6 Best Udemy Hibernate Course Review: Spring & Hibernate Course

Knowing Spring and Hibernate puts any Java developer on the driver seat in the enterprise Java Industry.

These also happened to be the most in demand skills to level up your career and improve your overall pay in your current job profile.

Best Udemy Hibernate Course Review

I have handpicked 6 best Udemy hibernate courses that has got a good response from the students either with the ratings or feedbacks or enrollments numbers.

The courses are considered best because students have loved these courses (ratings) and benefited from it (number of enrollments).

Note: All the Udemy courses mentioned below have inclusive features such as 30 days money back guarantee, lifetime access to the course material, a certificate on completion and you can access the course in both Andriod and iOS.

If you’re interested only in free courses please refer free Udemy courses and also read my Udemy review for more details about the company.

Best Udemy Hibernate and Spring Course Review

Udemy Spring & Hibernate for Beginners Course

# Course 1

Course Name: Spring & Hibernate for Beginners

Author: Chad Darby

Rating: 4.7+ from 5,560+ students

Currently Enrolled: 23,099+ students

Price Value: $200

About this Course:

This is by far the best and popular Udemy course if you are an absolute beginner in Hibernate and Spring.

It is a regularly updated course and covers latest versions of Spring and Hibernate.

The course discusses Spring Core, AOP, Spring MVC and hibernate and help you create a complete Spring MVC-Hibernate CRUD application from scratch.

Also, all the source code and PDF files found in the lectures are available for download.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

The ratings are mind blowing at 4.7 from 5000+ students and a huge 20000+ enrollments.

The feedbacks have been highly positive and around 60% of students have given a straight 5 stars for the course.

Feedback Highlights: Is an excellent course with excellent instructor, I like the instructor’s promptness in answering my questions, this is one of the best java course available on the web, amazing course that will get you up and running with Spring and Hibernate.

Spring Hibernate for Beginners Udemy

Udemy Java Persistence: Hibernate and JPA Fundamentals  

# Course 2

Course Name: Hibernate and Java Persistence API (JPA) Fundamentals

Author: Infinite Skills

Rating: 4.7 from 328+ students

Currently Enrolled: 2,442+ students

Price Value: $50

About this Course:

If you are a Java developer and want to work efficiently with Java databases, this course best fits in.

This udemy hibernate database course is currently the bestselling one and teaches you how to set up the Hibernate framework, what is Hibernate API and JPA API and know how to retrieve useful data from your persistence tier of applications.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

The ratings are going fabulous at 4.7 from 300 plus students and a steady 2000 plus enrollments.

Feedback Highlights: Great course, exactly what I was looking for, very well structured course and helped me understand persistence better, excellent tutorial on Hibernate, etc.

Hibernate and Java Persistence API JPA Fundamentals Udemy

Udemy Hibernate Course with JPA Fundamentals

# Course 3

Course Name: Java Persistence: Hibernate and JPA Fundamentals

Author: Deshraj Singh Kiran

Rating: 4.5 from 915+ students

Currently Enrolled: 5,920+ students

Price Value: $50

About this Course:

A quality hibernate Udemy course that will help Java developers get a strong foundation on the fundamental and advance features of JPA with hibernate.

The course takes you through hibernate programming, how to step through code in run time, what does persisting objects really mean, how to use hibernate as a JPA provider and get to work on a hibernate and JPA project.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

Another bestselling course on Udemy Hibernate and JPA, the ratings are excellent at 4.5 from 900+ students and a good 5000+ enrollments.

Feedback Highlights: It cleared all the concepts of hibernate, quick responses from instructor, nice illustrations, lots of exercises, excellent course, covers the topic in a very complete way, Hibernate framework and JPA are explained in details,etc.

Java Persistence Hibernate and JPA Fundamentals Udemy

Udemy Spring Web Framework  Masterclass

# Course 4

Course Name: Spring Master Class – Beginner to Expert

Author: in28Minutes Official

Rating: 4.3 from 5,678+ students

Currently Enrolled: 42,501+ students

Price Value: $200

About this Course:

If you looking to learn the entire Spring framework from a single course, this Masterclass is something not to miss.

The bestselling course takes you through the Spring framework basics such as Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, then into the in depth details of Spring Boot, AOP, JDBC and JPA.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?  

So far the ratings have been very good at 4.3 from 5000+ students and a massive 40000+ enrollments.

Feedback Highlights: This course is much better for beginner who eventually wants to learn Spring MVC, well paced, clear, step by step explanation of a framework that is extremely complex, the course has very good practical examples with clear explanations for every concept,etc.

Spring Master Class Beginner to Expert Udemy

Udemy Spring Framework Masterclass from Tim

# Course 5

Course Name: Spring Framework Masterclass: Beginner to Professional

Author: The Learn Programming Academy, Bibhash Roy, Tim Buchalka

Rating: 4.6 from 1,011+ students

Currently Enrolled: 8,412+ students

Price Value: $195

About this Course:  

This master course on Java Spring Framework is regularly updated and fully supports the Spring framework as it evolves.

You will get the understanding of how to program using Java Spring framework 4 and all important aspects of Spring with Core, MVS, JDBC and MySQL.

Also, the course is soon to be updated with Spring 5, Spring Boot 2, Thymeleaf, Security, Hibernate and JPA.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

The ratings have been quite excellent at 4.6 from 1000+ students and a decent 8000+ enrollments.

Feedback Highlights: This course really helped me get more confidence in the technical aspect of Spring, a good course with lots of exercises and examples, it’s a great course and I highly recommend it,etc.

Spring Framework Masterclass Beginner to Professional Udemy

Udemy Java Spring Course

# Course 6

Course Name: The Java Spring Tutorial: Learn Java’s Popular Web Framework

Author: John Purcell

Rating: 4.3 from 3,181+ students

Currently Enrolled: 25,583+ students

Price Value: $20

About this Course:  

John Purcell courses are mostly of high quality and this course is of no exception.

He teaches you the fundamentals of Java Spring framework, Hibernate basics and how to develop web and database applications with Spring.

You will be able to manage user accounts with Spring Security, JDBC, working with web forms, Apache tiles, AOP (aspect oriented programming) using Log4J and JUnit.

What student’s are saying after taking this course?

Even though the course has not been updated since 2016, the ratings are still going good at 4.3 from 3000+ students and has a huge 25000+ enrollments.

Feedback Highlights: Little outdated but really good content, exceptional coverage of materials, the course provides so many insights into server side spring configuration I was not aware of, definitely the best course for any programmer completely new to Spring, etc.

The Java Spring Tutorial Learn Java s Popular Web Framework Udemy

Note: All Udemy prices fluctuate throughout the year. It is recommended to always lookout for Udemy discounts to get these courses at a lesser price.

Happy Learning!

6 Best Udemy Hibernate Course Review: Spring & Hibernate Course
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