Best Big Data Online Courses, Tutorial, Training and Certifications – The Ultimate Guide

Big data is a fast growing technology, thanks to the technological world we are currently living and we are relying on data more than ever.

That puts the data scientist career in huge demand and promises a hefty salary package.

Best Big Data Online Courses, Tutorial, Training and Certifications

Big data is crucial in multiple domains, making it one of the most valuable tech skills to master.

What exactly is big data?

Simply put, big data is a collection of large chunks of complex data.

Since it is mostly in unstructured raw form, it cannot be processed easily with traditional database engines or servers for that matter.

Big data comes from a variety of sources such as sensors, devices, web, social media, log files, business and finance transactions, video and audio networks.

All this happens in real time and comes at a very large scale in raw form.

Data scientist and data analyst make intelligent decisions with these raw data in relation to new business opportunities, social media sentiments, ecommerce behaviour, investments, product developments, strategies, etc.

What skills do you need for big data?

There are various skills required to learn Big Data Online:

  • Apache Hadoop and Spark
  • Hadoop components (Hive, Pig, HDFS, HBase, MapReduce)
  • Database skills (SQL, NoSQL)
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Statistical and Quantitative Analysis
  • Data analysis and Visualization (Tableau)
  • Data Analyst / Data Architect
  • Data Loading tools (Flume, Sqoop)
  • Data Structure and Algorithms
  • Programming language (OOP, Java, Python ,R, Scala)
  • NLP, OS and Crpytography

What is Hadoop big data?

Hadoop is a popular open source data framework primarily used in storing big data stream.

The Hadoop architecture allows business and enterprises to store as much as data in the form of clusters.

The popularity of Hadoop is growing day by day.

Also, scroll down to know the best big data Hadoop online courses available.

What is the purpose of big data?

Big data is critical to business and organization to get better insights with the data at hand and makes better business strategies out of it.

Most of the tech giants including IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc put use of this voluminous data to constant analysis and better understand customer demands and behaviour patterns.

That result in increase business revenues, new customer leads, retain the loyalty of existing customers, streamlined business operations, etc.

What is the use of big data?

Why would somebody store large amounts of data sets that differ in volume, velocity and variety?

Because the underlying information could be a gold mine and makes us rethinks the way we do business in a daily basis.

The key lies in the way the company uses a set of given data with data analytics and accomplishes its business goals through it.

Is big data the future?

It is one of the most blooming careers in technology currently.

Not just limited to tech, practically every industry across verticals relies on big data for data management and analytics.

A wiki source predicts that the data analytics and machine learning is already worth $100 billion industry  and is growing at a rapid speed of 10% every year.

Best Big Data Online Courses

Below is the list of best big data online courses that can help you start or advance your career in this growing popular field.


Coursera is a popular MOOC platform that has some good quality big data online courses with interactive textbook, quizzes, peer graded assignments and projects.

They have some high quality courses in the form of specializations, certifications and masters degree in data analytics, data science, machine learning, data mining, statistics, etc.

These courses are the best if you are looking for big data online training at Coursera or want to masters in big data online:

Big Data Specialization – UC san Diego

The specialization has six courses in total to learn the fundamental big data methods  and get insights on big data value sets.

No previous programming experience is required to get started.

You will be introduced to Hadoop basics, perform predictive modeling and how to leverage graph analytics  to model problems.

There is a Capstone project at the end in partnership with a data software company called Spunk to get hands-on with big data analysis.

Data Science Specialization – John Hopkins University

This John Hopkins Big data online course will help you launch your career in Data Science.

A beginner level experience in Python and familiarity with regression is required to understand this 10 course specialization.

You will learn R programming, Github, perform regression analysis, data prediction, machine learning  and know how to apply your newly learnt skills with a Capstone project.

Master of Computer Science in Data Science (MCS – DS)

If you are looking for a big data online degree, check this popular and affordable master degree in data science from Illinois University.

The degree enables big data professionals to build their expertise in data visualization , machine learning, data mining, cloud computing and turn big data into meaningful insights.

This is a completely online degree course and depending upon how much time you can afford to the course curriculum, it can take anywhere between 1 to 3 years to complete it.

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With live virtual classes and self learning videos, Simplilearn is a great e- learning platform if you want to do big data training online.

They have in-house subject matter experts and mostly popular for their structured course material and customer support team.

You can either go for a self –paced learning model or for Online Classroom Flexi-Pass depending upon what suits you the best.

Some of the best big data certifications and master’s program to learn at Simplilearn:

Big Data Hadoop Certification Training

The Hadoop certification course help you prepare for the big data online test (CCA175) at Cloudera.

Know the components of Hadoop ecosystem such as MapReduce, YARN, HDFS, Pip, Fulme, Aparche Spark, etc with 5 real life industry projects on Cloudlab.

