimited access to its 72 courses and 257 screencasts.

You still get 15 introductory courses free!

Some of the popular AngularJS courses at Code School:

Shaping Up With AngularJS 

This is a free introductory course on AngularJS from CodeSchool.

The duration of the course is 4 – 5 hours and it teaches you the basics of Angular 1.2X.

The course has some useful additional references and supplemental learning resources for the beginners.

AngularJS Tutorial Code School

Staying Sharp with AngularJS

Another free course to enroll, you will learn how to use flexible directives and reusable services with Angular 1.3X throughout your app.

The video runs for 6 – 8 hours and is well supported by additional resources and supplemental learning.

Staying Sharp with AngularJS Code School 2


Just like CodeSchool, Codecademy is a preferred online tech website to learn AngularJS basics.

However, they have a paid pro option to access extra benefits such as quizzes, final projects, help from advisors apart from the course material.

Whatever the case is, Codecademy provide high quality material to study programming in the first place.

Let’s look at the popular AngularJS course from Codecademy

Learn AngularJS 1.X 

The course has 14 projects, 4 quizzes and 1 final project if you upgrade but nevertheless the course material is free to learn.

The course helps you to learn AngularJS from scratch, introduce to the MVC programming pattern and build your own responsive web applications.

The syllabus include interactive lesson (free), freeform Project (Pro), multiple choice quiz (Pro)  and AngularJS final project (Pro).


If you do not want to learn popular AngularJS tutorials online because you need to pay, W3Schools provide a handful of free AngularJS courses to study.

AngularJS Tutorial

Keep this as a basic reference guide when you later venture into more advanced AngularJS topics.

This free tutorial covers all the fundamental concepts of AngularJS framework namely directives, expressions, filters, modules and controllers.

It has sample code for every topic to try and practice for yourself.

Thinkster has high quality tutorials and resources mainly for the Java Developers who are looking to build full stack apps.

It is one of the best places online that has awesome tutorials and Screencasts on AngularJS.

It provides both free and subscription based paid content.

A Better Way to Learn AngularJS 

This is a free content intended to help learning AngularJS the easy way with best available resources on each Angular topic.

The course aims to act as a guide so that you master each Angular concept thoroughly and thereby construct large scale applications with ease.

You can view their entire catalogue of AngularJS courses here.

A Better Way to Learn AngularJS Thinkster

AngularJS videos on Egghead are highly recommended if you are looking for more comprehensive and thorough tutorials.

Best part,all the course materials are developed by actual JavaScript developers.

While some egghead courses are free to study, you need to sign up for their monthly subscription at $29 monthly or $250 early to access all courses and lessons.

These are the some popular egghead AngularJS courses worth mentioning.

New to AngularJS 1.x? Start Learning here. 

Introduction to AngularJS material 

AngularJS Application Architecture

AngularJS Data Modelling

AngularJS Fundamentals

AngularJS Controllers


Pluralsight is another best place to learn AngularJS and known for its valuable resources on very specific technologies.

Also, lots of students prefer to learn at Pluralsight because of their high quality course material.

Even Todd Modd has created courses on PluralSight.

To access the entire course library, you need to opt for a monthly subscription of $29 or yearly subscription of $299.

You can opt for a 10 day free trial to begin with.

Some of the noteworthy AngularJS courses at PluralSight are:

Beginner Level:

AngularJS : Get Started 

Intermediate Level:

AngularJS Fundamentals

AngularJS Routing In-depth

AngularJS Services In-depth 

AngularJS Best Practices 

AngularJS Directives Fundamentals 


Just like Pluralsight, you will love Lynda’s online tutorials for improving your coding skills.

It has an extensive library of courses under the developer training section.

To access the courses, you need to opt for a basic plan starting at $19.99/mo or Premium plan starting at $ 29.99/mo.

You also get 30 days free trial to start with.

Some of the best AngularJs courses Lynda has:

Learning AngularJS 1 

Learning AngularJS 2

Become an AngularJS Developer

AngularJS 1: Adding Registration to Your Application

AngularJS 1: Building a Data Driven App

View the entire AngularJS training and tutorial here.


Toptal is a popular Freelance marketplace that provides freelance developers, software engineer for companies to hire.

They do have some awesome articles written by Software engineers on a variety of topics including AngularJS.

Some of the best ones in AngularJS are

A step by step Tutorial for Your First AngularJS App by Raoni Boaventura

Top 18 Most Common Mistakes that AngularJS Developers Make by Michal Mikolajczyk 


Tutorialspoint is good for beginners who are just starting out with AngularJS as the tutorials are very basic and easy to learn.

Another plus, all the tutorials with them are free to study and have a good database of resources.

Best use them as reference material when you move towards intermediate level learning of AngularJS framework.

You can even plan to learn AngularJS in a weekend by going through full AngularJS course material here


AirPair is basically a company that assist programmers who have coding issues with an inhouse expert.

You pay these coders hourly for clearing your programming doubts. As simple as that!

Apart from the software advice that AirPair provide, it has some excellent article written by subject matter experts on AngularJS.

