FatCow Coupon Code March 2019 : Up to 80% Off

Fatcow has always been a good choice for individual and small businesses because of its low cost and reliable hosting. If you’re currently looking to save big with Fatcow hosting then a Fatcow coupon code would be handy.

Fatcow coupon code will help you to save atleast 65% of the total cost of your web hosting. Fatcow regularly provides Fatcow coupon code for its new and existing customer which will help to save good on your Fatcow hosting plans.

fatcow coupon code

Apart from being cheap and affordable, Fatcow is also a most dominating web hosting provider due to its reliability, unlimited disk space and loads of bandwidth. With the help of Fatcow promo code, you’ll not only help to save more but also able to take the benefits of standard web hosting.

Due to its aggressive pricing, Fatcow is a preferred choice for most of the individuals. You can take the benefits of its low price, by opting for an yearly plan. Fatcow yearly web hosting plan will become more cheap for a long term basis by using Fatcow coupon code

Fatcow Coupon code

The current available Fatcow coupons:

How to use Fatcow coupon code?

Simply follow our step by step process if your new to Fatcow and need to know how to apply Fatcow coupon code successfully.

Click on above Fatcow coupon code link

Once you have activated the above Fatcow coupon code by clicking on it, you will be taken to a special landing page.

Click on “Get Started button”

You will find a “Get started button” on a landing page, click on it. You will be taken to a registration page.
Choose your preferred “Domain Name”

Fatcow will provide you a free domain name. You only have to choose your own preferred domain name that are available currently. If you need domain privacy, then opt for $9.99 plan per year, it will help you to save your personal details on Whois database.

Fatcow Discount Code - fatcow-registration-domain-availability

Their is also a free option of domain privacy (whois privacy) when you’re registering a domain name with Namecheap.

If you’re already have your own domain name, then go for second choice “I plan to use a domain I already own”

If you’ve selected your domain name, then click on continue which will take you to a next page “Enter Your billing information”

You need to “Enter your billing information”

You will find billing information page to be divided into different section. Each section is straight forward and easy to fill.

In a “contact information” section, you need to fill your all details and are mandatory to fill.

Next, you can see “Payment information” section, either you want to pay with credit card or PayPal, it depend upon one’s preference. Fatcow don’t have any other payment option currently apart from credit card and PayPal. If you would like to know more about other payment options, you can go for live chat support for queries. Their support system is helpful and would solve queries quickly and precisely.

Fatcow Promo Code - fatcow-registration-contact-information

In the “purchase information” section, you can change your FatCow plan. Remember, in a monthly FatCow plan, you will not find any free domain. Here, you can even decide, whether you want “Domain Privacy” or not.

Next and the last is your “Website Essentials”, which is totally optional. But, FatCow is collaborated with well known brands like WP Essential, Sitelock, Google Apps and many more. These are very good option when your business is on high risk and having lots of customer base.

Some of the above “Website Essentials” are strongly recommended by FatCow, though it was totally optional for newbies.

FatCow Coupons - fatcow-registration-website-essential

Lastly, you can check out safely, your login credential will be delivered successfully in your registered email ID.

Free Stuff with FatCow Web Hosting

Fatcow provide additional freebies if you newly starting your hosting plan with them. The free stuff include:

  1. Google Adwords – $100 Bonus
  2. Bing Ads – $100 Search Credit
  3. Free Domain Name
  4. Just Cloud – 1 GB Cloud Storage
  5. WordPress Blogging Tools

What all feature will attract you towards FatCow Web Hosting?

Free Domain Name

With FatCow Web Hosting, you will get a free domain name. This feature is quite helpful for newbies who are starting their website for the first time.

Unlimited Email Address

You can create unlimited email address but each mailbox has a storage capacity of 500 MB

Unlimited Disk space

FatCow web hosting comes with an unlimited disk space so you are free to have website without any worries.

Umlimited Bandwidth

If you having lots of customer traffic, then this feature is a great add-on to your hosting.

Good Support

FatCow comes with very good support system. You will not have any problem with their support system. Their support system are skilled and tech savvy.

Some FAQ about FatCow Hosting

Which billing cycle should I opt for?

FatCow comes with monthly billing cycle as well as yearly billing cycle. I preferred to go for yearly billing cycle because it cost me less as well as they also provide free domain name.

What all top level domain do they provide?

They provide a very wide variety of domain extension. Some of them are .com, .net, .tech, .space, .online, .website, .store, .site, .club, .us, .biz, .info, .me, .co and .org domains.

What all payment method do they accept?

FatCow has Credit card option ( Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) as well as Paypal.

Is there any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, they do have money back guarantee of 30 days. If you’re not satisfied anyway, you can claim your money back.

If you have registered free domain name, your domain registration fee will be deducted from your final amount. They also have some restriction when you pay with Paypal. You have to bear the Paypal fee at the time of refund.

Conclusion: Whether I should go for FatCow or not?

FatCow is very good for individual and small business owner who are limited with budget. You further receive a free domain with the annual plan and lots of other promotional free stuff. It is also one of the most reliable web hosting provider in the industry.

If you’re still looking for best option at a similar, I also recommend to try SiteGround hosting.

Make sure you reap the discounts by using FatCow coupon code as you would get at least 65% off of the total price.

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