YouTube Videos: 10 Tips for Most Popular YouTube Videos

Google YouTube Videos are given more preference compare to article.  Aside from Google, What is the second site that you use to search? A high percentage of readers will respond almost unconsciously, Youtube . And it is precisely this behavior of the Internet that make YouTube, the second largest search engine , then why you do not want to be visible?


After the jump, we compiled for you a list of 10 tips and tried finding reason behind most viewed YouTube videos

10 Tips to improve your YouTube Videos

1: Make YouTube Video search easy by optimizing title

This means, optimized title can be quickly found by search engines. To do this, the more you use keywords relevant to the content of your video, the better.

2: Add a optimized YouTube video description that can be found easily

Add a description that fully represent your video in brief, add a keyword but don’t stuff with keyword. It’s better to add a social network account, so that you can address to viewer and in return they follow you.

Yes, always be sure to include the http:// or https:// protocol otherwise your links will not be recognized by YouTube Another thing, try to keep the link at the starting point or sentence so that it would be above the tab “Read More” . A surprising number of “lazy” users who are not able to click on that tab. We will have to facilitate them further :P

3: Maximize your labels or tags in YouTube Videos

The vast majority of people do not make full use of the number of tags that could be used. The TAGS, keywords are vital when it comes to be found or searched in search engine. Include in your YouTube videos that you think are relevant and after a month or two, recheck the stats to see if your video is really getting benefit in search engine, if not, you can always edit, delete or add some new ones. To add multiple tag consist of words, phrases sure to do it in quotes, eg “I label the video for SEO in YouTube”.

4: Post YouTube Videos to Pinterest

As a social tool, this platform has been gaining more and more followers, and although growth is not as exponential as its predecessors Twitter and Facebook, but those who use, tend to be active and always looking for quality content.

Try to add your brand within each video, because Pinterest allows you to watch the videos directly on Pinterest without going to YouTube. If you want your channel you have visited and the user can access more content generated by you, you need that information is made available on video space.

5: Get “Likes” on your YouTube videos

To get likes on your YouTube videos, make videos more relevant to the topic, stuff with facts and figure, show some result. This helps get the attention of the audience.


6: Share YouTube Videos on Facebook

Whether you have a page dedicated to a blog, such as editing the page on Facebook , or your personal profile will always be good to give exposure to a video and share to get viral. Know where to start, but never know where it may end.

7: Share YouTube Videos as a Tweet in Twitter

As in the previous point, it all adds up. The caution here is sure to add to the tweet, the appropriate hashtag to identify your content or to enter the trending topics of the moment, as well as the “@” the author of the video so that they can follow you.

8: Share YouTube Videos on Google + too

Google+ facilitate like whenever you upload a public video to YouTube, you can choose to have it automatically posted to Google+ as well. Google+ is a trending Social network after Facebook and Twitter, so sharing your videos this way can help you find new fans of your work.

9: Create a response for YouTube Videos

The technique is to look for a video that has similar content of yours to post your video as a response. If anyway you think this will help attract public and create interest in your content.

10: Invitation to Subscribe YouTube Videos

Today no one claims to have a popular channel, without making a public invitation to subscribe, follow on social networks, to share, and make it viral. The more subscribers you have the more people get to see your video. This is a powerful tool to use when marketing on YouTube videos.

Among other things recommended, is to embed your video in a blog, or post it in the comments of these so that you can insert your own at some point. Of course to do this, in the video settings, you must allow embedding via embed code.

Finally, try to always be available for your mobile video equipment. Today are devices that access the Internet mostly and do not want to stay out of a display via smartphone or tablet. This is regulated in each video settings when uploading.

Have these tips to make your most viewed YouTube Videos

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PS: The vast majority of these tips, most of them do not use in their channel setting, because of being famous is what interests us less YouTube Videos: 10 Tips for Most Popular YouTube Videos


Do you want to know how many different ways you can use your YouTube Videos in your blog or website as per your requirement or condition then hopefully below article will solve your problem.

YouTube Videos: 9 Most Important Tips for YouTube Videos

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