10 Best Ringtone Apps for Android for Free (Unique and Distinct)

When purchased an Android phone, you will first look for Android apps for free ringtones.

You like to have ringtones that are unique, popular or distinct among users.

Everyone choices are different and so to cater larger set of audience we have collected different Android apps.

This may relieve you from searching and finding best apps for Android ringtones.

We have put together and come up with a list of best ringtone apps for Android.

Best Ringtone Apps for Android

Zedge Ringtones:

Zedge ringtones is the best free ringtone apps for android. You will find 300M+ collection of ringtones.

You can preview and download high quality ringtones. After that, you can set contact ringtones, notification sounds and alarms.

Zedge includes music like rap, country, rock, comedy, sayings and classic ringers.

Download Zedge ringtone app for android

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Business Ringtones:

If you don’t want too much of pop ringtones, not even the slightest loud ringtones then Business Ringtones need a quick look.

You will find collections that are more professional as well as loud, clear and pleasant to ear.

These ringtones are not attention grabbers which means it won’t let anyone in the office or work place turning their heads when your phone rings.

The collection has a count of  more than 100 profession ringtones. Some of my favorite are piano effect, cool tone, and wind chimes

Download Business Ringtones app for Android

Funny Sayings Ringtones:

Everytime your phone rings someone giggle around you. These funny ringtones not only bring smile to you or to people around you but also make your day.

Funny saying ringtones exactly focus on that and has a great selection of hilarious ringtones for free. These comedy ringtones for Android brings energy and fun on you.

Some funny ringtones you can use as alarm sound or SMS tones.

Get Funny Saying Ringtones app for Android

Nature Sounds Ringtones:

Are you fed up of listening to pop and loud music or listening to Rihanna and Justin Bieber latest songs?

Want some ringtones that are more close to nature and less artificial? Then may be a collection of Nature Sound Ringtones Android app are made for you.

These nature ringtones are peaceful and make you calm and relax. Choices includes ocean sounds, bird sounds, forest sounds, rain drop falling and much more.

Get Nature Sounds Ringtones for Android App

Patriotic Ringtones:

Whenever Independence day approaches, you might want to feel patriotic. At this moment you want your ringtones to be patriotic and full of enthusiasm.

If you are from U.S, Patriotic American Ringtones will cover you. This app offers National Anthem, Hail to the chief, All of the armed services songs and much more.

The collection includes 45 free patriotic American ringtones that are clear and loud.

Visit Patriotic American Ringtones for Android App

For India, you can visit All Indian Patriotic / Deshbhakti Ringtones

Flute Ringtones:

Someone wants their ringtones to be soft and relaxing. Flute sounds are found to be amazing melodies.

You can set tones as your contact ringtone, alarm tone or notification sound.

Visit Flute Ringtones on Android App

Telephone Ringtones:

From the word “Telephone”, you know that it is all about traditional ringtones.

Are you remembering the old phone ringtones? With just simple and loud tones.

Now a days because of smartphone these old phone ringtones doesn’t get included. Most of them are more inclined in downloading craziest ringtones.

Still very few would like to have a old school type ringtones. Telephone ringtones include 45+ old phone ringtones. These ringtones are simply  ringtones which are loud and clear.

Some of my best telephone sounds are Antique bell phone, classic phone and classic office sounds.

Visit Telephone free Ringtones for Android App

Classical Music Ringtones:

Most of them want a pleasant piece of music when their phones rings. For them, a good collection of best classical music ringtones are the gift.

You will be the lover of Beethoven, Bach or Mozart. Moreover, It has been said that the love for classical music last forever.

It won’t go out of fashion and so the demand for Classical Music ringtones app for Android will be alive for many years to come.

Download Classical Music Ringtones for Android

Super Loud Ringtones:

For some people, their phones doesn’t support loud sound or they keep adjusting volumes on their smartphone.

Super Loud Ringtone Android app are made for them. Consequently, this app is also useful for old people or persons who have difficulty in hearing.

Here, you will find variety of loud ringtones which can be used as phone ringtone or alarm tone.

Visit Super Loud Ringtones on Android app

DJ Remix Electronix Ringtones

If you are fond of DJ music and likely to give your phone a distinct personality then this Android app will satisfy you.

It has the top most collection of DJ electronic audio and best nightclub music effects ringtones. Moreover, it will give you the feel of totally different ringtones that you have never heard before.

Also, it is completely free Android ringtones app that are easy to customize and can easily set your own ringtones, alarm tones and SMS ringtones.

Visit DJ Remix Electronix Ringtones app for Android

Other Popular Android Ringtone Apps:

Audiko: Ringtones, Notification and alarm sounds

Audiko has a huge database of free ringtones. You will find million of tracks that are fresh and impressive.

You can review your ringtones on Android app before downloading. Also, they regularly update fresh and new ringtones.

If you would like to create your ringtones or like to customize it, they provide you with tools for custom ringtones.

Get Audiko Android app for free ringtones

Free Ringtones and Ringtones Maker:

Free ringtones and ringtones maker is another popular choice and has fresh collection of free ringtones in an Android app.

They contains high quality of best free ringtones. These free ringtones are easy to download and can be set as favorite ringtones, notification and alarm sounds.

Download Android app for Free Ringtones and Ringtones maker

Scary Ringtones and Sounds:

Scary ringtones are popular among youths. These scary and horror ringtones are attention grabbers. You can also play with them in a group.

It also shows that you love to watch horror movies. Moreover, these ringtones resemble their importance at the time of Halloween.

You will find some of the popular scary laugh ringtones, scariest and creepiest ghost horror sounds, exorcist music, terror melodies, horror noises, strange music for suspense.

After downloading, you can keep as ringtones, alarm or message tone.

Visit Scary Ringtones on Android app

Baby Sounds Ringtones

You may have heard some ringtones that has baby voices. These ringtones are found to be cute and funny. It even attract audience near you.

Baby sound ringtones consist of 55 cute baby ringtones. You definitely love to have it on your phone and also you can share with your friends.

Visit Baby Sounds Ringtones Android app for free ringtones

Wrap up:

All the above Android apps for free ringtones caters to different type of audience. You can pick the one that are suits best for you.

Any suggestion of you like to put, you can comment below. Also, let us know which Android app for ringtones is best for you.

10 Best Ringtone Apps for Android for Free (Unique and Distinct)
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