Facebook Fan Page: 9 Best Facebook Fan Page Apps

Have you ever customized your Facebook fan page? There are thousand of Facebook fan page application that can help you engage your fans. Facebook Page Apps give you everything you need to attract fans, engage them, and offer exclusive content on your Facebook page.


These apps allow you to customize your landing tabs, add videos and photos, add your blog, add polls, add chat, contests, geolocation, scheduling, email, ecommerce and much more. Companies of all sizes are scrambling to get on the site and reach both new and current customers with a Facebook Fan Page, the Facebook preferred method for user interaction with a brand, company or public figure.

In this post we will see,

9 Top Free Facebook fan page applications

that can help us get closer to our fans and media. They are very useful tools to get more out of this social network.

Rumbletalk for Facebook App

We know that the chat can only be used in the Facebook profiles, however with Rumbletalk we can have a chat on the Facebook Fan page with fans and even administrators can chat in real time.

This chat, though display advertising but worth it and have great possibilities to customized, we can change the appearance of the chat, choose whether to accept guests or just Facebook users, pause the scrolling of conversations, filter words, etc.. It is probably the best of its kind.

RumbleTalk  Chat Differently

Contact Me Facebook App

A contact form is simple but effective to Contact Me Facebook fan page app, which allows fans to contact the administrator of the page in a simple and without many complications. It is very easy to use and recommended for sites that want to offer a lifetime support to their fans comfortably.

RSS Graffiti Facebook App

Blogging ? Many entries a day? Then maybe you have no time to share your blog entries on Facebook. With RSS Graffiti no excuses, this Facebook fan page application synchronizes updates for you automatically. It is very easy to configure it, well if any problem do comment, so that we can help you.

RSS Graffiti   Facebook Fan page App

Twitter to Facebook App

Not all Facebook users use Twitter, but their is no excuse for fans who want to learn what you have posted on the social network. Twitter to Facebook is the official Twitter Facebook fan page app that lets you post on Facebook while you do on Twitter.


Twitter for Facebook Fan Page

Unlike previous Twitter pages, add a tab for showing the latest tweets made. This is a good option for those who looking to get more followers so that from that tab one can know what issues are on tweets and also a button for us to follow.


Forum for Pages

Who says you cannot have a forum on Facebook. With Forum for Pages Facebook fan page app, you can have your own forum for your fans who believe in topics, want to participate and interact with each other. It is a useful tool for those who wish to encourage the participation of their fans.

Forum for pages   Facebook Face Page Apps

FAQ page for Facebook

The FAQs are the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), and these are essential if you have a business and want to add extra information, that information is what your customers ask most frequently. FAQ page Facebook fan page app just add a tab with questions and answers of your choice, so that your fans get answer of their questions without consulting you.

FAQ Page Facebook Apps

YouTube for Facebook Fan Page

Are you constantly upgrading your YouTube channel? Then this app is right for you. Pages for YouTube is an application that creates a tab showing videos from your YouTube channel on your Facebook page. This is a good way for your fans to see the videos that you have uploaded and make them to subscribe to your channel.

Youtube Tab Facebook Apps

LiveStream Facebook App

What about a video conference or to offer your fans the live transmission of a unique event. This is possible with LiveStream, an application available for Facebook that allows us to transmit live video. It is certainly an application that you can get much Google juice.

Livestream on Facebook

Although all of these applications are free, most have some limitations as they offer paid versions. Still meet its objective and can become the perfect complement to our Facebook page.

Do you know any other that you really like? Then share with us. :)

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