Why to Use Google Webmaster Tools for Better Search Results

Want to know how your website or blogs is performing in SERP? Is your website is too slow for search engine to crawl? Whether your website content get crawled by search engines? If you are handling such queries than Google Webmaster Tools is the ultimate tools to determine page visibility absolutely free.

Why to Use Google Webmaster Tools for Better Search Results

You get access to Google Webmaster Tools simply by adding Google Webmaster  Tools Meta Tag and then verify your website. You can identify three primary sections – managing your website with site configuration, how Google sees your website or blogs and where your site got stuck solve it with diagnostics tool

Google Webmaster Tools provide deep, intelligent insight and action to do items for your website or blogs. Google Webmaster Tools  determine the search impact, crawl status and valuable metrics for your website or blogs.

Why to Use Google Webmaster Tools for Better Search Results

To Diagnose Crawl Errors:

You can diagnose crawl errors and ultimately improve performance of your site. If there are no errors, then no problem otherwise you can take action. Google Webmaster Tools tells you what to do next and what appropriate action should be taken to solve tells issues.

Google webmaster-tools-crawl-errors

To Improve Site Speed:

Site speed is one of the factors to rank higher in Search Engine and Google Webmaster tool help you to identify speed issue. Crawl stats in Google Webmaster Tool provide information on Googlebot’s activity on your site for the last 90 days. It includes a download of CSS, Javascript, flash, PDF files and images

Crawl stats in Google Webmaster Tools

To Identify Top Search Queries:

You can identify what all search queries to help display your website in the search engine results. Through which you can determine whether your website or blog is appropriate for search engine keywords or not.

You will come to know what people type and which searches get you more clicks. Search queries in GWT provide great insight and invaluable search intelligence report. You can dig more to optimize your content for specific keyword and reveal which pages on your website are ranking the highest for that keyword

Search Query in Google Webmaster Tools

To identify traffic patterns for Individual pages:

You can identify how your pages or blog post is performing in search result and determine what type of content or subject lead you to more traffic and rank. You can even identify the best and worst content and, also click through rate (CTR) with average ranking. You can grab graphical representation of impression and click each blog post or pages are receiving.

Individual Pages in Google Webmaster Tools

To Determine Authorship Stats in Google Webmaster Tools:

In a Lab section of Google Webmaster tools, you can view Auther stats to identify the search statistics for external blog posts for which you’re the verified author. You can identify views, article position, impression and CTR in search results.



In a summary, Google Webmaster Tools are great SEO tools that help you in troubleshoot, track site performance and improve crawling by search engine. Google Webmaster Tools can give you the detailed data you need to maximize your SEO campaign and to further improve them.

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