Best React JS Tutorial for Beginner: React JS Getting Started

ReactJS is a component based library that is slowing becoming a favourite among users looking for client side applications with custom UI.

Thanks to the awesome geeks at Facebook and Instagram who built ReactJS in the first place with a code that is easy to maintain and scale with blazing fast speed due to the presence Virtual DOM.

Best Reactjs Tutorial for Beginner - Ultimate Guide

ReactJS getting started:

ReactJS knowledge along with redux framework is necessary for developing functional single page modern web applications.

If you want to build web applications where you want to change data in real time, ReactJS is waht you need.

Also, if you already know jQuery and Angular technologies for building web app, then getting started with ReactJS is going to be easier.

Keep in mind a good solid foundation in JavaScript and EcmaScript 6 or ES6 is a pre requisite before looking for ReactJS tutorial for beginners.

Let’s find out the best ReactJS tutorial that helps you understand what ReactJS exactly is and how to make your first ReactJS app.

Best ReactJS Online Tutorial – Free

Start Learning React –

Course Author: Joe Maddalone

About the Course:

Egghead has a handful of free ReactJS video series that explore the basic fundamentals of ReactJS exclusively for the beginners.

This ReactJS quick start course runs for an approx an hour and talks about ReactJS basics and how it works in general.

Make sure you try the code for yourself along with the author to get hands on experience on the basics.

Getting Started with Redux – 

Course author: Dan Abramov

About the Course:

ReactJS and Redux framework go hand in hand if you want to build modern front end applications in the future.

So once you have gone through the ReactJS fundamentals, check this awesome egghead course from the creator of Redux Dan Abramov.

He teaches you how to handle state management with minimum bugs in a ReactJS application with Redux.

You will be learning for free the principal fundamentals of Redux and is extremely useful when you build your own application in ReactJS.

Learn Raw React – James R Nelson

About the Tutorial:

The blog post from James is a simple tutorial that focuses only on ReactJS.

It teaches you exactly how to use React for beginners without touching JSX, Flux, Es6 and Webpack.

Along with the author, you will create a simple ReactJS app initially.

He then introduces each ReactJS components, prop Types, how to display new data, how ReactDOm.render works, what forms are and much more!

ReactJS Tutorial – Tutorialspoint

The ReactJS tutorial from tutorials point is totally concept based free material to learn ReactJS for the first time.

Every fundamentals concepts of ReactJS components is explained with simple code examples and make sure you know enough of HTML, JavaScript and CSS to understand these concepts properly.

Some of the other free ReactJS alternatives worth mentioning:

The Beginner’s Guide to React –

Fundamentals of React – FreeCodeCamp

Fetching API Data with ReactJS –

Simple React Router v4 Tutorial – Medium

Server Rendering with React and React Router – TylerMcginnis

Awesome React – GitHub

Best ReactJS Online Tutorial – Paid

A Comprehensive Guide to Learning ReactJS in 2018 –

Course Price: Subscription Based ($20 monthly) & ($180 yearly)

About the Course:

If you are looking for a great comprehensive ReactJS Tutorial to get started with, you will love reading this course from Tyler.

You will be introduced to high level understanding of ReactJS components (JSX, Virtual DOM, Render, state, Props, Component Lifecycle and events) to get a strong hold on the fundamental aspects of React.

This blog post is so extensive and in depth, I guess this alone would be sufficient to get in depth concepts in ReactJS.

TylerMcginnis have some great React courses compared to Egghead, Pluarlsight and Udemy ones. So check out his website to know about the courses without fail!

Modern React with Redux – Udemy 

Course Author: Stephen Grider

Course Price: Per Course Price Model ( $190)

Course Ratings:

About The Course:

This ReactJS complete tutorial is an extremely popular course at Udemy and is at par in quality with the Tyler McGinnis React Courses.

The course helps you master the fundamentals of React v16.3.2 (the latest version) and Redux applications.

It is a comprehensive course and also focuses on tools that supports React such as NPM, Web pack, Babel and ES6.

By the end of the course, you will get deep core knowledge on how to understand and build React components and structural applications with Redux.

React.js: Getting Started – PluralSight

Course Author: Samer Buna

Course Ratings: 4.7 from 1623+ students

Course Price: Subscription Based ($29 monthly)

About the Course:

Pluralsight has some good quality ReactJS Courses  for beginners to rely upon.

This ReactJS interactive tutorial covers the basics of ReactJS and teaches how to build a simple web application using a simple math game (instead of a TODO app).

Learn ReactJS – Codecademy

Course Price: Codecademy Pro ($19.99 monthly)

About The Course:

Another great way to ReactJS tutorial step by step is through Codecademy courses.

They are known for their content quality, course depth and coverage, interactive lessons and freeform projects.

The Learn ReactJS course teaches you strong understanding of ReactJS fundamental concepts like JSX, components, Props and State management.

React For Beginners – Wes Bos

Course Price: Starter Package ($89)

About The Course:

The ReactJS step by step tutorial from Wes Bos comes in a single starter package where you will learn the entire ReactJS website components from start to finish.

The course is little comprehensive and stretches from JSX, Firebase, working and managing state, URL routing with React Router 4 to deploying React applications

The total course duration is 5 hours and the course is broken into modules talking about a specific part of React.

Best ReactJS Books

If you love reading technologies through books, here are some of the best ones to learn ReactJS.

I have included e-books and blog posts as well since books might get outdated considering how fast paced ReactJS gets updated.

Hacking with React – ebook

Learning React by Alex Banks and Eve Porcello– Hard Cover

Getting started with Face book’s ReactJS – Official Docs

React Fundamentals by TylerMcginnis – Blog Post

Please let us know in the comments section any other ReactJS beginner courses that you recommend to our reader.

Happy Learning!

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