Best Online Investing Courses, Training Program and Certification

What is investing all about?

Investing is a way of putting your capital or assets to use and reap a profit out of it.

The core of any type of investing is the ROI (return of investment) factor and to secure the financial future of an individual.

The value investing can be either high risk or low risk depending upon where you are investing your money into.

Some of the common methods of investments are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, fixed deposits, options and derivatives, commodities, etc.

You can manage your own investment portfolio or allow wealth managers to manage your assets with a % of service fee.

In case you want to start by your own, there are several online investing courses out there to help you master investing in the highly fluctuating financial markets.

Also, these are considered best online investing courses by students reviews and feedbacks.

8 Top Investing Courses Online – Most Popular Choices

1) Investments I: Fundamentals of Performance Evaluation – Coursera

One of the best online investing courses at Coursera that will help you gain in- depth insights on the great world of investments!

The course has got such impressive feedbacks from students who had enrolledpreviously . You can read reviews here.

If you are new to Coursera, sign up with their 7 days free trial option.

If you are an old user, then audit the course for free to get access to course videos and readings without the quizzes and graded assignments.

Course ratings: 4.7+ from 438+ students

Already Enrolled: 15,869

Skills Gained: Stock, Finance, Investment Strategy and Investment

Key learning’s from the Course:

  • Fundamentals of portfolio formation
  • What are the trade offs between risk and return
  • Portfolio formation with real life examples and how to calculate expected return and standard deviation in Excel
  • Understand Separation Theorem of Investments and its implications in real world
  • How to use regression analysis to know the performance of assets like stocks, etc
  • Evaluation of assets using CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model) and 3-Factor Model
  • What is market efficiency and its implications in patterns of stocks return and in asset management industry
  • How to estimate and interpret the alpha and Beta of a security
  • Understand market multiples and income approaches with respect to firm and stock valuation
  • Conduct specific examples of market multiples valuation and a discounted cash flow valuation

Course Reviews:


2)  Investing In Stocks the Complete Course! (11 Hour) – Udemy

The complete online investing course at Udmey is apt to learn key concepts and best practices when investing in stocks.

The course author is a successful long term investor who has built a million dollar investment portfolio for himself.

Since you are enrolling to this course through Udemy, you get lifetime access to the course, quizzes, online forum to indulge in Q&A with the instructor and 30 days money back guarantee if you didn’t like the course.

Course ratings: 4.4+ from 7,545+ students

Already Enrolled:  49,145

Skills Gained: Stocks, Mutual Funds, Stock Investor, Investment Portfolio and Day trading

Key learning’s from the Course:

  • What are stocks and how much is the earning potential in this market
  • Learn about Stock categorization
  • How to determine your personal risk profile
  • Use standard deviation and beta to determine the risk and volatility of stocks
  • Type of stocks to buy: Individual stocks, stock mutual funds, exchange traded funds, etc
  • Stock investing strategies: Value Investing, Growth Investing, Dividend Investing and GARP
  • Stock Evaluation using qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Determine whether a stock is a good choice to buy using financial ratios
  • Free Demonstration of basic and advanced stock screeners
  • The thought process of the instructor and how he evaluates different stocks
  • The actual mechanics behind buying a stock
  • How to place stock orders : market orders and stop loss orders
  • Strategies to take advantage of Unusual situations : IPO, Stock splits, Stock buybacks, etc

Course Reviews:


3)  The Complete Value Investing Course (Updated 2019) – Udemy

The online investing course teaches how to make wise investment decisions and make 15- 25% annual return from these investments.

The course author pitches how his value investing strategy works and how this strategy will help an individual build his/her long term wealth.

Course ratings: 4.3+ from 783+ students

Already Enrolled: 5,393

Skills Gained: Stocks, Investing strategy, Financial Statement Analysis and Company Valuation

Key learning’s from the Course:

  • Generate passive income online from Stock Market
  • Use copy & paste investing strategy to see annual returns
  • How to pick high earning potential stocks
  • Analyse company’s annual reports and financial statements
  • Access a company’s financial capacity
  • Evaluate a company’s future prospects
  • Calculate a company’s intrinsic value
  • Determine when to buy and when to sell stocks
  • Build a low- risk wealth building investment portfolio
  • Diversify your money to reduce risks on your investment portfolio
  • Minimize the risks on your investments and maximize your profits
  • Protect your money and build long term wealth

Course Reviews:


4)  Private Equity and Venture Capital – Coursera

This online investment and venture capital course at Coursera can be a great starter course for investors.

