Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account – Which One Should I choose?

You may be wondering what is the main difference between “delete Facebook account or “deactivate Facebook account”. If you have decided to walk away from the Facebook, delete or deactivate Facebook account can make a big difference to your personal information. It also depends how much information you can restore and how long your Facebook account stay live on Facebook servers.

Delete or Deactivate Facebook account

Let’s move to each queries one by one as well as solution to know whether to delete or deactivate Facebook account


Delete or Deactivate Facebook account


What will happens when you Deactivate Facebook Account?

1. Your timeline will disappear from Facebook immediately

2. Your friend will not able to contact you

3. People on Facebook won’t be able to reach or search about you

4. All your profile as well as page information will be disappeared. None of them could able to see it.

What people can see after you deactivate your Facebook account?

People could able to see your messages which you have sent it before deactivating your account. But, people can never be able to contact or reply to your messages.

What one can lose after deactivating Facebook account?

They will not lose anything. All profile information, page information, timeline update will be invisible to others. All your data would be saved and secure in Facebook server.

So, how to come back after deactivating Facebook account?

  • Simply login with your old username and password, you will able to retrieve your old account. Now, it will be same as it is before.
  • In case you forget your password, simply click “Forgot your password” link below the password field in the Facebook login page. Follow and fill security information in different steps. Then, login again with the new password and come back again to the Facebook world.

What will happens when you Delete Facebook Account?

1. Your account will be permanently deleted with no option for recovery.

2. You will not able to reactivate or retrieve anything.

What you should do before deleting Facebook account?

  • You should download a copy of your Facebook data

How to download my information from Facebook?

1. Click drop down menu from top right corner and then select setting

Setting in Facebook drop down

2. In the General tab, you will find below “Download a copy

Download my information from Facebook

3. Now click “start my archive” to download a copy

Download your information from Facebook -2

What all information you can download from Facebook?

1. Posts, photos and videos you’ve shared on Facebook

2. Your messages and chat conversations in Facebook

3. Information from the About section of your profile

For more detail information Click Here

Keep in mind that once your Facebook account is deleted, it’s gone, so you should delete your account only if you’re really, really sure that you won’t use Facebook again.

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