Big Data Hadoop Administer Certification training

One of the apt courses to do big data analytics training program online!

The course takes you through Apache Hadoop ecosystem, Hadoop installation, configuration and cluster management with Sqoop, Flume, Pig, Hiv, Impala and Cloudera.

It includes three simulation exams to test your Hadoop admin skills and four real industry-based projects.

Big Data Architect – Master’s Program

We all know that big data Hadoop architects are one of the highest paid professional in the IT industry.

With more than real life projects, the Simplilearn’s master certificate helps you become a qualified Hadoop architect.

The big data degree program online lets you master Hadoop technologies like Spark, NoSQL, Storm. Kafka, Impala, Cassandra, Hadoop clusters to name a few.

To get the masters’ program certificate, you have to successfully pass the simulation exam with more than 75% and successfully complete course projects mentioned in the learning paths.

Integrated Program in Big Data and Data Science – Master’s Program

The integrated program has 5 major courses in R programming, Hadoop and Spark, Tableau, Python and machine learning to get a master’s program certificate in Big data.

The degree program will help you excel across the entire spectrum of big data, data science technologies and techniques.

Simplilearn big data master’s programs are lot more similar to Coursera’s big data specialization courses in terms of course learning paths and projects.


Edureka is another big data online training provider for working professionals.

Their courses are self paced and flexible in nature and comes with lifetime access to course materials, quizzes and assignments and industry based real life case studies.

You are also awarded with a certification at the end of course completion.

Some of the best big data courses online you can enrol at Edureka:

Data Analytics with R Certification Training

R is a popular data analytics tool used by data scientist.

The big data analytics training course will give you expertise in R programming, data manipulation, exploratory data analysis, data mining, regression, etc and how to use R studio for real life case studies.

Big Data Hadoop Certification Training

If you are looking for a big data Hadoop online course currently, check this bestselling course at Edureka.

You get in- depth understanding of Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem and a real life case study on Cloudlab.

Don’t forget to check their review section to know what actual students are saying about the course material and how it helped shaped their career.

Apache Spark and Scala Cerification Training

If you are preparing for Cloudera Hadoop and Spark developer exam, you may want to take this Apache Spark course at Edureka.

You get in depth knowledge on Apache Spark and its ecosystem and Scala programming language and difference between batch processing and real-time processing.

Also, this is one the highly rated big data related courses at Edureka apart from their Hadoop certification course.

Python Certification Training for Data Science

This is strictly for those looking to learn Python, statistics, and machine learning basics and how to gain expertise in applied data science using Python.

All those courses mentioned above have mostly amazing feedbacks from previously enrolled students.


Udemy is a popular online learning platform and has got a bunch of good big data courses online with them.

All the Udemy big data courses have inclusive features such as 30 days money back guarantee, lifetime access to the course material, a certificate on completion and access the course in both Andriod and iOS.

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The Ultimate Hands – On Hadoop – Tame your Big Data

This is so far the bestselling big data course at Udemy.

The course aims at showing a broad overview of Hadoop ecosystem with practical examples.

Also, the enrolment numbers, course rating and student’s feedback are top notch.


There are ‘n’ no of institutes that provide big data certification courses online but nothing beats Cloudera in terms of Industry standards.

Their big data certifications  namely CCP Data engineer, CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer and CCA Data Analyst adds tremendous value to a skilled data analysis professional.

These certifications provide you the required validation to equip yourself firmly in the world of data analytics.

Read the FAQ for details on how to register and attempt the certifications.


Similar to Cloudera, HortonWorks is a market leader when it comes to Hadoop distribution to enterprises.

And a big data certificate from HortonWorks is well accredited among the IT industry.

Following are the big data certification courses you can do online at HortonWorks:

HDP Certified Developers – For Hadoop developers working on frameworks like Pig, Hive, Sqoop and Flume

HDP Certified Apache Spark Developer – If you are into developing Spark Core and Spark SQL applications in Scala/Python

HDP Certified Administrator – Who deploy and manage Hadoop Clusters

Hortonworks Certified Associate – For entry level professionals in Hadoop

Big Data University (Now called as Cognitive Class)

In case, you are a looking for a MOOC platform that provides free online courses for Big data, you might want to check Big Data University.

Backed by IBM, big data university offers beginner and intermediate level courses on big data and related technologies.

All the course offered are free and self paced.

Data Science Council of America

A popular data science certification provider, DSCA certification programs are globally accepted and acknowledged.

They have two  professional certifications in big data engineering, big data analytics and data scientists.

There are certain certification and eligibility requirements to qualify for their certification programs.

Read their FAQ for more details on that.

Comment below about big data courses that are best according to you and the ones you want to recommend to our readers.

Happy Learning!

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