12 Best SEO Friendly Infographic for Better Result in Search Engine

Everybody now a days want to have a SEO friendly content, design, tips and tricks to drive more traffic to their blog. That why importance of SEO (search engine optimization) can not be ignored by bloggers who wish to have a blog with articles on the first page of search engines like google search engine. Any blog that is ranked well in search engine, only because of well and established SEO strategies that why it is at the top of the polls. If you have a blog and is looking for more visitors, you need to develop a SEO strategy that will help you achieve the desired results.

Importance of a good SEO friendly plan

We already know that SEO is extremely important to determine the ranking of your website in search engines.Therefore, you need to have a plan and make good use of this SEO plan. The amount of traffic you will have on your blog is directly proportional to the degree of ranking in search engines. Moreover, the profit you make will be equal to the amount of traffic of your blog is getting.

Having a good SEO plan will not only put you above your competitors in search engine results, but you will also get a lot of traffic and get the desired results on your blog. The only thing necessary for the development of a SEO strategy is to be smart and use it appropriately.

Here on the blog I always use tips and strategies that best fit to get search engine result. As search engines continue to work toward improving the search results and returning visitors, marketers must continue to optimize websites and create relevant content to build relevancy, authority and better user experience.

Here I collected an Infographic perfect for those who want to start their own blog and who want to develop a good SEO plan. Check out these awesome infographics for some visual instruction and immediately start your SEO friendly strategy:

  • Flowchart of Order of Operation for SEO Friendly site


  • Scatterplot of SEO Tactics ( white hat or black hat VS high value or low value)


  • Search Engine Marketing ROI


  • Visual FAQ Guide for SEO




  • Do it yourself! SEO vs PPC




  • SEO Checklist


SEO Check List



  • SEO Factors

SEO Factors



  • B2B Long Tail SEO




  • Tactical SEO ROI




  • Local Search Method

Local Search Method by demographic



  • The Social Media Effect




  • SEO Spider



Whether these SEO friendly infographic helpful to you? If you want to suggest any more, please comment.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. It will help us lot to optimize your infographics. I have one query. Is there any tool which can reduce the image size by keeping the original quality of the image? It would be beneficial to have good infographics.

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