Best Financial Trading Courses Online, Training Program and Certification

What is Financial Trading?

Financial trading is a simple act of buying and selling of financial products (stocks, forex, derivatives, etc) in order o make a profit at the end.

Since these financial markets are highly volatile and constantly fluctuating, the risk factor associated with theses marketplaces cannot be brushed aside.

Hence becoming a financial trading expert is both challenging and risky at the same time.

By learning best trading practices and simultaneously getting hands-on in actual trading business, it can be a very rewarding income route in the long run

For anybody looking to learn trading fundamentals online, we have listed the best online financial trading courses based on cost flexibility, reviews and feedbacks.

6 Online Financial Trading Courses – Most Popular Choices

1)  Options Trading Basics (3-Course Bundle) – Udemy

If you are looking to learn and master the basics of option trading strategies, this course at Udemy is a must enroll one.

It is a hugely popular and bestselling course at Udemy and has seen more than 20 thousand  enrollments and highly positive ratings so far.

The course comes with 30 days money back guarantee, on demand instructor based video, downloadable resources, full lifetime access and certificate of completion.

Course ratings: 4.6+ from 3,392+ students

Already Enrolled: 22,440

Skills Gained: Call options, Put options, Stocks and Options Combo strategies, Time decay, Implied Volatility and Options Greeks

Key learning’s from the Course:

  • Basics of Options trading
  • Learn about the factors that has an effect of Options pricing
  • How to use options when you have a stock invested
  • Create stocks and options combo strategies
  • How to perform live trades using Thinkorswim platform
  • Understand theoretical and mathematical aspects behind options trading
  • How options are different from Stocks

Course Reviews:


2) Investing in Stocks The Complete Course – Udemy

One of the bestselling stock investing courses for beginners; you get a thorough understanding of stock market and master investing strategies like a pro.

The course is highly popular at Udemy in finance and stocks category and both the enrollment and rating figures are highly impressive.

Like every other Udemy course, you get a 30 day money back guarantee (if you don’t like the course), course materials, downloadable resources, quizzes, discussion forums, course completion certificate, etc.

Course ratings: 4.4+ from 7,618+ students

Already Enrolled: 49,411

Skills Gained: Basic and advance Stock Screeners, Stock Investing strategies, Mutual fund, Exchange Traded fund,

Key learning’s from the Course:

  • How much money you can earn through stocks
  • The different stock categorization such as individual stocks, stock mutual funds, Exchange traded funds and which one to buy
  • Key stock investing strategies: Value investing, growth investing, dividend investing, GARP, etc
  • Stock evaluation using qualitative and quantitative ratios and how to identify good and bad stocks based on these ratios
  • Find great stocks using basic and advanced stock screeners
  • Mechanics behind buying a stock and placing a stock order

Course Reviews:


3) Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading – Udemy

If you are looking to master algorithmic trading, this is the best course you can enroll at Udemy.

The course has already seen 5o thousand enrollment, consistent high ratings and overall positive feedback.

The course teaches in depth how to use Python for financial analysis and algorithmic trading.

Course ratings: 4.5+ from 6,971+ students

Already Enrolled: 51,017

Skills Gained: Algorithm trading, Python, Financial statistics, Numpy, Matplotlib, CAPM

Key learning’s from the Course:

  • How to use python library Numpy with numerical data.
  • How to use Matplotlib for creating custom plots
  • Learn how to calculate financial statistics like daily returns, cumulative returns, volatility, etc
  • Know how ARIMA models works on time series data and optimise portfolio allocations
  • What is efficient market hypothesis
  • The use of pandas for data analysis and data visualization
  • Learn how to use statsmodels for Time Series Analysis
  • How to use exponentially weighted moving averages
  • Calculation of sharp ration and what is capital asset pricing model
  • Know how to conduct algorithmic trading on Quantopian

Course Reviews:


4) Trading Strategies in Emerging Markets Specialization – Coursera

Offered by Indian School of Business, these are excellent online finances trading courses to learn at Coursera.

The specialization has 5 courses in total and will help you equipped with skills to develop your own trading strategies.

All the Coursera specializations work on a monthly subscription basis.

You can either complete the entire specialization in the course order or pick and choose a particular course to master a certain skill.

You can even audit the course you want to study for free.

If you want to earn a certificate of completion for this specialization, you have to complete the entire course including the capstone project along with the individual projects and peer graded assignments.

Course Specialization Duration: 2 months

Skills Gained: Trading strategy, Algorithmic trading, Financial Ratio and Trading

Key learning’s from the Specialization:

  • Equip individual investors and money managers with the skills required to develop their own trading strategies
  • Know the application of eight ready-made trading strategies backed by academic research for investing purposes
  • Able to design your own trading strategy, back test it and measure its performance

Course Details:

Course 1: Trading Basics 

Course ratings: 4.1+ from 451+ students; Already Enrolled: 30,913

Key Learning’s:

Course 2: Trading Algorithms 

Course ratings: 4.6+ from 292+ students; Already Enrolled: 15,523

Key Learning’s:

Course 3: Advanced Trading Algorithms 

Course ratings: 4.5+ from 190+ students; Already Enrolled: 8,545

Key Learning’s:

Course 4: Creating a Portfolio 

Course ratings: 4.5+ from 103+ students; Already Enrolled: 5,503

Key Learning’s:

Course 5: Design your own trading strategy- culminating project 

Course ratings: 4.5+ from 30+ students; Already Enrolled: 4,223

Key Learning’s:

Course Reviews:


5) The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course – Udemy

This is another financial trading course online at Udemy to get a complete understanding of how stock market works and learn important key concepts behind a successful trading.

Taught by a Trading firm CEO, the course has got excellent rating and feedbacks from its students.

Course ratings: 4.6+ from 3,420+ students

Already Enrolled: 13,341

Skills Gained: Stock Market, Technical Analysis, Day Trading, Stock Exchanges, short selling and portfolio risk management

Key learning’s from the Course:

  • Understand how stock market works, the history and evolution behind these markets.
  • Get trading insights from a professional trader’s standpoint
  • Learn about different stock exchanges around the globe
  • Money management skills and trading Psychology
  • The process involved when a company goes public in trading
  • Master technical analysis such as Candlestick Patterns, Chart Patterns, Volume and Technical Indicators.
  • How to send orders and know different order type
  • What are portfolio risk management and how to do short selling when the market goes down

Course Reviews:


6) Financial Markets by Yale University – Coursera

Coursera is a MOOC platform that partners with world’s top universities and colleges to provide courses online

If you are new to Coursera, sign up with their 7 days free trial option.

If you are an old user, then audit the course for free to get access to course videos and readings without the quizzes and graded assignments.

Offered by Yale University, this is a hugely popular course at Coursera to get a better knowledge about the financial market where you would be actually putting your trading knowledge to use.

Also, the course has massive enrollment figures at one lakh plus and the ratings and feedbacks are top notch.

Course ratings: 4.8+ from 2,776+ students

Already Enrolled: 147,189

Skills Gained: Behavioral Finance, Financial markets, Finance and Behavioral Economics

Key learning’s from the Course:

  • Learn the basics of financial markets, insurance and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
  • Key concepts of behavioural finance such as forecasting, pricing, debt and inflation
  • Financial markets history and basics of corporation
  • Trading terminologies: Stocks, Bonds, dividends, shares, market caps, etc
  • Explore previous market recessions, bubbles, mortgage crisis and market regulation

Course Reviews:


Let us know in the comments sections what are your best financial trading course online for learning?

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