WPEngine Review: Not Trustworthy AnyMore!

[Update: Hello folks, This article was published on Oct 28 2014. My thought process with WP Engine which I’ve put down was at the time of publishing this article. After that, lots of changes has came into occurrence and in the meanwhile the view and experience toward WP Engine has also changed a lot. According to the research which I’ve conducted about WP Engine and collective viewpoint of other concerned bloggers, I found WP Engine is not trustworthy anymore for the price they’re charging and the service they’re providing. For more details on the issue and difficulty faced by WP Engine customer, I’m referring you to the following post. I’ll share more insight on the matter and would be helpful to take correct decision.

Your decision toward WP Engine should be yours. DigitalMediaGlobe blog is more concerned about honest and genuine review. For more details and to throw more light on this matter, I will be writing more helpful post about WP Engine Hosting services, which in turn will let you know the inside out of the matter. ]


WPEngine Review:  It is one of the best, most reliable, secure web hosts within the web hosting industry. WP Engine is a web host company that focuses entirely on one niche: WordPress Hosting. WP Engine complete hosting system runs literally on a WordPress platform. You will not find any type of cPanel, domain manager, phpAdmin etc. As you would have seen in the other web hosting company.

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WP Engine Reviews


I started the WP Engine because I wanted to work on interesting, real problems experienced by interesting, real customers, and come to the office every day thrilled to be working with the people around me. Somehow, we’ve been lucky enough to make that dream a reality.

Jason Cohen – Founder

WP Engine always amazes customers with their service, expertise and transparency. WP Engine believes in building long lasting relationships with customers, employees and their community by making what’s important to them

Which most popular brand hosted with WP Engine?

  • HTC
  • FourSquare
  • SoundCloud
  • Balsamiq
  • Buffer
  • MaxCDN
  • GeekWire
  • New Relic
  • Unbounce
  • PagerDuty

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WPEngine Managed Hosting

What does Managed Hosting Mean?

  1. It means that the hosting company has an enterprise-quality servers that are fast and scalable.
  2. It means that the business owner gets the benefits of having enterprise-level SysAdmins running the servers.
  3. It means that company take care of all the security on your behalf


WPEngine Review

 List down below WPEngine Reviews is based on different factors:-

WPEngine Review on WPEngine Staging Area

Experience blogger or heavy traffic website experience “Staging Area” as an outstanding feature of WP Engine. I feel I didn’t find this unique feature as the way it was placed and managed in WP Engine. “Staging area” is a kind of sandbox or playground that let you test stuff, find bugs and redesign your site.

Unique about Staging Area in WPEngine:

  1. Staging area creates a complete duplicate of your site and put it on a sub-domain and lets you test live.
  2. Try anything you want it will not affect your real site. Once done, you can sync back to the staging site to the main site and voila.
  3. Have you ever experienced Crashed site or just messed up the appearance or tried your hand at CSS or PHP, Staging area feature make sure that everything is working properly.

WPEngine Review on WPEngine Sleek User Interface

The WP Engine user interface is slicker, simple, well design and easy interface I have ever seen. The WP Engine user interface is not at all messy, geeky and clustered interface. WP Engine usability will impress you because the way it was made, anybody can stumble upon and feel easy to use without any guide or help.

WP Engine UI

WPEngine Review on WPEngine Insanely Fast Hosting

WP Engine provides insanely fast web hosting in current industries. Fast website always lowers your bounce rate, heightens conversion rates and make Google happy. With a slow host, it will slow down your WordPress website while updating content, installing plugins, designing and developing a website and in case of heavy traffic.

Unique about insanely fast, feature in WP Engine:

  1. WP Engine comes with a technology that called EverCache that means a WordPress site that host with WP Engine are blisteringly fast and incredibly scalable.
  2. With WP Engine, sites load an average of 2X-4X faster and you will notice an immediate increase in your search engine results
  3. Unmatched at least 99.99% uptime. Below picture you will see 100% uptime for last 30 days.

“Uptime and speed are very important to us, and we rest easy knowing we are fully supported by WP Engine.”

