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[Update: Hello folks, This article was published on Oct 28 2014. My thought process with WP Engine which I’ve put down was at the time of publishing this article. After that, lots of changes has came into occurrence and in the meanwhile the view and experience toward WP Engine has also changed a lot. According to the research which I’ve conducted about WP Engine and collective viewpoint of other concerned bloggers, I found WP Engine is not trustworthy anymore for the price they’re charging and the service they’re providing. For more details on the issue and difficulty faced by WP Engine customer, I’m referring you to the following post. I’ll share more insight on the matter and would be helpful to take correct decision.

Your decision toward WP Engine should be yours. DigitalMediaGlobe blog is more concerned about honest and genuine review. For more details and to throw more light on this matter, I will be writing more helpful post about WP Engine Hosting services, which in turn will let you know the inside out of the matter. ]

WP Engine Coupon Code November 2017 will help you to save big with WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting. WPEngine is the web hosting company, which is 100% dedicated to the WordPress platform.

WP Engine Promo Code November 2017 offers great opportunity to take your WordPress blog to next level.

WPEngine Discount offers big compared to any shared hosting such as WordPress installation, support for third party apps, backed with CDN for super fast WordPress Hosting and many more.

WordPress Hosting WP Engine Coupon Code - DigitalMediaGlobe

What you can get with the WPEngine Discount November 2017?

WP Engine coupon code :

1. FLAT $25 OFF for FIRST 3 Month (Choose Standard Plan)

Use Coupon Code “ARTOFBLOG” 

2. 4 Months Free With Annual Plan Purchase

Use Coupon Code “SAVEANNUAL”

3. FLAT 33% OFF for any WP Hosting Plan

Use Coupon Code “TAKE33” 

4. 50% Off The First 3 Months On Monthly Shared Plans

Use Coupon Code “WPBEGINNER50” 


We update WPEngine Code on this page every month. WPEngine Code gives you an extra discount in the overall purchase. WPEngine Code changes every month or it may be available for a limited time. Previous WPEngine Expired code is “SPRINGTIME”. So, I recommend to Bookmark this page and always check back before your next WPEngine online purchase.


How to Use WP Engine coupon code?

1. Go to WPEngine’s page by clicking above button.

2. After that Click the button “See our plan”

3. The button will lead you to Manage WordPress Hosting Pricing Page.

4. Choose your plan, make sure to choose the perfect WordPress hosting plan that will fit your needs for personal, professional, and business use.

5. Click the “Sign up now $xx/mo button on the column of your WordPress plan

6. Fill out the Signup form and make sure to click the “Sign up – $xx PER YEAR” button and choose “per month” button. Just enter the WP Engine Coupon Code (if available above) in the field

WP Engine Coupon Code 2015

7. That’s it! Enjoy your Hosting with $22 OFF WordPress Hosting

We have already discussed in detail about WP Engine, how WP Engine is an outstanding choice for WordPress Managed Hosting. Let’s go in brief about WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting.

WP Engine Review 2017

WPEngine Security

WP Engine Security is the best in WordPress platform. They are 100% confident and proactive with WPEngine security for their client. WP Engine security measures will give you the freedom to develop and operate your website within the scope of their secured environment.

  • Disk Write Protection – WP Engine security measures limit the processes that can write to the disk. So even if you’re using a WordPress theme or a WordPress plugin with a vulnerability, it is extremely hard for them to be exploited.
  • Disk Write Limitation – With WP Engine Disk Write Limitation attempts to write to the disk are logged so that they can identify both malicious and non-malicious code
  • Disk Write Privileges – With Disk write privileges, it scans and protect from scripts that are insecure, vulnerable and finally disallowed.
  • Disallowed plugins – There are some plugins which expose your website to vulnerabilities. It may be unintentional, but their system scanner, search for these plugins and automatically disables them. You can find a complete list of disallowed plugin here

WP Engine Speed

Faster sites always win – in search engine ranking and user experience. WordPress can be slow, especially when you are looking cheap and discounted WordPress hosting. Also, cheap WP theme and WP plugin make it worse.

It says that you can lose 20% of search engine traffic for each additional 100 milliseconds it takes to load a page.

WP Engine serves your blog, shopping Website or company website in a lightning speed. They use a technology called “EverCache system” that delivers pages in 150 milliseconds.

WP Engine is an only WordPress hosting company who includes a fully managed CDN service.

WordPress Hosting WP Engine Coupons - DigitalMediaGlobe

WP Engine Support

WP Engine support has the best support for WordPress Websites or blog. You would have heard that lots of hosting company says they have “great support” but very few would have claimed that all support people are WordPress experts.

WP Engine has very dedicated WordPress expert support, so you will never hear “We don’t know how to do that”. They are equipped with all types of technical skill and geeky hosting stuff.

WPEngine provides email and telephone support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They also offer chat support Monday to Friday.

WP Engine Staging Area

WP Engine WordPress Hosting has one great feature that is known as “WordPress Staging area”. The WP Engine staging area makes a complete copy of your blog or website and set it up in a separate and safe area.

Now you can play with your website such as by making a CSS change, upload content and multimedia, do revision or save it in draft or anything you would like to do, it will not affect your live site.

Final Thoughts

If you are serious about your WordPress business website or blogs and don’t want to loose any single traffic, then WP Engine is an ultimate choice.

WP Engine makes your website fast, secure, reliable and with world class support to back you every time. I feel that WP Engine is definitely worth considering for your WordPress Website.

Get a copy of WP Engine today with the help of WP Engine Coupon code 2017 and get FLAT $25 OFF WP Engine WordPress hosting.

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