Social Media at Work Really Matter? Social Media at Work Stats

Most company try to shield their use of social media at work, but now it’s time for the higher-ups to embrace the practice during working hours.

It’s indicated and claimed in survey that social media has untapped potential in the workplace, despite the often negative connotations that social media is a time waster in the workplace.

Social Media At Work

Why to use social media at work?

  • Social Media at workplace solve collaboration issues when tacking project because workers are not physically connected to each other and thus refill or help to close this gap.
  • Social Media at work  help to increase productivity and creatively tackle problems.
  • Social Media at work create better relationship and positive work environment.

How to use social media at work?

  • Create innovative campaign on a social network like wellness campaigns created by human resources company.
  • Using social media at work help in regulation of rules and changes, policy update, discussion on new changes. Most legal firms started using Twitter and creating hashtag to increase discussion and debate.
  • Social media at workplace help in monitor of ongoing issues, trend and abuses. Most company uses Facebook to track problem and issue as a real time update.
  • Social Media at work helps in promotion activity of upcoming project and to take new initiatives. Facebook and Twitter fitted best to help encourage collaboration.
  • Use Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest to broadcast corporate messages.
  • Thoroughly review each post before posting in social media. Be cautious in creating disagreement and conflict at workplace and mind your words that may provoke offense.

What you need to change at workplace to encourage using social media?

  • Today everyone want to connect with each other but organization are still discouraging to use social media. Instead of this, organization should provide training on social media benefits.
  • Leaders should come forward  to start using social media in a proactive way.
  • Leaders should discuss, change old mentality and encourage employee for use of social media at work.

Social Network required at workplace

Few facts that will encourage social media at work

  • Do you know? 189 million of Facebook’s users are “mobile only”
  • Do you know that 45–54 year age bracket is the fastest growing demographic on both Facebook and Google+. And also, 55–64 year age bracket are the fastest growing demographic on Twitter
  • Do you know that in US, YouTube reaches more adults aged 18–34 than any cable network
  • Do you know that every second two new members join LinkedIn
  • Do you know that now Social Media has overtaken porn as the No. 1 activity on the web
  • Do you know that 93% of marketers use social media for business out of which only 7% of marketers say they don’t use social media for their business.

Below infographic demonstrate whether social media at work be a good thing. In concise it says that at organizations where social media use is seen as a negative the fault lies with the companies themselves. Firms should encourage social media at office, during survey it indicate that firm not even provide training to their employee. Figure indicate that 48 percent do nothing to encourage how to use it to improve productivity.



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