Joe Lambe

Director of Demand Generation




WP Engine Uptime

WPEngine Review on Unmatched Live Support

WP Engine has an extensive support from developers and designer which make it unique and stand out of the crowd. WP Engine Support is one of the most important features that was neglected by most of newbie’s or not properly evaluated while opting for a Web Host. Remember good support always make your life easier, quickly fix the issue and thus reduce stress.

“After hosting several high traffic WordPress sites it’s a relief to come to WP Engine. At SoundCloud we blogs at, which we found in these guys. Swift replies, but also very open to feedback and eager to improve. Almost like unicorns!”

Roel van der Ven


WP Engine Support


WPEngine Review on WP Engine Security

None of the hosting company guarantees the security of your site, but WP Engine does so. If suppose your site get hacked, the WP Engine covers the cleanup costs, which can be thousands of dollars and it’s depend on the size of the site.

WP Engine process regular security scans of your WordPress site. It’s keeping your WordPress website secure, online and free of SQL injections and hidden spam links. Security is always being considered by Google while ranking any website. Safe browsing always takes your customer in confidence and help in developing the reputed site.

“Hosting our sites at WPEngine allows me to sleep better at night by knowing that a top-notch scalability and security team is taking care of them much better than I ever could.”

Peldi Guilizzoni

Founder and CEO


WP Engine Security

WPEngine Review on Curate and disallowed plugins

WP Engine created a researched list that which plugins should be allowed or disallowed. Plugins are separated by considering security issues, speed, popularity, compatibility, scalability and clean code.

Unique about curate and disallowed plugins in WP Engine

  1. Protect from either conflicting with other plugins or crashing the whole site
  2. Problematic plugins are weeded out that make your site secure and have less technical problems


WPEngine Review on Build in Site Caching

Build in site caching feature in WP Engine eliminated the need for an additional WordPress caching plugins. Good caching will make your WordPress website a lot faster. WP Engine is custom made, proprietary and super WordPress optimized caching system.

It also included file minimization, proxy servers, Content Delivery Network (Yes! It comes with CDN), dedicated memcached servers and so on.

WPEngine Review on Build in daily Backups

Build in daily backup feature in WP Engine prevent critical data loss and also one-click restore button restore your site to prevent any changes. WP Engine is having most reliable and functional backups which work when needed.

WPEngine Review on Managed Upgrades

Managed upgrades feature in WP Engine first test the compatibility between plugins and WordPress version and then upgrade your WordPress to the new version.

WPEngine Review on 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

WP Engine provides you with 60 days unconditional money back guarantee. They will never even ask, why you want to cancel the subscription. Once you confirmed cancellation, they will transfer your money back to your account and it’s amazingly fluid.

WPEngine Review on WP Engine is Inexpensive

It seems that WP Engine managed WordPress hosting cost more compared to shared hosting. But it is not true!

Let do some math. Do you want your WordPress Hosting as reliable, secure and also include maintenance charges. Then, suppose you want to get hosted with cheap hosting then surely you want to have VaultPress, which will cost $40/mo, BackupBuddy which will cost $75 at least, add some other maintenance cost. I feel that it will cost you roughly around $50 to $80 monthly for operating your WordPress Website safely.

But if you really serious about running your business with WordPress platform and also a serious blogger, then think twice before opting for WordPress hosting. I feel $29 per month is very inexpensive compared to outsourced employee or freelancer.

WPEngine Review on Assistance in Moving Your WordPress Sites

Do you worry about the WordPress shifting? Obviously you can be if your WordPress site is huge and your life and living depend on it. Now you have to stay calm when you are taking the assistance of WP Engine.

When you will ask for assisted migration, you will not have to do any type of fresh installation, any type of MySql transfer, any major FTP file transfer. You only have to fill up the simple form and leaves the whole process of migration on WP Engine. The transition process would be ultra-smooth and supportive.

Now what about you?

Are you serious about web hosting? How is your web hosting experiences? Please share it in the comments below so that everyone can take benefit of it.

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