Interserver Review 2018: Experience With Reliable Web Host

Have you gone bonkers choosing a hosting company for your site, when you had a terrible experience already?

I have been in such situation several times. And when this happens, it can be so confusing because we are bombarded with several choices.

We all know, every hosting company plans are not going to fit everybody’s needs and preferences. Keep in mind, all hosting companies does aggressive marketing and put forth beautiful promises.

An honest opinion (review) will ease the pain and provides clarity to some extent. Hope my Interserver review will do justice to that!

Interserver Review with Interserver Coupon Code 72

I’ve already given a try to their standard hosting services and the entire Interserver Review is based on my personal experience. I must say, the level of quality they maintained is topnotch.

It’s very hard to find these days a web hosting service which can provide you all( cheap price, reliability and quality) . What you get with Interserver is a bucketful of super features and a server with solid performance. .

Apart from the basic shared hosting plans,Interserver also comes with cheap VPS and Dedicated hosting services without compromising in quality. They also have an option of affordable cloud hosting, and shared VPS services, which is worth to consider.

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Interserver Review

How I Got To Know About Interserver?

My case was quite different. I had been using two different Hosting companies earlier GoDaddy and HostGator(which i will be reviewing soon)for quite a few years and recommended it to all my clients before I stumbled upon Interserver.

I stuck to my former hosting company because we all know that finding a good hosting company as hard as looking for a needle in a haystack.

This client of mine who had an Interserver coupon code wanted me to build an e-commerce website using Interserver.

He insisted he wanted his site built on Interserver, so I obliged. Today, I’m glad I did not go down my usual route of traditionally recommending the two hosting companies I have known to new clients. (I still recommend GoDaddy and Hostgator, they have their own merits and demerits. But it depends on my clients needs!)

My Decision To Use Interserver Paid Off!

I must confess; I had a lot of doubt as to what Interserver had to offer.

At first, I was skeptical with Interserver. All I know that time was it is been in market for 15 years and had minimum complaints from real users(quite a rare phenomenon). But I was quite satisfied with my previous hosting company and I never was parallel looking for a better option.

Below are a couple of things I have observed and found the company to excel in:

Prompt Customer Support:

When it comes in choosing a hosting company, I am a huge sucker for customer service; If it stinks, I’m out.

I always emphasize, anyone who cares to listen and is eager to solve your problems, that kind of support level from a hosting company will determine your online success by fifty percent; do no compromise with it.

The guys at Interserver are on 24/7, and I was never put on hold for longer than necessary; if I raised a ticket online, I received a response without any delays.

And they follow up till that problem is thoroughly rectified. For me that was huge. Many hosting companies still take this for granted( Hard to understand!).

Dedicated Servers, VPS & Complete Root Access:

The client I worked was on Interserver dedicated server (really good) but I have found the VPS hosting option which comes with a 1GB RAM and free extra storage to be more cheap and cost effective. Really a good bargain with a kind of quality you experience.

If your website has a lot of media like videos, images, you won’t go wrong with Interserver. In fact, this is even more so with gaming sites. If you are somebody running a gaming site, the Interserver’s CRA (Complete Root Access) will help optimize your gaming software and obtain the best from Interserver VPS which is set up with all server requirements like Mencoder, QS-faststart, OpenSSL, ImageMagick, etc.

The best thing to note here is the Interserver’s scalability feature(no compromise on speed) and with the ease of access, your gamers will increase, you can customize your server to suit future needs.

Interserver Review - VPS Hosting 72

Unlimited Cloud Hosting:

Whatever you end up paying is always restricted to a particular limited amount of space, bandwidth, and add-on domains but Interserver’s cloud hosting is not just unlimited, it is also very reliable with a hundred percent uptime.

No Downtimes At All:

I learned their data center is in Los Angeles and so far so good, they have an uptime of 100% (not 99%). I mean a hundred percent.

We rounded up that project about eight months ago, and the clients have not experienced any second or millisecond (smile) of downtime.

Particularly Great For WordPress Sites:

All the WordPress sites we manage on Interserver are doing great, and we have no issues whatsoever. I believe Interserver is particularly useful for WordPress sites.

There was one day during testing, though, I noticed a couple of pages on one WordPress site that appeared to have been ‘lost’ or maybe invisible’ is the word.

They were on the backend but not visible at the front end. My team and I racked our heads but could not just figure out what the problem was.

I called Interserver, and they ran a plugin or PHP script while I was still on the phone with them and when they were done, everything was good to go.

Affordable Pricing With Several Coupons & Promo Codes:

As for pricing, the plain truth is that if you compare what Interserver gives you to than other popular hosting companies, their price is not bad at all.

Their basic price comes with as much as 295 scripts, and all of them are easy to install with just a few simple clicks.

We always recommend our clients  to use Interserver coupon codes(Why not?) to get more value for money. From time to time, the company has several discount offers available.

Use Interserver Promo Code or Interserver Coupons and click here to get a discount.

You can always chat with the company’s support to as for an available promo before you purchase. That way you will enjoy more savings and stretch the value of your dollar.

Use Interserver Coupon Code

They Give Back To Society ( And This Is A Plus):

Being a company owner myself, I am quite huge on Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back to society. Interserver is involved in several apprenticeships that teach children with learning disabilities technical skills.

I don’t know about you, but this was huge for me because I get to know that in addition to delivering exceptional value, the company is also ethical.

Interserver Hosting Plans

Interserver is not targeting specific group of sites, instead it has expanded to every level. Likewise, their hosting packages satisfy every customer need and fulfilled their requirement.

Shared Hosting:

Their entry level hosting services start with shared hosting packages. Their managed web hosting plan is categorized under: Standard Web hosting, Managed WordPress and Window Web hosting

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According to my experience, the reliability of shared hosting packages is quite high. They never overload their shared servers (not more than 50%), that’s good indication for customer. This give enough flexibility and buffer to grow without any issues.

Interserver Review - Shared Hosting 72

VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Hosting:

Interserver also offer affordable VPS hosting(really cost effective) for mid-size website and if you need more power go for dedicated server.

Interserver dedicated server comes with multiple options to choose from; you can either create you own custom build and have it set for you or they also have a pre-configured option to get your site up and running fast.

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Interserver Review - Dedicated Hosting 72

What You Like the Most About Interserver?

  • Price Lock Guarantee
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Website Migration
  • $1.99 Domain Registration
  • Privately Owned Data Centers
  • SSD Enhanced Server
  • 50% WordPress Capacity
  • One Click Install Script

What Not-So-Good About Interserver?

  • Sub Domain are not allowed in WordPress Hosting
  • Currently, they don’t have data center outside US.


From the moment I embarked on that earlier client’s e-commerce site design and personally noted all the great features Interserver hosting has, I started to recommend Interserver more than other hosting companies.

If you are going to buy hosting for the first time  and wanted to play safe, choose Interserver with no further thoughts.

It is a perfect host for small businesses and Bloggers/Enterpreneurs.

I value integrity and protect my business clients interests with informed choices. If something hasn’t been tried, tested, and trusted, I do not recommend it.

I really cannot give Interserver anything less than an A+. At the moment, getting something better would probably be quite cumbersome.