Take a look at few of them:

AngularJS Tutorial: A Comprehensive 10,000 Word Guide by Todd Motto

AngularJS Tutorial – Building a Web App in 5 minutes by Charney Kaye

Services in AngularJS simplified with examples by Dhananjay Kumar


Similar to AirPair, Codementor is an on demand marketplace for software developers looking for expert help.

You can sign up with them, join their community of developers and explore AngularJS resources from their learning center.


If you happen to be in India, VSkills is a good choice to learn online plus earn certification from Govt of India PSU.

Remember there is no mandate certifications required to learn AngularJS online but if you require one to show cast in your resume, VSkills has one for you.

Certified AngularJS Developer 

Course Price: Rs.3999

About the course:

Initiated by the Govt.of India, the main purpose of this e learning course is to get certified and increase your employability.

You can even tag your resume as “vskills certified’ on job portals like and

As a prerequisite, you need a working knowledge of JavaScript and HTML.

The course is divided in to 5 major modules with 13hours of learning duration. You are first introduced to the essential components of AngularJS framework like controllers, filters, user input and validation, etc. Then working knowledge of custom directive and how to use controllers and directive with DOM elements.

The last two modules focuses on how to build applications using AngularJS services and how to us the testing features of AngularJS framework.

AngularJS Certification Course AngularJS Training Course Vskills

Learn More About The Course

Best Website to learn AngularJS

There are dedicated blogs out there which provide free resources,tips, tricks and tutorials on AngularJS with in depth content.

I have listed some the best ones to bookmark and follow up regularly.

Year of Moo

As a beginner, Year of Moo provides excellent introductory text base tutorials to understand basic AngularJS topics like Dependency Injection, Modules, Directives, routers, etc.

Some best tutorial to learn AngularJS here:

Use AngularJS to Power Your Web Application 

Animation in AngularJS 

Other Websites to Learn Angularjs

Angular JS Tutorial by Jacob Jenkov 

AngularJS Blog Series by Gabrielschenker

John Papa 

Todd Mott

Reddit/ AngularJS

Envato Tuts

Dan Wahlin’s Blog:

Ben Nadel:


Best Resource to learn AngularJS

Official Angular Website:

This AngularJS tutorial from their official site can act as a basic guide to help you build a simple application of your own.

Also, if you are proficient with AngularJS basics and started building independent applications, you can refer their API documentation.


You can find tons of free and exclusive AngularJS resources like articles, books here at ng-newsletter.

Just start subscribing to their weekly newsletter related to AngularJS and you will explore the framework like no one did.

Some of the noteworthy AngularJS content to study here

Build custom directives with Angular JS

How to learn AngularJS – Your AngularJS Sherpa

How to get started (Part 1 of the AngularJS – from beginner to expert in 7 steps series)

Scopes (Part 2 of the AngularJS – from beginner to expert in 7 steps series)

GitHub Repositories

To get familiar with the AngularJS best practices, read the style guide from the Google Developer expert John Papa.

Also go through the seed projects built on Angular apps.

If you find scopes to be little tricky while learning AngularJS this resource will give you a helping hand in understanding scopes.

If you want to look into all the Github repositories related to Angular, see here


It is a popular online developer community started in 2008 where developers learn and share their programming knowledge and develop new skills.

It has a wealth of information featuring questions and answers on topics related to computer programming.

You can check all the questions posted in the AngularJS forum


Similar to StackOverFlow, Quora is a platform to gain and share knowledge through Q&A. But it’s no just restricted to Developers and Programming.

Just type in AngularJS in their search tab or check here  for a whole lot of information and people’s view point on AngularJS framework. makes google search easier by helping newbies find the best programming courses and tutorials at one single place.

Here you can find a list of best AngularJS tutorials and courses submitted by the programming community.


If you are currently on a project that demands you to quickly update yourself with AngularJS, then check the following popular courses available at Youtube currently.

Also, learning such tutorials I guess is one of the fastest way to learn Angularjs.

Video Tutorial 1: AngularJS Fundamentals in 60-ish Minutes by Dan Wahlin

Video Tutorial 2: Angular JS Tutorial – What is Angular JS by Kudvenkat

Also learn AngularJS online free from YouTube Channels like Kudvenkat, Tech CBT, Codedamn, Dan Wahlin, Tony Alicea and Programming with Mosh, they all have covered extensively on Angular JS topics.

Best Book to Learn AngularJS

If you are an avid reader and love learning through reading, there are some awesome books to learn AngularJS.

Pro AngularJS by Adam Freeman (very popular book)

Ng- book : The Complete Book on AngularJS (Highly sought after)

O’Reily Books on AngularJS

Learning AngularJS by Brad Dayley

AngularJS Web Application Devlopment Cookbook By Matt Frisie

AngularJS Programming by Example – Agus Kurniawan

AngularJS Ui Devlopment – Amit Ghart, Matthias Nehlsen

Unraveling AngularJS 1.3 – Istvan Novak

It can become a little overwhelming with the amount of online resources available to study AngularJS.

You can bookmark the article and start prioritizing your AngularJS needs in alignment with your career in hand.  

Then come back to the article, go through the list again and choose an AngularJS tutorial that teaches you what you are looking for.

Not to forget, start building an application of your own to get some real taste of AngularJS.

Happy Learning!

Best Way to Learn AngularJS Online: Step By Step Guide
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