It provides an excellent overview (Both technical and practical) of the world of private equity and venture capital.

Offered by University of Bocconi, the course is popular and has seen more than 50 thousand plus enrollments.

Course ratings: 4.8+ from 2,271+ students

Already Enrolled: 52,034

Skills Gained: Valuation, Venture Capital, Venture Capital Financing and Private Equity

Key learning’s from the Course:

  • Introduction to private equity and venture capital
  • Discovering private equity investors: Legal issues and taxation
  • How to manage private equity and venture capital funds
  • Company valuation and deal making in private equity settings

Course Reviews:


5)  Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners – Udemy

This is one of the best online investing course to learn stock investing from a beginners stand point, understand and analyse company’s financial statements and how to perform technical analysis.

The course is regularly updated with new content and recently they have included introduction to Options as well.

Course ratings: 4.5+ from 586+ students

Already Enrolled: 3,480

Skills Gained: Stock trading, Investing, Fundamental Analysis, Financial Market and Option Basics

Key learning’s from the Course:

  • Get started as a beginner in stock market as a investor
  • Understand financial statements of companies whose stocks you wish to buy
  • Analyse financial statements using ratio analysis and common size analysis
  • Learn top ration for investing: Activity ratios, liquidity ratios, solvency ratios and financial ratios
  • Learn Benjamin Graham’s value investing strategy
  • How to identify undervalued stocks using Graham’s number
  • Apply technical analysis for stock trading
  • Learn candlesticks pattern for stock trading
  • Learn GAPs trading, technical indicators and money management tips

Course Reviews:


6)  Investing 101: The Complete Online Investing Course 2019 – Udemy

Aimed at beginners, this complete online investing course is designed to help you achieve profits from stocks with their copy and paste investing systems.

The course also talks about exchange traded funds (ETF), how to build your investment portfolio and protect and grow your money wisely and steadily.

Course ratings: 4.3+ from 1,192+ students

Already Enrolled: 8,746

Skills Gained: Passive Income, ETF Investing strategy, Stock Market and Exchange Traded Funds

Key learning’s from the Course:

  • Secrets of stock market and how to generate passive income online
  • Turn in 10% of your monthly income into passive income
  • Learn risk free 10% annual return from stock market by using a simple strategy
  • How to use and invest in exchange traded funds wisely
  • Invest in stock market sector ETFs and maximise returns
  • Build a low risk wealth building investment portfolio
  • Set your financial goal and develop an effective investment plan
  • How to take advantage of stock market to grow your invested money effectively

Course Reviews:


7) Investment Management Specialization – Coursera

Offered by University of Geneva, the 5 course specialization throws insights into various investment strategies and how it affects the financial markets in both micro and macro level.

All the Coursera specializations work on a monthly subscription basis.

You can either complete the entire specialization in the course order or pick and choose a particular course to master a certain skill.

You can even audit the courses you want to study for free.

If you want to earn a certificate of completion for this specialization, you have to complete the entire course including the capstone project along with the individual projects and peer graded assignments.

Course Specialization Duration: 4 months

Skills Gained: Investment Management, Risk Management, Financial Markets and Finance

Key learning’s from the Specialization:

  • Understand how investment strategies are designed to reach financial goals in a global context
  • Global understanding of financial markets and its impacts at micro and macro levels
  • How to build and manage a client’s portfolio
  • Learn underlying theories that shape the investment management industry
  • Create a sensible 5-year investment plan

Course Details:

Course 1: Understanding Financial Markets 

Course ratings: 4.7+ from 2,340+ students; Already Enrolled: 57,126

Course 2: Meeting Investor’s Goals 

Course ratings: 4.8+ from 975+ students; Already Enrolled: 14,304

Course 3: Portfolio and Risk Management 

Course ratings: 4.7+ from 955+ students; Already Enrolled: 25,454

Course 4: Securing Investment Returns in the Long Run 

Course ratings: 4.7+ from 577+ students; Already Enrolled: 12,702

Course 5: Planning Your Client’s Wealth Over a 5-year Horizon 

Course ratings: 4.7+ from 203+ students; Already Enrolled: 1,610

Course Reviews:


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